Lorrie Verboort's Partial 1850 Illinois Census
1850 Illinois Census - Partial

I received a small portion of the 1850 Illinois census index, and so decided to post it here for my website visitors.
PLEASE be aware that I have NO FURTHER INFORMATION about these folks...this is placed here simply in the spirit of sharing !

Shower, Benjamin
Showers, Alexander
Showers, Gilbert
Showers, Maria
Showers, Thomas
Showever, Jacob
Showghorl, Christian
Showmaker, Edwin
Showmaker, Michael
Showmaker, Samuel
Showmaker, Savny
Showon, Deborah
Shows, Maria
Shrack, Catherine
Shrack, Jacob
Shrack, Samuel
Shrademur, Christian
Shrader, Charles
Shrader, Cornelius H
Shrader, Daniel
Shrader, Eliza
Shrader, Eliza J.
Shrader, Elizza
Shrader, Harrison
Shrader, Jacob
Shrader, Jane
Shrader, John
Shrader, Lewis
Shrader, Margaret
Shrader, Mary
Shrader, Mary F.
Shrader, Nancy L.
Shrader, Sally
Shrader, Silas B.
Shrader, William
Shrader, William M.
Shrades, Barney
Shradt, Jacob
Shradt, Joseph
Shraff, James
Shragne, Lysander
Shrakley, Sampson
Shrall, Jacob
Shramling, Jacob
Shrapp, Delilah
Shrarer, Herman
Shrayer, Wash
Shreaves, James
Shreaves, Sarah
Shreaves, Thomas
Shreaves, Wesley
Shreck, Phillip
Shreek, Elizabeth
Shreeve, Ann
Shreeve, Benjamin W.
Shreeves, Rhoda J.
Shreeves, Robert
Shreeves, Samuel
Shreeves, William
Shreevs, James
Shrefler, John
Shreiver, Charles
Shreives, William
Shreppler, Catherine
Shreppler, William
Shresberry, Samuel
Shreve, Caleb
Shreve, Emeline
Shreve, Jane
Shreves, Israel
Shreves, James
Shreves, Margaret
Shreves, Napoleon
Shrevs, Isaac
Shrewsberry, Moses
Shrewsberry, Michael
Shrick, Robert
Shrider, Henry
Shriebner, John
Shried, Elizabeth
Shriekingosht, Samuel
Shriever, Frederick
Shrigley, Andrew
Shrigley, Noah
Shrigley, Robert
Shrilar, John
Shrim, John K.
Shrim, Solomon
Shrince, Joseph
Shrine, Catharine
Shrine, Joseph
Shriner, Henry
Shriner, John
Shriner, Samuel
Shring, George G.
Shringer, Louisa
Shringley, Benjamin
Shrinhart, Jacob
Shrinkeviler, Adam
Shrinkwiler, Simon
Shrion, Mary
Shriver, Catharine
Shriver, Eliza
Shriver, Henry
Shriver, John
Shriver, Sarah
Shroaf, George
Shroaf, Sebastian
Shrober, August
Shrock, Andrew
Shrock, Ann
Shrock, Jacob
Shrock, John
Shrock, Penckney
Shrocky, Christian
Shroden, Charles
Shroden, James
Shroder, Henry
Shroder, Joseph
Shroder, William
Shroeder, Augsuts
Shroger, James L.
Shrom, Frederick
Shronn, John
Shroof, Sebastian
Shroots, John
Shrop, Jacob S.
Shropharc, Joseph
Shropro, Nicholas
Shrotf, John W.
Shrout, John
Shrover, Elizabeth
Shrow, Henry
Shrowd, James
Shrowd, Andrew
Shroyer, George
Shroyer, Henry
Shroyer, James B.
Shroyer, Jesse
Shroyer, John
Shroyer, Lewis
Shroyer, Rebecca<
Shrozer, Mary J.
Shruder, Pter
Shruder, Rebecca
Shruds, David
Shruhman, George
Shrum, G.W.
Shrum, George W.
Shrum, Cideon W.
Shrum, James M.
Shrup, R.
Shryer, Catharine
Shryer, David
Shryer, John
Shs, William
Shuart, Hiram
Shubart, P.
Shubart, Henry
Shubart, Nicolas
Shubart, Rachel
Shubby, Edward
Shuber, A.
Shubill, Rufus
Shuble, Andrew
Shuck, Henry
Shucy, Eveline
Shucy, John
Shucy, Nancy M.
Shudy, John
Shueg, John
Shueg, Marcus
Shuetts, Petr
Shuey, Ephraim
Shuey, Henry
Shuey, Martha
Shuey, Martin
Shuey, Samuel
Shuff, Anthony
Shuff, John
Shuff, Margaret D.
Shuffer, John
Shuffield, George
Shuffin, Henry
Shufflebarger, Abrham
Shufflebarger, Elvina
Shufflebarger, Hiram
Shufflebarger, Peggy
Shufflegarger, Isaac
Shufield, James
Shugar, Margaret
Shugars, James
Shugart, Edwin
Shugart, Elizabeth
Shugart, John
Shugart, Nathan
Shugart, Phillip R.
Shugart, Samuel
Shugart, Sarah A.
Shugart, Zachariah
Shuges, Solives
Shuggart, Isaac
Shugold, T.
Shuhan, Richard
Shuhing, William
Shuk, Jacob
Shukay, Margaret
Shukenden, Joseph
Shukunk, John
Shular, David
Shular, John
Shular, Lunoda
Shular, Thomas
Shulder, Ichabod
Shuldom, Elizabeth
Shulds, Thomas
Shuler, Catherine
Shuler, Frederick
Shuler, George
Shuler, Henry
Shuler, Jacob
Shuler, John
Shuler, John N.
Shuler, Oliver
Shuley, Ann
Shulger, Benjamin
Shull, A.B.
Shull, Ann
Shull, D.C.
Shull, Isaac M.
Shull, James
Shull, John
Shull, John Sr.
Shull, Manassah
Shull, Mary E.
Shull, Samuel
Shulle, Louisa
Shuller, Nicholas J.
Shullis, George
Shult, Thomas
Shulters, Henry
Shulteze, William
Shulton, James
Shults, David
Shults, Henry
Shults, John
Shults, Lewis
Shults, Peter
Shulty, Theodore
Shultye, George
Shultz, Abram
Shultz, Augustus
Shultz, Elizabeth
Shultz, Frederick
Shultz, George
Shultz, Henry
Shultz, Isaac
Shultz, Jacob
Shultz, James
Shultz, John
Shultz, Lewis
Shultz, Mariet
Shultz, Martin
Shultz, Mary
Shultz, Meadow
Shultz, Peter
Shultz, Samuel
Shultz, Sarah A.
Shultz, Sherman
Shultz, William
Shultze, George
Shultze, John H.
Shultze, Joseph
Shultze, Philip
Shultzer, Helene
Shultzer, William
Shum, Ephriam
Shum, George
Shumake, Franklin
Shumake, John
Shumaker, Azwell
Shumaker, John
Shumaker, Phicelia
Shuman, Aaron
Shuman, C.
Shuman, Gustera
Shuman, Orrin W.
Shumart, John
Shumate, John
Shumate, William
Shumble, Joseph R.
Shuments, Mr.
Shumeway, Jane
Shuming, George
Shummell, J.J.
Shump, Henry
Shumway, A.G.
Shumway, Adeline
Shumway, Alva
Shumway, Cyrus C.
Shumway, D.D.
Shumway, David S.
Shumway, Ebeneezer H.
Shumway, Franklin
Shumway, James B.
Shumway, Jane
Shumway, Lewis
Shumway, Thomas
Shumway, Thomas C.
Shun, Peter
Shunback, Matthias
Shundle, Sarah
Shune, Jacob
Shune, N.
Shunk, Appolonia
Shunk, Jacob
Shunk, Michael
Shunke, Carle
Shunmake, Enoch
Shunn, A.
Shunn, Patrick
Shunnin, Elizabeth
Shuns, Michael
Shuns, Mrs.
Shunter, Charles
Shuntz, Delia
Shuntz, Leonard
Shup, William
Shupain, Matthias
Shupe, Anthony
Shupe, Benjamin
Shupe, Christopher
Shupe, Elizabeth
Shupe, Jacob
Shupe, Michael
Shupe, William
Shupp, M.
Shurbe, Joseph
Shurburn, Margette
Shurburn, William
Shurechousen, Mary
Shurer, John
Shurey, Joseph
Shurgart, William
Shurgeon, Eli
Shurgeon, Mary
Shurhuf, Christian
Shurlds, Isac
Shurles, Daniel
Shurletts, Elizabeth
Shurley, Alva
Shurley, Tilman
Shurley, William
Shurley, William C.
Shurls, Elizabeth
Shurly, Regen
Shurly, Rachel M.
Shurman, John
Shurmith, Stephen
Shurock, Milton
Shurr, M.W.
Shurrier, Gabriel
Shurston, Abey
Shurtak, Louisa
Shurtleff, Emily
Shurtliff, Alstophus
Shurtliff, Emily
Shurtliff, James N.
Shurtliff, Jelucg
Shurtliff, John
Shurtliff, Lott
Shurtliff, Mason
Shurts, Michael
Shurtz, Edward D.
Shuryer, Samuel
Shuschou, Peter
Shusmith, James
Shusmith, Stephen
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