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Ship Passenger Lists

Keep in mind that handwriting is often difficult to read on early passenger lists,
and the quality of old records can be quite poor.
I've done my best to accurately record passenger information, but...
when searching for ancestors, always consider alternate spellings!

These transcriptions have taken me MANY manhours of work...at considerable expense.
You may LINK to any of my webpages, but please do not reprint any without my express written permission.
Thank you for respecting the work of others.

Do YOU have a passenger list you'd like to share?
PLEASE...send me an email !

I'll happily transcribe lists, if you'd like to mail me a legible photocopy...
or contribute a list you've already transcribed !

I'm afraid if you don't see it here...I don't have it !!
Please do NOT email me requests for passenger lists,
as I will not be able to acknowledge it!

Aleppo - Liverpool, England to Boston, Massachusetts, 1871

America - Rotterdam, Holland to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1848

Libra - Rotterdam, Holland to Boston Massachusetts, 1848

Maria Magdalena - Rotterdam, Holland to New York, 1848

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