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The site is dedicated to our ancestors who lived and died in the Long Cane / Abbeville area of South Carolina. It has been created specifically to archive the research done by members of the [email protected] List, and other interested parties.

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The Long Cane / Abbeville List Research Archives

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The Long Cane Web Site Created by Lynne Bernard

Trip Photos - Anita Warren-Hendrix
Anita has put photos from her recent trip to Abbeville on the net. Check them out!

Richard McMurtry's Mapping Project
MAPS of Colonial and Early Statehood Settlers Lands of Calhoun Creek
Abbeville and McCormick Counties, South Carolina

If you wish to contribute to this web site, click on the name and submit data to Jimmy Rosamond via email. Copyrighted data should not be used without the permission of the publisher, although data published prior to 1925 on which the copyright has expired will be considered. If you are unsure if your data is publishable, feel free to email me to check.

US GenWeb and RootsWeb Sites

LOCATION US GenWeb Site Rootsweb Resource Site List Address to Subscribe Query Board
Abbeville County Abeville County Web Page Abbeville County Web Resources [email protected] Abbeville County Query Board
Edgefield County Edgefield County Web Site Edgefield County Web Resources [email protected] Edgefield County Query Board
Greenwood County Greenwood County Web Site Greenwood County Web Resources [email protected] Greenwood County Query Board
Laurens County Laurens County Web Site Laurens County Web Resources [email protected] Laurens County Query Board
McCormick County McCormick County Web Site McCormick County Web Resources [email protected] McCormick County Query Board

Long Cane / Abbeville Resources

LOCATION Court House - Vital Records Library Genealogical Society
Abbeville County Abbeville County, SC
Vital Records Office
P.O. Box 99
Abbeville, SC 29620-0099
(864) 459-5074
Abbeville County Library
203 South Main Street
Abbeville, SC
See Greenwood
Edgefield County Edgefield County, SC
Vital Records Office
215 Jeter Street
Edgefield, SC 29824-1133
803) 637-5781
Edgefield County Public Library
105 Court House Square
Edgefield, SC 29824
Phone: (803)637-4025
SCGS, Old Edgefield District Chapter
P.O. Box 486
Edgefield, SC 29824
Publication: The Quill
Greenwood County Greenwood County, SC
Vital Records Office
528 Monument
Greenwood, SC 29646-2643
(864) 229-6622
Abbeville-Greenwood Regional Library
106 North Main Street
Greenwood, SC 29646-2240
(864) 941-4650
(864) 941-4651 (Fax)
SCGS, Old 96 District Chapter
P.O. Box 3468
Greenwood, SC 29648
Publication: Genealogical Roots and Branches
Laurens County Laurens County, SC
Vital Records Office
P.O. Box 287
Laurens, SC 29360-0287
(864) 984-3538
Laurens County Library  
1017 West Main St.  
Laurens, SC 29360 
SCGS, Laurens District Chapter
P.O. Box 1217
Laurens, SC 29360
Publication: TreeClimber
McCormick County McCormick County, SC
Vital Records Office
P.O. Box 86
McCormick, SC 28735
(803) 465-2195
McCormick County Library
212 Pine Street
McCormick County Office Building
P O Box 1806
McCormick, SC 29835
Phone: 864-465-2821
Contact Library

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