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These strays have been submitted by the kind people on the Internet. Please confirm for yourself the information provided.

This site could become overwhelming as it is. I can not accept all the strays of the world. It is for those ancestors who were in the UK

I have no more info than what you see. I have not saved contributors names because, unless specified, they have no more either. Contributors have been kind enough to submit these strays instead of ignoring them so you have a place to start.

I have concentrated on making this site functional first. You won't find pretty pictures or music to slow down the downloading

and the pages are mainly text.

All of those who have sent me strays.......THANK YOU!!!!!

I wish I could list you all individually.

Also to all the FHS who have been so wonderful in their co-opperation, Thank you!

Let me know if you find a match! And good luck.

On a personal note:

If you have access to the 1861 census for

Wells Somerset Im looking for

George WINTER 40 wife Frances son William (Tom) daughter Martha