Rev William Worcester - Master Index

Rev William Worcester
Master Index


Abigail to Abbott, Philander Gray
Abell, Dorothy to Bachiler, Elizabeth
Backhouse, David to Bergeron, William Andrew
Bernard, Anthony to Brown, Caroline Young
Brown, Charles to Carle, Richard
Carleton, Abigail to Choate, Winnifred E.
Cholans, Fredrick to Cousins, Leo Maurice
Cousins, Luann to Dawson, Una
Day, Elizabeth to Dresser, Richard
Drew, Charles Earle to Farrow, Timothy
Faulkingham, Nancy Jane to Gifford, Thomas
Gilbert, Thomas to Gower, Elmira Jane
Gower, Elmira Perkins to Hall, Ralph
Hall, Sarah to Hill, William
Hilliard, Joseph to Ingersoll, William H.
Inman, Gilbert Earl to Kidder, Mary Abbie
Kilham, Catherine to Leighton, Margaret
Leighton, Margaret S. to Look, Peter Joseph
Look, Phidelia to McLay, Tyrone Wayne
McLean, Hanna to Morrison, William J.
Morse, Abigail to Nason, Uriah
Nccray, Ralph to Page, Thomas
Paige, Annie to Pratt, Polly
Pratt, Priscilla to Richardson, William
Richarson, John to Sargent, Zebiah
Sarkisian, Marguerite R. to Shorey, Eunice
Shorey, Eunice to Soucy, Lisa
Souter, Mary to Stinson, Pauline
Stockwell, Marlene to Thurston, William
Thwaits, Ann to Turney, Thomas
Tuttle, Elizabeth to Wheeler, Rachel Mrs.
Wheeler, Roger to Wooster, Betty Marquerite
Wooster, Beulah M. to Worcester, Elizabeth
Worcester, Elizabeth to Worcester, Nancy Elizabeth
Worcester, Natasha Corrine Smith to Worster, Clara
Worster, Clara A. to Worster, Judy Ann
Worster, Julia to Worster, Susan
Worster, Susan E. to Zagorianakos, Steve Nicholas


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