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Ancestors of Karen Killpack, Vicki Lynn Killpack, Robert Kimball Killpack, Peggy Killpack, Janette Killpack, Chris Daniel Killpack


16. William Joseph Killpack-1D2H-JV

BIRTH: GS 026129 Manti, Utah North Ward Records, p. 36 (6 Feb 1832).
GS Film #588450 Dunton Bassett, Leicestershire, England Bishops Transcripts, Baptisms p. 37, entry 293.
Stepney, Christchurch, Spitalfields, London, Baptisms, FHL Film #087003;

NOTE: William Joseph Killpack (was christened Joseph William) but known as William Joseph all his life: His personal history written in 1854, S.S.International ship passenger list in 1853, Census Records, his marriage record, his personal history written in 1854, all civil and church documents and his death certificate show his name as William Joseph Killpack.

MARRIAGE: (6 Aug 1854- age 22); (Sealing wife to husband GS 183395 SLEH Sealings Book C,  p.118-119, entry #738 (19 Mar 1857); EH 183404 Endowed Thurs 13 Mar 1857; 820142 Baptized 14 Jun 1852 by C. Walsh, Ordained a Seventy by Jacob Gates.

DEATH: Utah Certificate of Death (13 Feb 1911- age 79);

NOTE: William Joseph Killpack was a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (30 Jul 1851- age 19) and came to America in 1853 (age 21), with his older brother James (age 22), sailing on the ship International to New Orleans. (Ship's Log 025690, 298435). Also on the same voyage was the family of William Sauze (age 41), including William Joseph's future wife Eliza Sarah Sauze- age 15).
They crossed the plains in the Jacob Gates Ox-Cart Company, arriving in the Salt Lake valley 30 Sep 1853; They helped settle Manti, (Sanpete County) and Glenwood, (Sevier County) Utah; He was a veteran of three Utah Indian wars. He was a farmer and raised livestock.
His brother James, after losing farming crops to grasshoppers, working for a year with the US Government surveying, went back to near Council Bluffs, Iowa, purchased land, farmed and raised cattle. He married Salina Harcott. Their many descendants are there still, around Neola Township, in Pottawattamie county, Iowa.
James' and William Joseph's younger brother Jonathan (John) came to America a year after they did, sailing on the same ship International and went to San Francisco, California. He has many descendants near there.

Baptized: 820142 14 Jun 1852 by C. Walsh, Ordained 70 by Jacob Gates.
Endowed: EH 183404 Endowed Thursday 13 Mar 1857.
Sealed to Spouse: Sealing Wife to Husband GS 183395 SLEH Sealings Book C, p118-119 entry #738 (19 Mar 1857).

17. Eliza Sarah Sauze-1D2H-K2

BIRTH: GS 026129 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Manti, Utah North Ward Records, p. 36 (6 Jul 1837); 
GS 529622 Stepney, Christchurch, Spitalfields, London, England, Baptisms; GS 087003 London, England, Hoxton LDS Branch; GS 025954 Ferron, Utah Ward Membership Records; GS 497791 Sanpete County, Utah Court Records.
MARRIAGE: Family Records (6 Aug 1854); GS 183404 SLEH. Records; (Age 17);
Endowed: EH Thursday 19 Mar 1857 #183404.
DEATH: Death Certificate (13 Nov 1918); GS 026553 Salt Lake City, Utah, Deaths.
NOTE: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints convert (21 Nov 1852- age 14) and at age 15 sailed with her family from Liverpool, England 23 Feb 1853 on the Ship International. (William Joseph Killpack (age 21) and James Killpack (age 22) also sailed on the same voyage).
They arrived at New Orleans, Louisiana and traveled across the plains by ox train, arriving in the Salt Lake Valley 30 Sep 1853. #298435, Ships Log 025690.

18. Lewis Rosalvo Perry-19XB-6X

Perry Family History Vol.1 1966; Family Record of Myra Gertrude Perry Killpack; Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah, by Frank Esshom p. 1098;
Record of Naoma Perry Jolley 1988; Record of Christa P Carr Perry; Evergreen Cemetery, Springville, Utah; Marion Perry Descendants and Progenitors, 1988 p362

19. Cornelia Dolly Whiting-19XB-74

Perry Family History Vol 1 1966; Family Record of her daughter Myra Gertrude Perry Killpack.

20. Warren Foote-46CQ-KM

BIRTH: Warren Foote Autobiography Vol 1 p 83 0000495 also 000074 and 000079.

NOTE: (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Baptism at age 24, Endowed at age 26).

MARRIAGE: (1) 8 Jun 1843 Artemisia Sidnie Myers (sealed in the Church Historian's Office by George A. Smith 9 Sep 1854 and again in Saint George Temple by John T.D. McAlister 23 Jan 1878;  Marriage (2) 2 Mar 1856 Eliza Maria Ivie. Sealing: President's Office (daughter of James Ivie and Eliza M. Fawcett).

ORDINANCES: Warren Foote Temple Rec. Book 1 SL Genealogy Library Archives F FH 79 Red 79.

DEATH: 25983 Glendale Ward, Kanab Stake, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Membership Records p.2 "Buried on Pioneer Day 24 Jul 1903- (nearly) 86 yr old"; Early Church Membership Records- Susan Easton; Foote History Genealogy v.1 p.288-289 by A.W. Foote; New England Historical Genealogy Society, Boston, Massachusetts.

NOTE: Related to Joseph Smith Jr. through his mother Lucy Mack, Lydia Gates, Lydia Fuller, Shubael Fuller, John Fuller, Jane Lathrop, Reverend John Lathrop.
David Foote:  Rebecca Barker, Martha Munson, Mary Moss, Martha Lathrop, Samuel Lathrop, Reverend John Lathrop.

NOTE: April 20, 2000 (Lovell Killpack Orem, Utah)
This morning I spoke with a Foote family cousin, Barbara wife of NormanWright, living in Provo. She had discovered while doing research for the biography of Darius Clement, husband of Betsey Foote, a sister to Warren Foote, that in the Warren Foote Autobiography we had left out a short item for July 30, 1846. After receiving her correction from the original manuscript, I was checking our books from the two printings my brother Garth and I had assisted with and discovered it had not been included in either of the printings. As I was adding it to the computer file for Volume I, I became interested in the item just before it:

Quoting from Warren Foote Journal - Volume 1 Page 101:
"July 29th 1846
I came across Laura Bess, a cousin and daughter of Aunt Lowly Richardson. I had not seen her for about nine years. When we left Greenwood she did not belong to the church. When we lived in Illinois her Mother used to get me to answer the letters that she got from Laura. She was opposed to some of the doctrines taught by the saints, and I recollect on one occasion in the year of 1839 of answering one of her letters in which she had quite an array of arguments to refute Mormonism. Aunt sent for me to come to her house and write an answer. I took up her arguments one after another and quoted scripture to prove that the doctrines of the Latter Day Saints are the doctrines of the bible, and therefore the only true gospel, by which means I upset all her arguments, and left her without any foundation to stand on. This was about three years before I was baptized. She says that that letter of mine entirely convinced her of the truth of "Mormonism." Her husband died after joining the church in Greenwood N.Y. She is going with the church."

I became curious about who Laura Bess was and so I checked my genealogy database and didn't find much so I then looked into my copies of the Church FamilySearch files and found out the following very interesting information:

Laura Bess married William Crestfield Moody. They had 8 children, among whom was Laura Moody who married Abraham Alonzo Kimball, son of Heber C. Kimball and Helen Moody, who married Frank Noble Hinckley, son of Ira Nathaniel Hinckley, grandfather of Gordon B. Hinckley.

Did the conversion made possible by Warren Foote of Laura Bess play an important part in shaping the future direction of the Church through Laura Bess and her husband?  Do we fully realize the importance of sharing our testimony of the Gospel?

From Verna Marshall 520 West 200 South #132 Price, UT 84501 (Aug 2000):  #1 and #2 marriages listed: Married #3 Thiresia Myers on 9 Sept 1854. Sealing to Spouse also on 9 Sept 1854 at Endowment House, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah. (M 183393); Also have marriage and sealing to spouse, date of 24 February 1856 ( A 183374-0128 ); Also have listed on #1 marriage a Sealing to Spouse date of 9 September 1854, probably at the Endowment House.
Under Film #1239605, Page 88 and Ordinance #2310 is listed A Baptism and Endowment of Pre-1970 and a Sealing to Parents date of 30 August 1895 at the Salt Lake Temple. Under Film #962055 is listed a Sealing
to Parents date of 13 June 1945 at the Arizona Temple. Under Film #446344, Page #300 Ordinance numbers, is listed a Baptism date of 29 January 1965. Under Film #1903851 is listed a Baptism date of 14 July 1993, an Endowment date of 2 February 1994 and 25 February 1994 all at the Ogden Temple.  Under Film Source Call # F 504256 and Sheet 40 and a birthplace of  Hampshire, Massachusetts is listed a Baptism date of 29 January 1965, an Endowment date of 23 January 1846 at the Nauvoo Temple and a Sealing to Parents date of 13 June 1945 at the Arizona Temple.
On M 183393 dates are from 1851-1854. This person is buried at City Cemetery. Ancestral File listing prior to January 1998 lists an AFN # of 9K7S-ZH. This person was baptized by Presiding Elder Daniel A. Miller, Freedom Branch, Montebello, Hancock, Illinois. He was ordained an Elder on June 5, 1842 and received a license signed by Jacob Meyers, Presiding Elder of the Freedom Branch, Montebello, Hancock, Illinois. This was done at the home of Elder Heman Hyde at the quarterly conference. This license is typed in its entirety. Ordained a Seventy October 27, 1844 by President Joseph Young and Henry Jacobs at Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois. He became a member of the Ninth Quorum of Seventies on April 6, 1845. He and his first wife were give Patriarchal Blessings on January 23, 1846 by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints third patriarch John Smith, an uncle of the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr. and Hyrum Smith and was the father of George A. Smith; they are recorded in Book E, Page 66 numbers 93 & 94 by Recorder Robert Campbell. This person and his first wife were members of Company of Jonathan C. Hales in crossing the plains. Warren was re-baptized on August 2, 1855 by Elder Jehu Cox and was re-confirmed by Henry Hardy Wilson and Grin Jefferds. Nearly all of the Union Ward was re-baptized on that day. Warren, along with nearly all of the Union Ward was re-baptized again on October 28, 1856; he does not say who Re-Baptized him. The Sacrament was ordered to be withheld until the above was done. May 28, 1865 Warren Foote was voted unanimously to preside over the new settlement of Saint Joseph, Arizona ( in the Muddy Settlements).  He was nominated by Thomas Smith who was under the direction of President George A. Smith. The settlement at Saint Joseph was broken up in 1866 and most of the settlers moved to Saint Thomas until the area was made part of Nevada and was finally broken completely because of the higher taxes in Nevada. Warren was next instrumental in
the settling of Glendale, Kane County, Utah in March of 1871, where he lived the rest of his life.  He was ordained a High Priest on August 5, 1877 by Erastus Snow, Leonard John Nuttall and Howard O. Spencer and was set apart a High Councilor in Kanab Stake. On February 21, 1878 at the Saint George Temple Warren had Mary E. Porter, Harriet Elizabeth Foote and Caroline Elizabeth Foote Sealed to him For Eternity. Mary Porter was a neighbor when he lived in Greenwood, New York and Harriet and Caroline Foote are taken from the Foote Genealogy and all three were deceased. Warren received his second Anointing on February 21, 1878 by Wilford Woodruff.  Warren was chosen by the Kanab Stake to fill the office of Patriarch of Kanab Stake on December 9, 1888 and was unanimously sustained by the Kanab Stake High Council. He was ordained Kanab Stake Patriarch by Apostle Moses Thatcher on March 24,1889 at Kanab. Kanab, Utah.

Additional sources:  Warren Foote Autobiography; submitted by Grant L. Foote, Salt Lake City, Utah.  Film donated to Price Family History Center at Price, Utah, film #MS 1123 F 42 #1.
Death Notices: Notice of Eliza Mariah Ivie Foote.
Emery County cemetery records.
Warren Foote Diary- MS 1123.
Glendale Ward Records 025983 GS.
F FH 79 - Foote Family by Warren Foote.
IGI Ordinance Index; temple records.
LDS Church Ancestral File, 1996.
Family Group Sheets, copies from Maurine Foote Dupaix and Daisy Jones VanWagoner.

21. Artemisia Sidnie Myers-46CQ-LS

BIRTH: 0000495 Warren Foote Autobiography Vol. 1; 25983 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Members Record- Glendale Ward, Kanab Stake p.2; (baptized (2nd) age 15 Nauvoo, Endowed Nauvoo 1 day short of 17). 
MARRIAGE: (8 Jun 1843- age 14) Sealing by George A. Smith and again in Saint George Temple by John T.D. McAlister 23 Jan 1878; 000079 Warren Foote Temple Record; Artemisia Sidney Myers sealed 9 Sep 1854 Temple Records No.1764 Book A1 p.141 (Record of her granddaughter, Hazel Foote Killpack- back of pedigree chart); Temple Record No.1854 Book C p.100 (Hazel Foote Killpack- front of pedigree chart); Patron Sec 1966- 510803; Early Church Records- Susan W. Easton.

22. William Arnold Rose-2HBF-PJ

BIRTH: Main Archive Record- Mrs. Newton Andrus 1945.

MARRIAGE: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Genealogy Library 25260 pt. 29 p.293 Temple Sealings.

DEATH: Main Archive Record above.

See Ida Ann Rice and parents: Leonard G. Rice, Elizabeth Almira Babbitt. Ann was the baby Indian girl found in Idaho by William Arnold Rose.

23. Agnes Ann Callahan-955P-9L

BIRTH: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Family History Library Patron's Section, Family Group Sheet of Margaret Callahan Eckersley;

NOTE: Agnes Ann Callahan was born in a wagon bed at Winter Quarters, Nebraska, 3 Dec 1846.  Agnes Ann Callahan was sealed to her mother, Lucinda S Austin and Lucinda's 2nd husband Jonathan Campbell, Jr. Marriage and death: same source above, Early Church Members by Susan W. Easton; Photograph of grave marker, Diamond, Juab, Utah May1993.

24. Thomas Dunlop Brown-1JT6-32

NOTE: Mother's surname spelling Dunlap or Dunlop.

George A. Brown Journal, page 92: "June 9, 1844, Thomas Dunlop Brown was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by Elder Thomas Ward, confirmed June 9, 1844. (Shows he was married). Ward or Branch: Liverpool, British Mission. (Book 410, page 16, line 520).  He emigrated from Scotland to the USA April 6, 1849.
January 26, 1852:  Elder T.D. Brown baptized Agnes Brown (his mother). She was confirmed February 1, 1852. They emigrated to the USA March 6, 1852. (Book 410, page 45, line 1479).

George A. Brown Journal, page 93: "August 12, 1849- Letter from George A. Smith to Orson Pratt in England: "We saw T.D. Brown of Liverpool, who paid us a visit while crossing the Missouri River.
April 28, 1851: "T.D. Brown and Henry W. Miller had a store at Kanesville, Iowa.
November 12, 1851 at Kanesville, Iowa: "People here say Bro. T.D. Brown has been absent from this place about two months on business to England.
March 6, 1851: "T.D. Brown sailed from England on Steamship.
January 25, 1854: "List of emigrants helped by the Perpetual Fund shows the name of T.D. Brown.
April 3, 1854: "Shows the name of Thomas Dunlop Brown, as a member of the 35th Quorum of Seventy. (Published in the Deseret News April 3, 1854).
April 14, 1854: "Shows a list of Missionaries of the Elder Parley P. Pratt Company... T.D. Brown' own handwriting, he being Secretary and Recorder of the group. Inventory of materials they carried to Southern Indian Mission, signed by T.D. Brown, Clerk.
February 27, 1855: "A new society named Philharmonic Society meeting in T.D. Brown's large home.
December 20, 1866: "Among the names listed to sell to Brigham Young is that of Thos. D. Brown and Son.
[See George A. Brown Journal, page 93 for a long list of Millenial Star publications, by him or referring to him... during 1856-1866.]
George A. Brown Journal, page 94:
March 20, 1855: "... a meeting held at Cedar City School House... a Stake was organized, Cedar City and Harmony. Twelve High Councilmen were chosen, among whom were Thomas D. Brown and Joshua Thomas Willis.
July 24, 1855: "Celebration at Parowan. T.D. Brown was the orator.
July 25, 1855: "T.D. Brown continued to help with their program.
October 13, 1855: "T.D. Brown reports on exploring expedition on the Colorado River... believed it to be navigable.
October 19, 1855: "T.D. Brown married (second wife) Mary Lucretia Willis, daughter of William Wesley Willis and Margaret Willis, her mother. (Margaret and William Wesley Willis were cousins with same surname, Willis.)
October 20, 1855: "...tells of Indian trouble and of a young Indian threatening T.D. Brown, who is spoken of as President Brown. ("was he President of the Indian Mission or possibly a Branch President?"). Some Indian boys rode their horses through their wheat and drew their bows and arrows so the settlers had to take up arms for protection."
George A. Brown Journal, page 95: (Salt Lake City, Utah, as copied August 8, 1949, by George A. Brown):  Ruth Brown Lewis: "Thomas was the first of his family to leave Stewarton. When he was seventeen years of age he moved to Musselboro, Scotland. He attended night classes in Edinburgh and taught school in the daytime. How long he taught there is not known. But in his obituary in the Salt Lake Tribune, dated March 23, 1874, it was stated that a medal had been found among his belongings that was awarded to the 'Mr. T.D. Brown... Academy 1834... on the other side was Edinburgh.

Family tradition says that he had an early marriage, but there is little record to bear out the facts. He married Sarah Godwin (widow Sherratt, late wife of Smith Sheratt). Sarah Sherratt lived at Scholargreen, Cheshire, England, on a landed estate. She apparently had a large home with many luxuries and servants and farm hands to care for her fields and orchards. She had two sons, William and John. John had suffered an attack of scarlet fever while an infant, which left him deaf and dumb.

Thomas heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ and received a very strong testimony of it's truthfulness. He was baptized on 9 June 1844, by Elder Thomas Ward. Later he was able to convert his wife and two stepsons. They were baptized by Elder Orson Hyde, 6 December 1846.

The family moved to Liverpool, England. Thomas taught school there. Later he became the cashier of the British and North American Mail Steamship Company.

At a conference held in Manchester, England, April 6-8, 1845, Thomas was one of a group of ten selected to draw up rules to govern a new joint stock company. Thomas was one of the trustees and cash-keepers for the company.

Thomas was ordained an Elder in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a vote of thanks was given him for his services in this conference. Through the next three years, the name of T.D. Brown appears often in the pages of the Millennial Star.

In 1851, Thomas returned to England and baptized his mother, Agnes into the Church. His parents returned to America with him 6 March, 1852. They sailed on the ship Rochawas.

...On August 22, 1849, an announcement in the Kanesville, Iowa newspaper, 'Frontier Guardian', carried a large notice that 'Brown and Barham's' store had a sale. By October, the store had become 'Brown and Miller's' store. The paper also carried an announcement that William Sherratt, age twenty-eight, had died of quick consumption (Tuberculosis).

...Thomas and his family moved to Salt Lake City and was in business in the Fall of 1851. When he came to Utah, he had been unable to transport all the goods from his store. In 1852, his wife Sarah went back to Kanesville and helped Henry W. Miller close out the business and come west. After this, he carried on his business in Salt Lake and opened a branch in Stockton, Utah, with his son James.

He lived in the Fourteenth Ward. He seems to have been a man of some wealth, compared to his neighbors. January 25, 1854, shows a list of emigrants helped by T.D. Brown.

His first home in Salt Lake was connected with his business. Later he built a two-story home at 522 East Second South. His home must have been quite spacious, for the meetings of the Deseret Philharmonic Society were held in his large room.

Thomas had worked hard to get his family to Salt Lake and set up in business there. On 10 April 1854, sixteen men were set-apart to be Missionaries to the Southern Indian Mission. Thomas was appointed Clerk and Recorder for this Mission. He was to start in 3 days. His wife and family would remain in Salt Lake and take care of his business while he was gone.

While serving on his mission, he became very good friends with William Wesley Willis, who was serving in the Indian Mission. His family lived in Cedar City. He married in polygamy Mary Lucretia in the Cedar City Endowment House. That winter Thomas taught school in Cedar City and the next Spring he returned to Salt Lake City. He intended to return to his mission and his wife, but President Brigham Young informed him that he was released from his mission.

Governor Brigham Young sold him a surveyor's compass and leveling equipment and appointed him to survey to bring water from the Weber River down for irrigation. He worked at this for 6 weeks. He then went to survey at Fort Bridger, Wyoming. When the Handcart Companies were having troubles, he went to help them come on to Salt Lake. In June, 1857, he was sent to survey at Fort Supply, Idaho.

He served in the 7th and 9th Wards. In February 1857, he was called to be a Corresponding Secretary to Brigham Young. Thomas served in many positions in the Church and in the Territorial Government. In January, 1857, he was appointed as Territorial Road Commissioner."

Endowed: SL Index Card to Utah & Nauvoo Temple Record #815 Book A, Sealing  p.54 Endowed 19 Oct 1852;

Married (1) name unknown- left in England
Married (2) 19 Oct 1852 Sarah GODWIN (widow of William SHERRATT) #850 A p.66
They had two sons, William and John SHERRATT. (one died young, the other was deaf and dumb). Sarah was endowed and sealed to Thomas Dunlop BROWN 19 Oct 1852 1525 A p.56
Married (3) 19 Oct 1855 Mary Lucretia WILLIS.

Copy of Index Card to Utah and Nauvoo Temple Records (TRIB) No. 815 Book A Slg. p.54 b.16 Dec 1807 Stewarton, Ayrshire, Scotland Father James, Mother Agness Md. Sarah Godwin #850 A 1866 19 Oct 1852; Mary L. Willis #815; Endowed 15 Oct 1852 #1525 A p.56 Sealed 22 Dec 1855.
Film 25165 Pt 13 p.26 Archives. F Scot 6 925 Salt Lake City Genealogy  Library. Utah & Nauvoo Temple Records # 815 Book A Sealing p.54. # 850 Book A-1 p 66 Pre-Endowment House record- refer 1535 A p 56 on T.D. BROWN & Sarah GODWIN and mother & father James Galt BROWN, Agnes JOHNSTONE.

Family records in possession of Elda Brown, St.Johns, Arizona and family record of Agnes Hamblin, St. Johns, Arizona; Submission by Nathel B. Burdick, St.Johns, Arizona.

Note: Trade, Merchant

"Journal of the Southern Indian Mission" from the Diary of Thomas D. Brown edited by Jaunita Brooks, Utah State University Press, Western Text Society Number 4, Logan, Utah. Copyright 1972, Utah State University, Library of Congress Catalog Card #74-192832, International Standard Book #O-87421-047-X.

Heather Grimwood 124 Thomas St. Waikouaiti, Otago, New Zealand [1999, 2001] "The Thomas Brown born 16th and baptized 20th Dec 1807 (Stewarton O.P.R.) has a James as father ...weaver...and Agnes Dunlop as mother ...that equates with your information as the minister could easily have got the birth date wrong...the baptismal date would have been the important one.
A James Brown ...weaver and an Agnes Dunlop ...both in Stewarton... were married 24th April 1807, which seems to be the one.
The Thomas Brown / Jean Galt marriage is recorded in Stewarton OPR as 14th April 1787, but as she was from Kilmaurs parish the marriage might have taken place there, and 14th could have been a calling-of-the-banns date, but near enough whatever..
James was baptized 9th March 1788....Thomas 23rd July 1789 (Thomas a merchant now)...Mary 30 Dec 1790.... Thomas may have married next a Jean Gibb but I've not followed that up."

George A. Brown Journal page 97: "He is buried in Salt Lake City, Utah.. (Lat D-9-14 South Rod).

25. Mary Lucretia Willis-1JT6-47

MARRIED: Film 25165 pt 13 p 26 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Family History Archives.

F Scot 6 pt 925 Salt Lake City Genealogy Library. Utah and Nauvoo Temple Records # 815 Book A Sealing p 54.  She was sealed # 815 22 Dec 1855 by Erastus Snow in Cedar City, Utah, witnessed by Jacob Gates and Jona Pugmire.

Ruth Brown Lewis: "While serving on his mission, Thomas Dunlop Brown became very good friends with William Wesley Willis, who was serving in the Indian Mission. William Wesley Willis' family lived in Cedar City.

Thomas married in polygamy Mary Lucretia Willis in the Cedar City Endowment House. That winter Thomas taught school in Cedar City and the next Spring he returned to Salt Lake City. He intended to return to his mission and his wife, but President Brigham Young informed him that he was released from his mission."

George A. Brown Journal page 97: "(Scottish, Irish... Willis and Wallace are the same name in Scotland and Ireland)."

26. John Williams Berry-1JT6-5D

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Family History Archive Record Etta Berry Heap.

George A. Brown Journal, page 109, 110: "Jesse Woods Berry fought in the War of 1812. He and his wife Armelia Shanks Berry were the parents of 11 children. All four of their sons, John, Matison, Robert Albert and Joseph Smith Berry were killed or wounded for the Gospels sake.

John Williams Berry carried a bullet in his arm, shot there by Indians, as he was carrying a message to President Brigham Young from Southern Utah to Salt Lake City.

William Shanks Berry was killed in Tennessee while on a mission by a mob.

Robert Matison and Joseph Smith Berry and also the wife of Robert M. were killed by Indians while traveling through Southern Utah April 1866 at or near Short Creek, Arizona, about 25 miles from Pipe Springs, Utah."

27. Jane Elizabeth Thomas-1JT6-6K

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Family History Archive Record of Etta Berry Heap.

George A. Brown Journal, page 109, 110: "James Sands Thomas; Jane Elizabeth Thomas mother was Mary Morrow. Both parents of Jane Elizabeth Thomas were born in South Carolina. After James Sands Thomas died, she married Washington Norwood Cook. She, with her daughter Jane Elizabeth Thomas crossed the plains in the Jedediah M. Grant Company, arriving in Salt Lake Valley, Utah, October 2, 1847. Her husband, Cook, was called on a mission to the Indian Territory. He died and is buried there."

28. Edwin Whiting-BLBF-B4

NOTE: Edwin Whiting is related to Emma Hale, wife of the prophet Joseph Smith as follows: Elisha Whiting Jr: Elisha Whiting Sr, William Whiting, Jerusha Lord, Richard Lord, Rilchard Lord, Captain Richard Lord, Dr. Thomas Lord and Dorothy Bird.
Emma Hale: Elizabeth Lewis, Nathaniel Lewis, Mary Maltby, Hannah Lord, William Lord, Dr. Thomas Lord and Dorothy Bird.

Naoma Manwaring Harker Research: FGS #106
1. Manti Ward Record (GS call #026,129 p.g 15)
2. Manti Cemetery Record (GS call no. Utah Ma)
3. Springville Cemetery Record. (GS call no. Utah S5)
4. Patriarchal Blessing of  Edwin Whiting (Early Church Record File Baptism #3)
5. 1831 Census Nelson, Portage County, Ohio Film #0,337,949 pg. 228
6. St. George Temple Seal and Adop. (GS ser no 23058 pt. 1 p. 32, 37, 395, 497)
7. Vital Records of  Lee, Massachusetts. (GS cal no. Mass L2a)
8. Endowment House Sealing Records (Gs #25165 pt. 22 Bk L p. 182 #3; pt.16, Book E, p.152 for parents)
Naoma Manwaring Harker Research: FGS #109
1. Early Church Records file: Patriarchal blessing 1 Jan. 1841 Lima , Adams, Illinois.
2. Manti Ward Record, Film #026,129 page 5
Edwin Whiting re-baptized 7 July, 1850 by Orville Cox, confirmed 14 Jul 1850.
3. Springville Ward Records. (Film# 026,459)
Abbie Ann Whiting baptized. 28 sep 1867.
Lorenzo Whiting baptized 12 Sep 1869. (page 16)
Edwin Whiting re-baptized 1 Nov 1875.
Hannah Whiting re-baptized 1 Nov 1875.
Abbie Whiting re-baptized 27 Nov 1875.
Lorenzo Whiting re-baptized 18 Jan 1876.
4. St. George Temple adoption and sealing of children (Film #23058 pt.1), Bk. B.
p. 31: Edwin Whiting, born: 9 Sep 1809 adopted to President Brigham Young.
30 Oct 1879 p.32. Mifflin Penwood Brown Bristol, dead, born: 3 Apr 1851 Clark County, Iowa, died 10 Apr 1851.
Lorenzo Snow Whiting born: 30 July 1860 Manti.
Francis Elmer Whiting, dead, born: 12 May 1864 Springville.
Sealed to Edwin Whiting and Hannah Haines Brown Whiting. (the father of the two latter and the mother of all three).
p. 395 Melvin Whiting, dead, born: 24 Apr 1862, died same day.
Alvin Whiting, dead, born 24 Apr 1862, died same day. Both sealed to parents Edwin Whiting and Hannah Haines Brown 7 Feb 1884.
Book: Before and After Mount Pisgah, by Clare B. Christensen says the following on page 255:
"Edwin Whiting had tried to grow fruit at Manti, Utah since his return from Ohio. The seasons at Manti had been cold. Brigham Young advised Edwin to move to Springville, Utah where the winters were more mild. In 1861 Edwin made the move. He bought land from the Hulets. That same year Edwin's cousin, Sylvanus Cyrus Hulet was called to take his family and help with the settlement at St. George, Utah."
After having read the foregoing quote I would assume that Melvin, Alvin, and Francis Whiting were born and died at Springville or Mapleton and were buried someplace in the area.
p. 497 Abby Ann Whiting Bird, born 13 June 1858 Manti, sealed to parents Edwin Whiting and Hannah Haines Brown 7 Feb 1884.

Endowment House Sealing Book E p. 152
Edwin Whiting born 19 Sep 1811, Lee, Berkshire, Massachusetts.
Hannah Haines Brown born 21 Jul 1834 Goshen, Columbia, Ohio Sealed 18 Jul 1868.
June 1965 (Naoma Manwaring Harker) Every ordinance date on this sheet has been checked against original temple records and birthdates, death dates, etc. against ward, cemetery records, etc.

BIRTH: 1831 Census Nelson, Portage County, Ohio GS # 0,337,949; Manti Ward Record Genealogy Society Call #6381 pt.1 p.5;
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HISTORY: (Compiled by Jennie Bird Hill, daughter of Abby Ann Whiting, daughter of Edwin and Hannah Whiting- 1919):
"About the year 1800, in the little town of Lee, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, near the border of New York, lived the family of Elisha and Sally Hulett Whiting. Elisha Whiting's father was a sea captain and lived in Connecticut. He died when Elisha was very young. His mother, not knowing what else to do, bound him to an old Quaker, who was very cruel to him, and after a few years, he ran away to Massachusetts and worked on a farm with a wheelwright. Here he was married to Sally Hulett. They were highly respected, honest, generous and firm in their convictions.
Elisha Whiting followed the trade of wagon and chair maker and did his work well. His wife was very gifted in making prose and poetry, a characteristic that has been bequeathed to many of the Whiting descendants. To Elisha and Sally Whiting, twelve children were born, eight sons and four daughters as follows: (1) Charles, (2) William, (3) Edwin, (4) Charles, (5) Katherine Louisa, (6) Harriet, (7) Sally Emeline, (8) Chauncey, (9) Almond, (10) Jane, (11) Sylvester, and (12) Lewis.
Edwin Whiting was born September 9 1809, the third child of this family. When he was six years old, his parents moved to Nelson, Portage County, Ohio. At that time, it was the western frontier of the U.S.A. but probably the very his father wished to be to get a suitable timber for his trade, for the support of his large family.
Edwin Whiting's chance for education was very limited, but they were all taught the "3 R's", Readin', Ritin', and 'Rithmetic, and he wrote an legible hand, an extraordinary feat for his time. At an early age, he wrote credible verse.
His early life in the forest, no doubt, accounts for his love of the out-of-doors, the beauties of nature, the trees, the flowers, the mountains and the desire to hunt. One Sunday morning, when but a small boy, he decided to go hunting. He knew this was contrary to his parent's teachings, so he tried to draw his gun through the cracks between the logs of his bedroom and go unmolested. His gun caught and was discharged, inflicting a serious wound in his left arm. This, he said, was a lesson to observe the Sabbath Day and to obey his parents.
He learned the chair making trade from his father and his workmanship was considered very good.
In 1833, when Edwin was twenty-four years old, he married Elizabeth Partridge Tillotson, an Ohio girl of French descent. She was a highly educated school teacher, quite an accomplishment for those days.
In 1837, the Gospel was brought to the Whiting family. Edwin and his wife, his father and mother and some of his brothers and sisters joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They were baptized by Thomas Marsh in 1838.
Here, as in the time of Christ and His Apostles, the humble, hard -working class of people were the ones to listen and accept the Gospel of truth. They were among the early members of our church and soon joined the saints in Kirtland, Ohio. It was here that their trials, hardships and persecutions began and it took true manhood, womanhood, and faith in God to endure. They were forced to leave their new comfortable home, complete with
furniture, orchards and land in Kirtland, Ohio and took only their clothing and a few valued relics and went to Far West, Missouri. By this time, Edwin and Elizabeth had four children: William, Helen Amelia, Sarah Elizabeth and Emily Jane. They were only in Far West a short time and had just built a new home, when the mob, several thousand strong,, ordered them out. Every house in the village was burned except father Elisha Whiting's, which was spared because he was so sick then could not move him.
We remember of hearing aunt Elizabeth tell how she sat on the pile of bedding far into the night with little daughter Jane in her arms. Little Jane died soon after from exposure and lack of proper food. Sarah clapped her hands at the big bonfire the mob had made with their fences and the select wood from her father's chair shop. They were compelled to flee again so they joined the saints at Lima in father Isaac Morley's branch, where Edwin Whiting acted as counselor to brother Morley.
For Several years, the saints were happily building up the city of Nauvoo and their temple. Here they worshipped God without so much persecution as they had experienced at Lima. Edwin was appointed Colonel in the Nauvoo Legion and was an active worker at all times for the up-building of His Church.
Through the advice of those in authority, and for a righteous purpose, he entered the law of plural marriage. On January 3rd 1845, he married Almira Meacham. The following year, January 27, 1846, he married Mary Elizabeth Cox.
That same year, he was called on a mission to Pennsylvania and was there at the time of the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph and Hyrum Smith. He soon returned home and took up arms with his bretheren to protect his property and the lives of his family.
During the battle of the Crooked River, his brother Charles was killed.
Still a greater test awaited him, his brothers, Almond, Sylvester, Chauncey and Lewis and his sister, Louisa did not feel that Brigham Young should be the leader of the Church so they followed Alpheus Cutler and called themselves "Cutlerites" and moved up into Clitheral, Minnesota. To this day they hold tenaciously to the teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith. They still correspond with the children of Edwin Whiting, and have given us, for temple work, an extensive genealogy of the Whiting family.
Edwin Whiting, his families, his father and mother stayed with the saints, who were compelled to move west as far as Mt. Pisgah.

29. Mary Elizabeth Cox-1CP8-Z2

TIB, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Family History Department:  Family Record of  Elda Whiting Brown.

Documentation by Margaret Neuffer:

30. James or Jons Jacobson-1C2P-5Q

Record of Pauline H. Christiansen, Salt Lake City, Utah (1988)

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10. International Genealogical Index.
1. Known as Jons on Swedish record; Own Endowment as Jens; Ward Records as James.
2. Birthplace Brunslov previously spelled Brunslof.
3. Arrived in Utah November 8, 1865.
4. Also sealed to parents 26 Sep 1974, Salt Lake.

George Albert Brown Journal, page 105.

31. Anne or Ane Olsen or Rasmussen-4WM2-3Q

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9. International Genealogical Index and Temple Index Bureau.
1. Arrived in Utah November 8, 1865.
2. Had surname of Rasmusdatter on Danish record; endowed as Olsen.
3. Also sealed to parents 25 Sep 1974, Salt Lake.
4. Birth date listed 1 Feb 1837 on Endowment House record; 1 Jan 1837 on Diaz Ward record; 1 Feb 1838 on Bear River Ward record.

Record of Pauline H. Christiansen, Salt Lake City, Utah (1988).

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