The Yonge family

 Yonge of Caynton House and the U.S.A.

I know little of this family which appears to have been of some antiquity in Shropshire and went on to participate in the American revolution. This is all I have on them. As much of this information is based on the I.G.I. it is very much open to correction -

Francis Yonge was Commissary of the Ordnance during the War of the Spanish Succession, and later agent in London for South Carolina. He married Elizabeth and died on 18th October 1748, probably in America, having had issue

1. Philip Yonge Bishop of Bristol and Norwich. Born in Lisbon in 1709. Educated at Westminster School from 1718 and admitted a pensioner at Trinity College, Cambridge in 1728. Doctor of Divinity 1750. Master of Jesus College, Cambridge 1752-58, then Bishop of Bristol from 1758 and later Norwich from 1761-83. He advocated medical care for the poor. On 15th December 1761 he married Anne daughter of Calverley Bewicke of Clapham in Surrey. He died at Westminster on 23rd April 1783 and was buried on the 1st May following at the Grosvenor Chapel in Mayfair.
2. The Hon. Henry Yonge, of whom presently.
3. Samuel Yonge, baptized at St.Andrews, Holborn on 21st February 1715. Nothing more is known of him.
1. Elizabeth Yonge, baptized at St.Pauls, Covent Garden on 24th December 1713.
2. Charlotte Yonge, she may have married Peter Vaumorell in 1756?
3. Catherine Yonge, baptized at St.Andrews, Holborn on 6th January 1717.
4. Mary Yonge, baptized at St.Andrews, Holborn on 18th February 1719.
5. Jane Yonge, baptized in St.Andrews Parish, Berkeley, South Carolina on 16th July 1720. She died young.

The second(?) son,
The Hon. Henry Yonge, was baptized at St.Pauls, Covent Garden on 28th August 1712. He presumably travelled to South Carolina with his father. Became Surveyor-General of Georgia and a Member of His Majesty's Council. He had a summer home called Orangedale on Skidaway Island, Georgia. Being a Loyalist in the American War of Independence, he was banished to Florida. He is said to have planted soybeans on his farm in 1765 at the request of Samuel Bowen, being one of the first people to grow the crop commercially. He married 1stly Elizabeth daughter of Captain William Bellinger (son of Sir Edmund Bellinger, 1st Landgrave of Tombodly and Ashepoo Baronies in South Carolina) by his wife Jane Baker. She died on 23rd March 1767 leaving issue

1. Henry Yonge, born in 1749? He fled with his father to Florida because of his Loyalist sympathies during the American Revolution. Served as Acting Attorney General in East Florida and was ultimately appointed Secretary and Register of the Bahamas in 1788. On 26th May 1768 he married Mary daughter of James Powell by his wife Mary Williams. They had issue

i. James Edward Yonge. On 10th October 1805 at St.George's Hanover Square in London he married Elizabeth Sarah, 3rd daughter of WILLIAM CASPER PIRNER of Arlington Street in Westminster, Joint Apothecary to their Majesties, by his wife ANNE, illegitimate daughter but sole heir of Sir THOMAS ROBINSON, 1st Baronet of Rokeby in Yorkshire. They had a daughter

Mary Ann Yonge born on 25th May 1808 and baptized at St.George, Hanover Square, London on 20th November following. It is unknown what became of her.

ii. Philip Robert Yonge, perhaps born in 1776 and died in 1852? He married Mary Letitia daughter of Andrew(?) Atkinson. There was no known issue.
i. Alice Maria Yonge, perhaps born 1782 and died in 1839? She married John Armstrong.
ii. Mary Yonge, who married Forbes Forbes.

2. William John Yonge, of whom presently.
3. Philip Yonge, born in 1754? He was a Captain. He married Christiana daughter of Captain William MacKenzie. He died on 21st January 1782 leaving issue

i. William Campbell Yonge.
ii. Henry C Yonge, born in 1776. On 10th November 1807 he married Ann Cox. She died in 1833. He died the following year leaving issue

George Christian Craig Yonge, born in 1822 and died in 1869. He was father of

George Penn Yonge, born in 1866 and died in 1956.

The Hon. Henry Yonge married 2ndly on 31st May 1767 Mary Ann Stedman. She died in childbirth in 1774. He married 3rdly on 14th September 1774 Christiana daughter of James Bulloch by his wife Jean Stobo. Christiana was sister of Patriot Governor Archibald Bulloch. The Hon. Henry Yonge died on 9th April 1778.

His second son,
William John Yonge, was born in December 1751. He presumably left America during the Revolution and came to England, perhaps living at Pirbright Lodge in Surrey. On 19th May 1774 at St.George's, Hanover Square, he married Frances daughter and co-heir of Humphrey Pitt (died 1769) of Priorslee in Shropshire by his wife Sarah daughter of Edward Jordan. William was left the Beckbury estate in Shropshire by his sister-in-law Mrs Maria Edwards (born Pitt) in trust for when his son Henry came of age. He built Caynton House in this estate in 1803. He died on 6th March 1823 leaving issue

Henry Yonge, born on 1st May 1776. Matriculated at Oriel College, Oxford on 14th May 1794. Later described as an Army Officer and a spendthrift. On 17th February 1798 at St.George's, Hanover Square, he married Mary Ann, eldest(?) daughter of WILLIAM CASPER PIRNER of Arlington Street in Westminster, Joint Apothecary to their Majesties, by his wife ANNE, illegitimate daughter but sole heir of Sir THOMAS ROBINSON, 1st Baronet of Rokeby in Yorkshire. Henry died on 6th February 1833, having sold the Beckbury Estate, presumably including Caynton House, to William Horton. Mary Ann may have died in 1842. They had issue

1. William James Yonge, born at Caynton in Shropshire on 16th October 1802. He served in the Army, rising to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel of the 1st Battalion 60th Rifles. He married 1stly at St.George's Hanover Square on 1st March 1827 Anna Maria daughter of Lambert Maloney. He married 2ndly, at Bombay in India on 1st November 1847 Martha Ann Deacon. He died on 28th August 1877 at Jullundur in India and was buried there. His widow died on 27th December 1887. It appears he died childless.
2. Gustavus Nigel Kingscote Yonge, of whom presently.
3. Horatio Wooldridge John Yonge, baptized at Beckbury on 19th May 1818.
1. Marianne Josephine Yonge, born about 1800. On 11th May 1825 at St.Pauls, Covent Garden in London she married Francis Swinfen of Lapley Hall and Ivetsey House in Staffordshire. He, who was a son of John Swinfen of Swinfen Hall in Staffordshire by his second wife Anne sister of Francis Ford 1st Baronet of Ember Court in Surrey, died on 20th August 1839, having served as an officer in the 16th Light Dragoons at the Battle of Waterloo. Marianne died in London on 11th November 1876, having had issue a son and daughter

i. Frederick Hay Swinfen.
i. Augusta Marianne Swinfen.

2. Anna Maria Yonge, perhaps baptized at Hythe in Kent on 20th July 1808.
3. Matilda Jemima Yonge, baptized at Beckbury on 19th May 1818.

The second son,
● Gustavus Nigel Kingscote Anker Yonge
, was born at Caynton on 11th May 1814 and baptized on 7th July 1815 at St.Pancras Old Church in London and subsequently at Beckbury in Shropshire on 19th May 1818. On 22nd September 1846 at St.Pauls in Chichester, Sussex he married Harriet daughter of James Bennett Freeland by his wife Ann Humphrey. He may have been the Gustavus Yonge who was Acting Governor of Sierra Leone in 1867. He died on 10th August 1894 leaving issue a son

Gustavus Humphrey Yonge, born on 25th December 1851 and baptized at South Bersted in Sussex on 20th January 1852. He married Elizabeth Mary Skerrett and died on 9th March 1902.

No more is known of this family.

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