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With the Information provided the following is of more help listed as below rather 
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Sheffield knife workers who immigrated to Walden,NY in the
 1880s and bore children there.  Some of these people
 may have moved from other area to Yorkshire to learn the necessary trade skills before moving 
 to the USA and gave Sheffield as their origain. 
 The Robson and Grayson were from Nether Hallam.
Alcock	William																																																												
Alfred	Harry	Jaynes	George		Senior	b.	1865																																																						
Allen	Benjamin		Jr.		b.	1862																																																							
Allen	Elizabeth		b.	1864																																																									
Andrews	Samuel		b.	1859																																																									
Armitage	Florence		b.	1871																																																									
Ashley	Charles	E.		b.	1865																																																								
Ashley	Lydia		b.	1849																																																									
Athorne	Samuel			b.	1849																																																								
Bardsley	Samuel		b.1838																																																										
Barnes	Mark			b.	1868																																																								
Baron	Frank		b.	1868																																																									
Bartram	Nellie		b.	1869																																																									
Bingley	Frederick																																																												
Bingley	Hannah																																																												
Bingley	Mary	E.		b.	1889																																																								
Bingley	Sarah		b.	1859																																																									
Bolton	Elisabeth		b.	1865																																																									
Booth	Thomas		b.	1858																																																									
Bowne	Frank		b.	1868																																																									
Bradforth	Charles		b.	1893																																																									
Bradforth	Harriet		b.	1849																																																									
Bradshaw	Aaron		b.	1853																																																									
Brammall	Joseph		b.	1864																																																									
Brookfield	Ellen		b.	1864																																																									
Brookfield	Florence		b.	1871																																																									
Brookfield	Mary		b.	1861																																																									
Brown	Benjamin		b.	1847																																																									
Brown	Thomas		b.	1852																																																									
Brown	Thomas		b.1858																																																										
Brown	Annie		b.	1869																																																									
Buckley	George																																																												
Buntin	Jan	Verna			b.	1866																																																							
Butts	Elizabeth		b.	1865																																																									
Carmel	Mary		b.1850																																																										
Clara			Fox	b.	1852																																																								
Cocker	Elya		b.	1849																																																									
Cosgrove	John		b.1867																																																										
Croft	Charles		b.	1849																																																									
Crownshaw	George		b.	1852																																																									
Curtis	Arthur		b.	1861																																																									
Cutts	Elizabeth	Ellen		b.	1863																																																								
Davenport	Agnes		b.	1868																																																									
Dawson	Henry			b.	1861																																																								
Day	Alfred		b.	1857																																																									
Ellis	William		b.	1868																																																									
Gent	Ruth		b.	1852																																																									
Gery	Ellen		b.	1868																																																									
Goddard	William																																																												
Goddard	Emily		b.	1869																																																									
Gothered	Emily			b.	1870/71																																																								
Grayson	Florence		b.																																																										
Greeley		Thomas		b.	1855																																																								
Guest	Henry		Jr.	b.	1870																																																								
Hall	Alice		b.	1872																																																									
Hammond		George		b.	1864																																																								
Headley	Mary		b.	1858																																																									
Hides	James		b.	1862																																																									
Hill	Annie		1861																																																										
Holmes	Henry		b.	1860																																																									
Home	Alfred		b.	1856																																																									
Howard	Charles	E.		b.	1857																																																								
Jackson	Joseph	P.		b.	1858																																																								
Lee	Benjamin		b.	1865																																																									
Lee	Susanna		b.	1866																																																									
Lockwood	Ada		b.	1876																																																									
Lockwood	James		b.	1851																																																									
Marl	James		b.	1862																																																									
Marsden	Emma	b.	1864																																																										
Marshall	Annie		b.	1863																																																									
Martin	George	Wallace																																																											
Mason		George		b.	1869																																																								
Mason		John		b.	1849																																																								
McCombs	Sara		b.	1854																																																									
McGovern	Mary		b.	1866																																																									
Medley	William	H		b.1871																																																									
Mellon	Ellen		b.	1861																																																									
Mills		Thomas		b.	1863																																																								
Moore	Mary	Jane		b.	1872																																																								
Mosley	Thomas		b.	1853																																																									
Nell		Elizabeth	Ellen		b	1864																																																							
Nell		James	Arthur		b.	1861																																																							
Newton	Althea		b.	1873																																																									
Nichols		Egbert		b.	1848																																																								
North	Sarah		1871																																																										
Oats	William		b.	1849																																																									
Oats	William			Jr.	b.	1866																																																							
Oats	Emily		b.	1875																																																									
Parker	Harriet		b.	1864																																																									
Parker	Harriet		b.	1864																																																									
Parkins	Walter		b.	1861																																																									
Pass	Elizabeth		b.	1857																																																									
Patchet	Arthur																																																												
Pitkins	Edward	C.		b.	1854																																																								
Pitkins	Edward		b.	1888																																																									
Powell	Joseph		b.	1845																																																									
Reaney	Alice		b.	1864																																																									
Reaney	Amy	b.	1861																																																										
Richardson	John	B.		b.	1868																																																								
Richman	William		b.	1863																																																									
Richmond	Clara		b.1865																																																										
Richmond	Florence		b.	1870																																																									
Roberts	Herbert	b.	1871																																																										
Robson/Grayson	Ellen		b.1858																																																										
Roebuck	Ann	b.	1867																																																										
Roebuck	Emma	b.	1877																																																										
Rogers	Herbert		b.	1871																																																									
Rollett	Alfred		b.	1871																																																									
Rollett	Arthur		b.	1862																																																									
Scofield	Alice	M.		b	1854																																																								
Sherwood	Scharlett		b.	1863																																																									
Simmonds	Mary	Lemons	E.		b.	1872	(female)																																																						
Simmonite	Fanny	b.	1866																																																										
Somerset	Frederick	W.		b.1866																																																									
Stibbins	Louisa	b.	1865																																																										
Stones	George		b.	1831																																																									
Swinden	Isaac			b.	1864																																																								
Sykes	Sarah		1862																																																										
Taylor	Henry			b.1848																																																									
Taylor	James		b.	1862																																																									
Toothill	William		b.	1871																																																									
Totty	Fred		b.	1862																																																									
Townsend	Sarah	b.	1863																																																										
Trickett	Fred		b.	1841																																																									
Trikett	Eli																																																												
Turton	Reuben	b.	1850																																																										
Waterfall	Louisa		b.	1868																																																									
Westerman	Martha	b.	1863																																																										
Whitehead	Isaac																																																												
Wigglesworth	James		b.	1860																																																									
Wilkerson	Harry		b.	1852																																																									
Wilkinson	Harry		b.	1852																																																									
Wood	William		b.	1862