Starting a Freepages Web Page

How Do I .........??

-- Building a FreePages Website --

Here are instructions specifically for building a FreePages site.

When you request webspace with FreePages, you will receive an E-mail with the FTP address of the account, your username and password.

Let's first discuss the FTP address. This is where your account is located, and where you log into to upload your pages. It is a Directory on the FreePages computers set aside for your use. In this Directory are other folders, with the names of the various subjects you might like to use. "Computers, Family, Folklore, Genealogy, Military to name a few." RootsWeb calls them "Communities.
When you click on one of these folders, there will be nothing in there. All you see is an up arrow. This is where your webpages go.

Next, let's look at your username. This is the name you chose to call your account with Rootsweb. In my case it's "lostalbro". You need this to log into your account.

And finally, you have your password. It will look like "paSswOrd". It is case sensitive. This should be kept safe and GIVEN OUT TO NO ONE, please don't put it on a list! Not anytime nor anywhere. It is strictly for your use.

Now, let's log into our account and get to work.

One way to log in is with the Freepages Online File Manager.  Another way is with an FTP Program, see Put it all on the Web on this site.

On the left side of the page, is a place to put your "Account Name (User id). In my case, lostalbro." Next is a place for your password. Remember that it is case sensitive. The safest way to enter it is to copy and paste it from your account email. Then there is a check box asking if you want your password remembered. That will depend on your circumstances. If you're the only one using your computer, it's pretty safe to have it remembered. The decision is yours.

Click "Login and you will come to a page asking which directory you wish to work with." and there is a drop down box with the communities listed. Select one of these, and click on "Enter File Manager".

Ok, If all went well, your in! If not, double check things like your username, and especially the password. Be sure your caps lock isn't on, then try again.

The page you see has a lot on it. take a while and study it. Then we'll look at some things.

Near the top right of the page you will see where you can create a Basic page. It is a VERY basic page, but, it's a start. Click on that.

That brings you to a page that first asks for your Name or Alias. Whatever you put here will be at the top of your page.
Next it asks for your E-mail Address. This will be at the bottom of your page, for people to contact you.

Next, you get to pick your color scheme. For now, leave the links colors alone, but go ahead and play around with the background and text colors.

Then comes a place to put the text and other content of your page.

Below that is where you can add links to other pages or websites.

And finally, is a place to click to make the webpage. It isn't saved yet, so you can move back and forth from the two places to change things to how you want them.

Finally, there is a place to click to Save the page into whatever Directory you are working in.

Like I said, it is Very Basic.

Next is where you can upload files from your computer. if you click there, it just takes you down further on the page, to the File Upload Utility so you may as well just scroll down to it and save your mouse an unnecessary click.

This is the best way to go. You write the files on your computer, check them out with your browsers, and then come here and upload them. This is the way I did it at first, but I use an FTP program now. (see Put It All On The Web).

So you can use whatever program you wish to write your pages, test them thoroughly, and then upload them here with the File Upload Utility.