Putting it all on the web

How Do I .........??

-- Putting It All on the Web --

Here things get a little complicated. There are many ways to publish to the web. If you are using a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) program, there will be instructions with it telling how to do it.

However, there are some basic things common to whatever method you use.

You will be given three things from where ever you choose to put it.

1. You will be given an address to publish it to. It will look something like this: users.freepages.rootsweb.com

You will be given a user ID: lostalbro. In my case.

You will be given a password: YouRpaSsworD

Most of the time, you'll only have to enter this data one time, when you set up your program to upload your pages. If you ever delete the cookies on your computer, the data might go away, but as a rule it should be there.

I don't need or want a bunch of bells and whistles in a program, so I use WS_FTP95 from Ipswitch mainly because it's easy to set up and does everything I want to do. However, I'm afraid I checked out the link today, and it is no longer available on these sites. I did a search, and it is available at Pagematic. Mind you, I haven't checked this out. Download and use at your own risk. I downloaded Filezilla and installed it, but, for my simple mind, it's just too hard to work with. So, I've uninstalled it. The uninstall wasn't complete, and I had to go back in and delete some stuff to get rid of it.

I've also tryed Core FTP Lite, which is very similar to WS_FTP95, and is set up almost the same Again, I had to search to find a place to download this software. I installed the new version, and it seems to be ok. Again, use at your own risk.

Once your program is set up, you will see the files on your computer on the left side, and the files on the internet on the right. (Of course, when you first start out, there will be no files on the right.) There will be an up arrow followed by two dots, or a folder called "Public_HTML". In this directory/folder is where your "index.htm(l)" file will go. In the case of "RootsWeb" you will see many folders, college, computers, family, etc. Open up one of these folders and put in your "index.htm(l) file.

Find your "index" file in the window on the left.

If it isn't visible in the directory that is showing, you can change the directory by clicking the "up arrow" at the top of the window. If you click enough times, it will take you all the way back to the "C" drive on your computer.

Or, you can go the other way by clicking on folders that are showing in the left window.

That's why it is important to know where your file is saved. If you need to, note where the file is being saved, and then jot it down somewhere.

For instance, our church website is in a folder on my desktop with the name "websites", in a folder called "church online".

If that directory doesn't show in the left window, I know I need to click on the green "up-arrow" until I see the desktop folder, click on that, then open the "websites" folder, and then find the "church online" folder and open that.

Once you've found your file to upload, Click on it with your mouse. This selects it, and if the right place for your upload is showing in the right window, press the right facing arrow that is between the two windows. This tells the FTP program to send the highlighted file to the web. Congratulations! You've just published a file to the internet. You can also do this with folders. The program will ask if you want to send the folder and all it's contents. Of course you do. Your new folders/pages will show up in the right window. If they don't try pressing "refresh" on the lower right side of the right window.

When the proper folders are showing in both windows, you can save it by pressing the "option" tab along the bottom of your window. Another window opens up, and you will see a bar at the bottom that says: "Save Current Folders as Connection Folders". Press that and from now on, whenever you log in to this website, these are the folders that will show.

I don't know how many presets you can have, (I have 9 different websites saved).