Welcome to Alice and Emily's family history website. This is a place where you can read about some of our ancestors and their near relatives. You'll find all sorts, from Kings to commoners; the good and the great; rich and poor etcetera. Who knows, some of them may be your ancestors too!

Among them are King Edward II and the men who allegedly murdered him; the Drury family who lent their name to Drury Lane; the first protestant archbishop of Canterbury; a master of the mint who clipped the coins to make himself rich; the man said to be the founder of the British secret service; a country squire who entertained Mary Queen of Scots; a favourite of King James I who partied on a grand scale; a peer executed for his 'unnatural' crimes; a workaholic surveyor-general of Bengal; a highwaywoman; the first person to be called a roundhead; the heir to an Earldom who was murdered by his own brother; some Huguenot refugees; a best-selling author who was also influential in setting up the police force as we know it; a governor of Barbados who dabbled in architecture and ended up as a showbiz supremo; a vicar dubbed the father of political economy; a lady who claimed to be Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cumberland and ended up branded a forger; Mayors of London, York, Dublin and (....wait for it) Tunbridge Wells; a Calcuttan native woman; and the first Director-General of All India Radio..... and that's just a brief introduction!

Naturally we pay special tribute to those most notable heroes, villains and eccentrics who stand out from the crowd for their single-mindedness or their humanity. Whether they be puritans or cavaliers, brave heroes or drunken fops, they all help make family history such an interesting hobby.

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