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Since the beginning of colonisation of North America by the Europeans, le names of many Larocque has come into the history. The first Governor General of Canada under François I was Jean-Fran&ccedit;ois de La Roque de Roberval. Since, Larocque's left their names in a variety of sphere of activity; in politics, le journalism, in the ecclesiastical world, the sports, the world of entertainment, etc. Here is a list of those Larocque. If you know one of these Larocque that are not on this page, let me know so they be added.


Soldiers having the name Larocque (Larock) who sacrificed their lives during the First or Second World War.

Documents sent by Réjean Larocque

M. Alberto Larroque (1818 Bayonne – 1881 Buenos Aires), was one of the most educated man in his time in Argentina. An eminent teacher, he figures among what we call in Argentina the 80 generation (1880). A pupil of San Miguel de Garocoits, and a graduate in philosophy at Sorbonne, the holder of a doctorate in jurisprudence in Buenos Aires, he was the director of the Colegio del Uruguay that has transformed education in this country. This college trained lawer and army officers (i.e. the Honorable Julio Roca, twice president of Argentina). Alberto Larroque was married twice, first to Carmen Alberellos Pueyrredo, niece of general Marin de Pueyrredon, director of the supreme Plata, and, once he became a widower, married again with Helene Miette de Pratz, of a Noble French family. Among their decendants we find politicians, magistrates, legislators, and diplomats. 

M. Alberto Larroque, in a letter addressed to his children (of which was his daughter Maria Larroque, wife of M. Julio Fonrouge de Lesseps) in August 1876, he refused to take the necessary steps to obtain the tittle of Baron which he was entitled to by his father's family. According to biographers, he was the nephew of Larroques who were Baron in the France region of Languedoc, and later guillotined during the French Revolution. Moreover, according to local stories , the sons of the Baron Larroque were taken to Bayonne by servants so they be spared the violence that was ruling at the time.. 

This text was sent by Brother Alberto Saguier Fonrouge, OP, member of the Institute in Genealogical Sciences of Argentina. (Speaks Spanish) E-Mail: [email protected] 

Alfred Chartier Larocque
Born  September 14, 1819, He was the son of  François Larocque (See below on this page)  and Émilie Coté. Alfred Larocque completed his education at  Mount St-Mary’s College in  Maryland. He then continued with his law study and was accepted at the Bar but never practice as a lawyer. He was also an alderman at the city of Montreal from 1843 to 1850 and also filled the job of Post Master in that city in 1854. During a stay in the U.S. he was interested in the different Bank system and particularly the Credit Union.  Convinces that this kind of saving could help a certain population, he presented a project to Mgr Bourget for the creation of an institution totally devoted to popular saving.  This is how he contributed in 1846 to the fondation of the Montreal and District Savings Bank.  He was its first vice-president in 1846 and president for two term from 1852 to 1855 and 1861 to 1864. 
In 1873, François Alfred Chartier Larocque carries his  philanthropic activities and manage for the benifit of this three children a building that he had built earlier at  34 Saint-Paul Street West. He is a  membre of the Board of the Montreal and District Savings Bank. He then live LaGauchetière Street, a well desired residential area of the French Canadian upper class. 
He married Marie-Angélique Berthelet in Montréal on Septembre 22 1841. Mlle Berhtelet was from a rich Montreal family who owned many real estate property in Lower Canada. 
They had 10 children of which only two boy and one girl survived.  The latter married Joseph-Aldéric Ouimet who we find at the head of the Montreal and District Savings Bank from 1907 à 1916.

Alfred Larocque had a reputation has a man with a grand piety with a big generosity and devoted lots of his energy for good cause mostly after the death of his beloved wife in 1856. This is how, in 1857, that he had the Board of the Montreal and District Savings Bank voted an annual donation of 200.00$ to the Nuns of  Bon–Pasteur and was further increased to 600.00$. 
Alfred died July 13 1890 at the age of 70. 

Brad Larocque
Pte. Patrick Cloutier, a soldier with the  22ème Royal Régiment (Valcartier) and the Mohawk Warrior Brad "Freddy Krueger" Larocque, a sutdent in economic at the University of Saskatchewan with their famous face off  during the Oka crisis in May 1990. 
If you know the name of Brad's parents please write to me. 
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André Larocque  Chief Editor at the Ottawa French newspaper Le Droit. 
Born in Val d’Or, Quebec, André Larocque is the son of Gérald Larocque and Yolande Gagnon.  He did his collegiate studies in Arts and Media Technologies at the CEGEP (College) in Jonquière, Quebec. Radio host, journalist, information administrator, André Larocque worked both in the private sector as well as  Radio-Canada (CBC french counterpart), at the Canadian Press, for TVA (the second French private TV Network) as director of information and later as general director of Sherbrooke TV station CHLT TV,  and for the network Gesca as its Information Director for the newspaper La Tribune in Sherbrooke. André Larocque is now the Chief Editor of the Ottawa French newspaper Le Droit. 
Along with his professional activities, André successfully completed an International-MBA at UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal). 
André Larocque is also involved in his community; at Moisson Estrie (Food bank in Sherbrooke), the CHUS Foundation, Centraide (United-Way) Outaouais to name a few.
André and his spouse, Renée Lemay also of Val d'Or, are the pround parents of Alexandra. She is completing her Baccalauréat in Conflict Solving at the University of Ottawa. The family lives in Gatineau.

 His brother Paul is also a journalist and can be seen regularly on the French network TVA. (See Paul Larocque below to find André's paternal lineage.)

Charles Larocque, the father of Louis Isaac was member of parliament at the Lower-Canada legislature representing the county of Vaudreuil between 1833 and 1838. He was burried at the "Blue Church" also known as St-Raphael near Lancaster November 10 1849. The historian Robert Sellar wrote a few word about this Charles Larocque. He was the founder of the village of St-Louis de Gonzague first known under the name Rocqueville. 

Read also a document about Charles prepared by the Archives of the Montreal Court House March 1935. (In French)

« Along the St.Louis (Lake St.Louis) the French Canadians kept creeping upwards from Beauharnois, but it was not until about 1834 that the first house was built on the site of the present village of St.Louis de Gonzague. It was a small store, and stood on the southwest corner of the 4th concession road, owned by Charles Larocque, in many regards one of the most remarkable men the province has produced. His mother was a Highland woman, and he combined the best qualities of both races. After spending a number of years in the Northwest, he returned to his native province and entered business, opening stores at different points and carrying on a large trade in lumbering and contracting. Wholly uneducated, he had to rely on his prodigious memory for records of his transactions, and it rarely failed him even in trifling details. His store at St-Louis he placed in charge of his nephew Isidore Larocque, afterwards the keeper of the first tavern in Valleyfield. When, in 1835, Gilbert Cook and his brothers, natives of Cantyre, took up lots, Larocque's was the only house in St-Louis. 

Mr. Symon finding in his neigbour at the corners, Charles Larocque, a congenial spirit, became intimate with him, and on his proposing he should join him as partner, he left his farm and took up his abode in St-Louis about 1841, which, even then, was only a place at two or three houses. 
The opening of the sawmill, with the consequent stimulus it gave the lumbering brought in a number of French Canadian laborers and tradesmen, who put up shanties around it and the place began to wear the appearance of the villige, to which the name of Rocqueville was given. To help the village on, Larocque offered the glass, the nails and the shingles for a church, and about 1846 a wooden building was raised.}} 
Hist. of Huntingdon, Châteauguay and Beauharnois. Robert Sellar

A son of Charles Larocque, Darcino Larocque left his name to one Valleyfield main street, Chemin Larocque. 
Hist. of Huntingdon, Châteauguay and Beauharnois. Robert Sellar
(Descendant of Philibert Couillaud dit Roquebrune)

Mgr Charles Larocque bishop de St-Hyacinthe was born November 15 1809 in Chambly Quebec. He is the son of Henri and Sophie Robert. He ordained his cousin Paul-Stanislas Larocque who later became bishop of Sherbrooke. He was the third bishop of St-Hyacinthe from 1866 to 1875. 

(Descendant of Guillaume Larocque dit Lafontaine)

Denis Larocque Denis "Denny" Larocque (born in 1967 in Hawkesbury, Ontario of Jean Larocque and Francine Reeves), is a professional defenceman who played for the Los Angeles Kings in the National Hockey League.
He played Tier II Junior "A" for the Hawkesbury Hawks in 1982-83 and then major junior for the Guelph Platers from 1983 to 1987. He won the Memorial Cup in 1987. The Los Angeles Kings chose him 44th overall in the 1986 NHL Entry Draft.
Larocque got an 8 game trial with the Kings in 1987-88 (scoring one assist) and then spent the rest of his career in the minor pros. He was traded to the New York Rangers in December, 1988, as part of the deal that brought Todd Elik to the Kings.
He retired in 1993.
A descendant of Philibert Couillaud dit Roquebrune.

Edgard Larocque, first producer of Cranberries in Québec, Mr. Edgar Larocque was the instigator of the culture of this berry around the end of the 30's near Lemieux Quebec. With his sons ( among them Charles Larocque ) Edgar Larocque is determined to transform his region into the cranberry capital of Quebec. However, this wasn't done without a great deal of trouble and difficulties. The plants available at the time had to be acclimatized to the region before making this entreprise profitable. In 1970 a new cranberry farm was opened in Sainte-Marie-de-Blanford (South East of Trois-Rivières). It now covers about 200 acres. This entreprise is now managed by Louis-Michel Larocque, the grandson of Edgar Larocque. Last year it had a net revenue of more then two million dollar. The majority of the production (85%) goes into the fabrication of juice. Ten percent is transformed in gelly and sauce and the rest is sold as fresh fruits. 
Congratulation and best of luck to this farming entreprise!. 
(Descendant ofGuillaume LaRocque)

Are you related to Edgar Larocque? 
Edgar Larocque & Odile Huard 
St.David, Co.Levis, PQ  2 Oct 1909
Simeon Larocque & Louise Brassard 
Roxton Falls  30 Jan 1883
 Joseph Larocque & Denise Bombardier  (Louis Bombardier & Émélie Benoît)
St-Bruno  23 Nov 1858
 Amable Larocque & Francoise-Julie Patenaude  (Nicolas Patenaude & Charlotte Audet/Lapointe)
Longueuil (St-Antoine  21 Jan 1814
Noel Larocque & Marie-Felicite Goyette  (Antoine Goyette & Marie Françoise Roquant)
Chambly  1 Aug 1786
 Michel-Antoine Larocque & Catherine-Jeanne Poitevin  (Jacques-Christophe Poitevin/Cadieu & M. Josephe Viau)
Longueuil, (St-Antoine-de-Padoue  9 Apr 1755
 Guillaume Larocque & Catherine-Jeanne Boivin  (Michel Boivin & Françoise Lorrain)
 Montréal, (Notre-Dame  21 Mar 1717
Antoine Larocque & Anne Morel 
France, xx/xx/xxxx  n/a

Mgr Eugène Philippe LaRocque born in Windsor Ontario on Marsh 27 1927. He is the Bishop of the diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall since 1974. He is the son of Eugène Joseph Larocque and Angéline Marie Montforton. 

(Descendant of Guillaume Larocque dit Lafontaine)

  Are you related to  Mgr LaRocque? 

1. LAROCQUE Antoine & MOREL Anne . France, 
2. LAROCQUE Guillaume BOIVIN Catherine-Jeanne  . Montréal, (Notre-Dame), 21/03/1717 
3. LAROCQUE Guillaume LAMOUREUX Angélique  . Chambly, 19/04/1751 
4. PIÉDALUE Agathe LAROCQUE Michel . 
Chambly, 4/08/1783 
5. GÉLINEAU Marie-Anne LAROCQUE Guillaume . Longueuil,  20/11/1821 
6. HEBERT Julie LAROCQUE Gulliaume . 
vers 1860 x
7. THÉRIAULT Exilda LAROCQUE Jean-Baptiste . St-François  (Co, Richmond), 7/01/1896 
8. LAROCQUE Eugène  MONFORTON Angeline Marie  . M.  Rivière-aux-Canards, 26/07/1926 
9. Mgr Eugène LaRocque

François-Antoine Larocque - -Was born in L'Assomption (Quebec) on January 17 1782 son of François-Antoine Larocque et de Angélique Leroux. For some time he was a fur trader with his brother for the North-West Company. François-Antoine Larocque fought during the war of 1812-1815 as a captain in the incorporated Milice d'Élite . He married Émilie Cotté, daughter of Gabriel Cotté (a fur trade barron) and of Archange Blondeau, on January 26 1818 in Montreal (Notre-Dame Church). Suspected of being a "Patriote", he is arrested, even if he never took part in the insurection of 1837-38. He died in St-Hyacinthe May first 1869, at 87 years of age. The couple had only one son, François-Alfred-Chartier La Rocque. François-Antoine was the first Europeen to explore the American North-West Américain and to visit present Wyoming (Grolier Encyclopedia). The tale of this journey is written in "Journal of LaRoque from the Assiniboine to the Yellowstone". He is the grandson of the ancestor Antoine Larocque married to Catherine Guillemot. 
(Descendant of Antoine Larocque)

Gene La Rocque -(Born in Kankaki 1918) We find a Larocque in the high ranked officer in the U.S. Navy, Admiral Gene La Rocque began his naval service in 1940 and was commissioned as Ensign early in 1941. When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor on December 6, 1941 he was serving on the USS MACDONOUGH there. Throughout the four years of World War II, Admiral La Rocque served aboard destroyers in the Pacific and participated in thirteen major naval battles for which he received several medals and citations. 
Admiral La Rocque wrote many magazine articles and edited the book Nuclear War in Europe and frequently contributes to the op-ed pages of newspapers throughout the U.S. He was also a frequent guest on TV programs as a military analyst. 
Recently Gene LaRocque was commenting about terrorism and the U.S.
"Terrorist aren't born; they are created. And the United States has done a magnificent job of creating terrorists"
An interview by a British TV channel  about 4 minutes from the biginning.
A transcript of a TV interview by Ira Shorr (December 17th 1995)
A short biography on Answer.com

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1. LAROCQUE Antoine & MOREL Anne . of Marssac-sur-Tarn, France, 
2. LAROCQUE Guillaume & BOIVIN Catherine-Jeanne  . Montréal, (Notre-Dame), 21/03/1717 
3. LAROCQUE Guillaume & LAMOUREUX Angélique  ,  Chambly, 19/04/1751 
4. LAROCQUE Amable  & PARÉ/BOUTILLIER M. Désanges, Longueuil, 8/07/1799 
5. LAROCQUE Amable & CHARBONNEAU Catherine, Longueuil, 23/10/1832 
6. LAROCQUE Alfred & LONGTIN Mathilde  . Kankakee, Ill., 15/04/1874
7. Eugene (Gene) LaRocque (Born in 1918)

Gédéon Larocque (1831- 1903) Was born in Chambly December 21, 1831. He was the son of Edouard Larocque and Louise Daigneau. He studied at Collège de Chambly, Collège de Saint-Hyacinthe, at l'École de médecine et de chirurgie de Montréal and spent some time as a trainee with his uncle Luc-Eusebe Larocque. He became a doctor in 1855. 
He practiced his profession in Longueuil. He also thaught music. He contributed to the colonization of the region of Lac-à-la-Truite in 1851. He was the owner of a farm at Beaumont. 
He was the mayor of Longueuil from 1862 to 1870. Prefect of Chambly county for four years, and later élected at the legislative assembly for the Liberal party for Chambly in 1871. Agent for the Nord Railroad in 1874. Appointed Sergrant of Arm at the Legislative Assembly in Quebec City on July 29 1875 position he occupied until 1902. Published some treasise on horticulture and agriculture in Culture et préparation du tabac (tobacco) (1881)et Manuel des engrais Manual of fertilizer (1904). He died in Montreal on October 23 1903 aged 71 ans and 10 months. He is buried in Longueuil in Saint-Antoine cemetery on October 26 1903. 
He married in Longueuil (Saint-Antoine) Janurary 30 1856, Felecite Thibault, daughter of Amable Thibault and Marie-Rose Savard, and in second married Rosalie-Christine Brauners, in Montreal cathedral on May 17th 1870. She was the daughter of John C. Brauners and Jeannet Johnson. In third wedding in Beloeil on January 3 1874, he married Azilda Davignon widdow of Alfred Boissonneau doctor. 
(Descendant of Guillaume Larocque dit Lafontaine)

Holly Larocque is the host of a show that can be seen of the Life Network on the cable. Holly Larocque is perhaps best known for her starring role on the Disney Channel, CBC, and YTV in the award-winning family series "Under the Umbrella Tree". Her television credits include the CBC specials "Holly Larocque: It's About Time" and "Christmas Holly", as well as numerous musical guest appearances on programs like "Fred Penner's Place" and others. 
A duMaurier Search for Stars winner, Holly has written and starred in her own one-woman show "Holly: From Broadway to Brussels" and the National Arts Centre of Canada. 
Holly is the daughter of Wallace Larocque and Velma Gordon and a proud descendant of Philibert Couillaud dit Roquebrune. 
(Descendant of Philibert Couillaud dit Roquebrune)


Are you related to  Holly Larocque?
1.COUILLAUD/ROCQUEBRUNE Philibert & LAPORTE Catherine . xx, ~1676 
2. COUILLAUD/LAROQUE Louis & SABOURIN Marie Madeleine Pointe-Claire, 21/05/1716 
3. COUILLAUD Jean-Baptiste & SÉGUIN Marie-Charlotte  . Oka 27/01/1744 
4. LAROCQUE Joseph & GEORGETEAU Marie Josephte  . vers 1788
5, LAROCQUE Joseph & LALANDE Geneviève  . St-Benoît, 23/11/1812 
6. LAROCQUE Joseph & CLARK Mary-Ann . St-Marthe, 1844 
7. LAROCQUE Alexandre & SOUBLIERE Elmire  . vers  1870 
8. LAROCQUE Alexandre & RENAUD Félicitè  . Ottawa, Ont.,  10/22/1888 
9. LAROCQUE Alexandre & OLLERENSHAW Ola  . Ottawa, Ont., 6/06/1917 
10. LAROCQUE Wallace & GORDON Velma 
11. Holly Larocque

Jean-François La Rocque de Roberbal - The first Larocque to come to Canada was none other than it's first Lieutenant Governor, Jean François de La Rocque de Roberval. King Francois I made him his representative in this new country around 1540. It was France first attempt to colonize Canada. What Roberval thought was going to do make his fortune turned out to be is misfortune. There is more details about Jean-François La Rocque de Roberval.

Monsignor Joseph Larocque second bishop of St-Hyacinthe from 1860 to 1865.  Joseph Larocque was born in Chambly August 28th 1808. He was the son of Timothée-Amable Larocque et de Marie-Angèle Paré. He was the cousin of Charles Larocque, who as well, was bishop of Saint-Hyacinthe. 

(Descendant of Guillaume Larocque dit Lafontaine)

Jocelyne Dawn Marie Larocque was born on May 19, 1988 in Sainte-Anne, Manitoba. She is a Canadian ice hockey player and current independent member of the PWHPA. She previously played with the Calgary Inferno and Markham Thunder of the Canadian Women's Hockey League (CWHL), the Calgary Oval X-Treme and Manitoba Maple Leafs of the Western Women's Hockey League (WWHL), and the Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs of the Western Collegiate Hockey Association (WCHA).[1] With the Bulldogs, she was a two-time NCAA Women's Ice Hockey Tournament champion (2008, 2010). Larocque is of Métis heritage and was the first indigenous athlete to participate in the women's ice hockey tournament at the Winter Olympics. She played for the women's hockey team at the Beijing Olympics in 2022, which won the gold medal. Jocelyne is the daughter of Andre Larocque and Nancy Dyck and the descendant of Philibert Couillaud dit Roquebrune.

Judith A. LaRocque  holds her master degree in public administration as well as a diploma specialised in political sciences from the Carleton University. Mme LaRocque hold as well a wide experience inside the gouvernment. She started her career in the public servant commission in 1979.  From 1982 to 1984, she was an agent to the procedure at the Chamber of Commun.  She also held the post of the Cabinet chief to the leader of the gouvernment in the Senate and Minister of State (Federal-Provincial Relations) and executive assistant of the minister of justice and Attorney General of Canada.  From 1990 to march 2000, she assumed the functions of the secretary of the Gouvernor-General,  secretary of the Order of Canada  the Military Merit and Chanceler of Arm of Canada. Mrs LaRocque was named as delegate to Heritage Canada in April 2000 and later deputy minister of Heritage Canada in April 2002. 

Judy Larocque, 50, of Framington, Mass., was the founder and chief executive officer of Market Perspectives Inc., a Framington-based market research company catering to the technology industry.
She was traveling to California on business when American Airlines flight 11 was hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Center. 
Larocque was born in Boston and grew up in Framington, graduating from Framington High School. She earned a degree in sociology at Boston University in 1973 and attended graduate school at Clark University in Worcester, Mass. 
She worked at several technology firms before starting her own business in 1993. 
In her free time, Larocque enjoyed walking her dog Naboo near her home by Lake Cochituate, canoeing, swimming and yoga. She maintained a large garden in her front yard. 
She is survived by two daughters, Danielle Lemack of Chicago and Carie Lemack, 26, of Cambridge, Mass.; and a sister, Diane Marshall. 

Ken Rockbrun hosts the CBC Ottawa radio program All In A Day. Ken is a journalist and author who joined the program in March of 1996. 

During his first year as radio host, Ken also hosted a weekly half-hour CBC television arts program called Rockburn and Company, which profiled members of Ottawa's creative community. The TV program began in the fall of 1994 and signed off in the spring of 1997. 

Ken's background provides him with the ideal base for a program like All In A Day, which mixes current affairs, features and the arts. Before taking on the role of host/producer for Rockburn and Company, Ken hosted and produced a weekly two-hour radio program called Medium Rare, which blended all of those same elements and was syndicated to radio stations in six Canadian cities. 

In the fall of 1995, Ken's first book was published by Stoddart. Called Medium Rare: Jamming with Culture, the book provided a narrative account of Ken's interviews with noted cultural figures like Leonard Cohen, Margaret Atwood and Robertson Davies. 

From the late 1970s to the early 1990s, Ken was the News Director at CHEZ FM radio in Ottawa. During that time he won three ACTRA National Radio Awards - Nellies - for his documentary and interviewing work. He was the first, and remains one of only two, Canadian private broadcasters ever to have achieved that distinction. 

Laurette Larocque-, was better know in French Canada under her writer's name Jean Despréz. People 45 and older will remember Mrs Jean Depréz who as a panelist in the Radio-Canada quiz show "Chacun son métier" hosted by Fernand Seguin. (French version of CBS's What's my line) Born in Hull about 1906, she is the daughter of Adrien Larocque, a librarian of Hull and of Rose-Alma Berthiaume. Laurette Larocque is an integral part of the history of French Canada's theatre, radio, cinema and television. During the 1950 she had an open phone line radio show in Montreal. Laurette married the actor Jacques Auger about 1930 at Saint-Lambert-de-Vaugirard church in Paris. 
Artistic Photo of Mme Jean Després (Laurette Larocque)
Denise Latrémouille Le Droit, Janvier 1999. Click here to read the article from the newspaper Le DROIT  d'OTTAWA-HULL  of June  2000 about Madame Jean Despréz. " Jean Despréz, la plus grande des Hulloises " by Denise Latrémouille. 
The following  WEB site  proposes a biography of madame Jean Depréz. You cna visit the WEB site if their authors, M François-Xavier Simard et André La Rose. This biography is published in French at the  Éditions du Vermillon. 
(Descendant of Philibert Couillaud dit Roquebrune)

Marcel La Rocque, Iberville, Quebec  (posthumous)
Governor General's Caring Canadian Award
Marcel La Rocque invested over 50 years in developing sports and leisure activities in his community. He started up numerous activities for young people and for many years assisted Carrefour Jeunesse and La Porte Ouverte. He worked for the Jeux du Québec as a volunteer for 25 years and participated in fundraising campaigns for the Red Cross. As a founding member of the Commission des loisirs d'Iberville, he presided for many years over the Festival de la citrouille. He also worked tirelessly to obtain grants to develop and promote courses in the arts for the general public. Mr. La Rocque's more than 15,000 hours of volunteer work bear witness to his great devotion to his fellow citizens.
Also in his honnor the town of Iberville named a local arena after him. Photo on the left.
Article sent by Marcel La Rocque son-in-law.

Mario Larocque (left) was the 16th player and the second representing the LHJMQ to be picked by the Tampa Bay Lightling. Mario will be defenseman for this Florida team. On the picture we can see Mario Larocque when he was sporting the number 7 jersey when he played for the Sherbrooke Faucons. He also played for Hull Olympique's. 
Mario Larocque now plays for the Rochester Americans, the farm team of the Buffalo Sabres. 
(Descendant of Philibert Couillaud dit Roquebrune)

Michel (Bunny) Larocque born in Hull (Quebec) April 6 1952 served as goaltender in the National Hockey League from 1973 to 1983. He is with the Montreal Canadien from 1973 to 1979 ( No. 1 jersey) and in 1980 (no. 31 jersey). He played for the Toronto Maple Leaf for a part of 1979 in 1981 and in 1982. He played also for the Philadelphia Fliers in 1982 for two games (photo) and for St.Louis in 1983. Michel Larocque holds the record of 22 games without a loss for the Montreal Canadien in 1977. During that period Michel played for the Canadien, the team won 5 Stanley Cup: 1973, 1976, 1977, 1978 and 1979. Very efficient in the goal, he received the Vezina trophee for the 1977-78-79 seasons and for 1981. Unfortunatly, Michel Larocque was lost to cancer in July 1992 aged only 40 years old. 
(Descendant of Philibert Couillaud dit Roquebrune)

Michel Larocque is on the front row on the right.
Are you related to Michel Bunny Larocque

1.COUILLAUD/ROCQUEBRUNE Philibert & LAPORTE Catherine . xx, ~1676 
2. COUILLAUD/LAROQUE Louis & SABOURIN Marie Madeleine Pointe-Claire, 21/05/1716 
3. COUILLAUD Jean-Baptiste & SÉGUIN Marie-Charlotte  . Oka 27/01/1744 
4. LAROCQUE Joseph & GEORGETEAU Marie Josephte  . vers 1788 
5.LAROCQUEBRUNE Jean-Marie-Noël & ALBERT Marie-Josephte  . Rigaud   19/11/1822 
6.LAROCQUEBRUNE Gabriel  & SABOURIN Alexina    Pointe-Gatineau, 14/04/1873 
7. LAROCQUE Napoléon-Pierre & LAMOTHE Dora  . Masham, 10/07/1905 
8. LAROCQUE Armand & RENAUD Yvette  . Hull (St-Jean), 29/12/1937 
9. LAROCQUE Michel (Bunny)  &  LEGRIS Hélène  . Aylmer, 9/06/1970 

Mike Larock is the band leader for the group bearing his name.  Mike (Michel Larocque) was born June 2nd 1984 and he never really had it easy. Like many artists, Mike had a rough life. His father was a musician but not the most respected “My dad was never really there for me, it’s a shame because since he shared the same passion I did, I never really had the chance to develop mine with him since he was to busy moving from town to town because of drug problems. It hurts but life is life.” At age 9, living in Ontario, Mike was moved to a foster family for almost one year because of his mother’s problem with drugs and alcohol. Fortunately, Mike’s mother like many other people changed her ways for the better. When Mike was 10, he, his brothers and sister returned home. His mother gives Mike an acoustic guitar as a “welcome home” gift. She also considered this the perfect gift due to the fact that Mike was always a singer since a tender age and music seemed to be a real passion for him. 
Mike's complete biography 
Link to Mike Larock web site.

Paul Larocque A native of Val d'Or, Paul Larocque lived in the Saguenay area of Quebec before moving to Montreal. Recently appointed anchorman for a new mid day information telecast on the French television network TVA, Paul counts on giving some importance to news in the regions outside the main centers. 
Graduate of the Cegep of Jonquiere in art and in media technology, he is only 15 when he enters college. As soon as he graduated he is hired by the defunct Montreal radio station CJMS as a journalist while studying political science at UQAM ( University of Quebec at Montreal). In 1992 he makes the big jump at TVA TV network as a parlementary reporter. Paul Larocque now leave the ground to take a new challenge as anchorman in a new daily information program. «I've always been interested in a sorts of subject, and not only in politics. TVA en Direct allows me to be in touch with the people. I like to talk with people» 
Long live to Paul Larocque in his new assignment at TVA. 
Paul Larocque is a descendant of Philibert Couillaud dit Roquebrune

    1        COUILLAUD/ROQUEBRUNE Philibert     LAPORTE Catherine
               Contrecoeur Quebec    1676/mm/dd

   2        COUILLAUD Michel      PINEL Marie-Josephe
               Ste-Anne-du-Bout-de-l'Il    1718/02/02

   3        COUILLAUD Jacques-Michel     LANGLOIS/TRAVERSY Françoise
               St-Laurent, PQ, (Montréal)    1748/01/08

   4        LAROCQUE François     BRUNET Marguerite
               St-Martin, PQ, (Île-Jésus, Laval)    1779/02/08

   5        LAROCQUE Jean-Baptiste     BLAIS Euphrosine
               Rigaud, PQ, (Ste-Madeleine)    1827/02/05

   6        LAROCQUE William     SAUVÉ Sarah-Ursule
               Buckingham, PQ, (St.Grégoire-de-Naziance)    1869/10/04

   7        LAROCQUE Théodore     DAVID Jeanne
               Val-de-Bois, PQ    1914/06/01

   8        LAROCQUE Gérald     GAGNON Yolande
               Val d'Or, PQ    1954/02/27

   9       LAROCQUE Paul

Mgr Paul-Stanislas Larocque Among Guillaume Larocque's descendants we can count the bishop of Sherbrooke (Québec) born on October 27 1846. (son of Albert and Geneviève Daignault). He was ordained priest by his cousin Charles Larocque bishop of St-Hyacinthe. Larocque street and a school in Sherbrooke bear his name in his memory. Click on the image for more details.
Other photo of Mgr Paul Larocque
(Descendant of Guillaume Larocque dit Lafontaine)

Raymond Larocque was on of the vice-president at Campeau Corporation managing the Construction material section and president of TCT Engering Inc., an Americaine subsidiary. Raymond Larocque was born in Alfred Ontario on Janurary 15, 1928 son of Donat Larocque and Rose C. Chevrier. He studied first at Collège de Rigaud and after at St-Patrick College in Ottawa where he received a diploma in commerce. To his resume he has; President of the Housing Manufacturer Association of Canada, Adviser to the Canadian Government for the BEAM program, responsible for the development of the National Construction Code for which he was decorated for his collaboration, sat on the Ottawa-Carteton United Way committee for many years, just to name a few. On May 24th 1952, he married Marguerite Landriault. Sent by Rejean Larocque 
(Descendant of Philibert Couillaud dit Roquebrune)

Roderick (Rod) LaRocque made an acting carrier in Hollywood from 1915 during the silent era till 1941 appearing in more then 50 films. Roderick Ross La Rocque was born in Chicago, Illinois on 29 November 1898 of a French-Canadian father, Edward Andrew Larocque and an Irish-American mother, Ann Rice. In 1927 he married Hungarian actress Vilma Bánky whose birth name was Vilma Lonchit. She was born on 9 January 1898, Nagyrodog, Hungary and died in California on 18 March 1991. Rod died on 15 October 1969, in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California. He appeared in over 50 movies from 1915 until 1940 & worked in theatre also. His father's family consisted of 5 brothers who were in the hotel and restaurant business in Chicago. The grandparents of Rod Larocque were Robert Larocque and Harriet Ross, who owned a hotel at Buckingham, Quebec until they moved to Chicago. Can you supply us with further info on this family? If you can we would be glad to hear from you. Click on the International Crime film to see Rod LaRocque in action as Lamont Cranston, (The Shadow) a radio commentator. 

A descendant of Philibert Couillaud dit Roquebrune

Are you related to Rod LaRocque ?

1.COUILLAUD/ROCQUEBRUNE Philibert & LAPORTE Catherine . xx, ~1676 
2. COUILLAUD/LAROQUE Louis & SABOURIN Marie Madeleine Pointe-Claire, 21/05/1716 
3. COUILLAUD Francois-Marie & PILON Marie-Jeanne  . Oka, 21/10/1754 
4. LAROCQUEBRUNE Charles Léon & MCDONELL Geneviève  . Contrat Chatellier 30/01/1781 
5. LAROCQUE Charles & LEFEBVRE Marie   Ste-Geneviève, 17/02/1806 
6. ROCBRUNE Charles & LECLAIR Adélaïde  . St-Eustache, 5/09/1825 
7. LAROCQUE Robert-Adrien &  ROSS Harriet  . Buckingham  23/11/1869 
8. LAROCQUE Edward Andrew & RICE Ann  . Chicago, IL, vers 1895 
9. LAROCQUE Roderick & BANKY Vilma  . Los Angeles, CA., 26/06/1927 

Samuel H.J. Larocque. For more than a century French Canadian have played Baseball for major teams in the U.S. It is the case for Samuel Larocque born February 26, 1864 in St-Mathias Québec. ( 5'11" et 190 pounds). He was a right hand pitcher. He started with the major leages July 30th 1888 with the Detroit Wolverines. In 1890 he played for the Pittsburgh Alleghenys. In 1891 he is with the Louisville's Colonels and finally in 1891 he played for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  More details on Samuel (Sam) Larocque

Stéphane Larocque Will Michel Larocque(see above) son Stéphane continue like his father in the NHL. Stéphane Larocque played with the Sherbrooke Faucons and the Halifax Moosehead. Stéphane hope eventually to be picked by an NHL team. 
(Descendant of Philibert Couillaud dit Roquebrune)

Sylvain Larocque is on of the rare Canadian in the show business to perform as well in French as in English. He has for many years enjoyed trmendous success as a stand up comedian on stage of the Festivals Juste Pour Rire et Just For Laughs and performedd in front of the prestigious Comedy Clubs everywhere in the country. An American way stand-up like no other without costumes and or artifice, Sylvain capitalises on humour in its deepest form. Let say that he can handle it very well. Given a great presence on stage and a flair for a well timed punch line, the humorist stands on a carefully written and striking text te bring the most selective public into tears. You can find more about Sylvain by going to his WEB site. Just click on his photo to get to it. 
(A descendant of Guillaume Larocque dit Lafontaine)

Many Larocque left for the United-States to find work and for a new carreer. Those Larocque left Canada for the bordering states. A map of the United States shows where they are there are the most instance of them among the population. 

Let us know of Larocque's who should be in the Larocque Who's Who.

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