Letters to Sarah Elizabeth (Overdorf) Smith
Letters to Sarah Elizabeth (Overdorf) Smith

Sometimes we, as family historians, come upon wonderful treasures
which give us a glimpse into the day-to-day lives of our ancestors.

The following letters were found in an old family trunk
which had been moved from one home to another over the generations.

Miraculously, the majority of the letters are still quite legible...
despite the fact that most are now over 100 years old !!

This page is a tribute to Sarah Overdorf-Smith (my great-great grandmother) and
all her descendants who preserved these precious gifts for the generations to come.


Sarah E. (Overdorf) Smith
Arthur Leonard Smith
and his son, William Homer
Myrtle Zula
(Smith Brown Finsley) Wise
Dora Belle (Smith) Lee
Smith Siblings:
Myrtle, Albert, Hattie, Oscar, and Dora
(A big hug to Uncle Virgil for providing me with this wonderful photo !)
 August 6, 1871  Quincy, Illinois  Margaret Mary (Shreve) Smith
    - Sarah's mother-in-law
 April 14, 1884  Morton, Illinois  Rosa Lewis
 July 8, 1884  Morton, Illinois  Rosa Lewis
 July 13, 1884  Lake City, Illinois ?  Sara Adeline (Smith) Brown
    - Sarah's sister-in-law
 October 5, 1884  Morton, Illinois  Rosa Lewis
 October 26, 1884  Morton, Illinois  Rosa Lewis
 March 29, 1885  Morton, Illinois  Rose Lewis
 January 26, 1896  Molalla, Oregon  William Homer Smith
    - Sarah's son
 April 25, 1896  Washington state ?  Arthur Leonard Smith
    - Sarah's husband
 June 27, 1898  Hillsboro, Oregon  Daisy (Shattuck) Smith
    - Sarah's daughter-in-law
 January 6, 1902  Gales Creek, Oregon  William and Dora (Smith) Lee
    - Sarah's son-in-law and daughter
 February 6, 1902  Arlington, Oregon  Dora Belle (Smith) Lee
    - Sarah's daughter
 March 7, 1902   Bly, Oregon ?  Oscar Arther Smith
    - Sarah's son
 March 17, 1902  Forest Grove, Oregon  Maggie Smith
 March 31, 1902  New Pine Creek, Oregon  Mrs. E. Land
    - friend of the Smith family ?
 April 8, 1902  Gales Creek, Oregon  Hattie Allen
    - friend of the Smith family
 January 1919  Jackson, Montana  Myrtle Zula Smith
    - Sarah's daughter

NOTE: Unreadable words within the letters have been indicated by "(illegible)".
After all, there are limits to what my local optometrist can do for me !
I have added some periods to separate sentences in the interest of clarity.

A special hug to my Aunt Judy, who currently has the original letters
which I used for these transcriptions !!

Please EMAIL ME (Lorrie) if you have additional information about these individuals!

This page last updated: May 4, 2003

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