Low Dutch Settlers

Low Dutch Settlers

BANTA, BERGEN, DEMAREE, MONFORT, SHUCK, TERHUNE, VAN NUYS, VORIS are some of the surnames associated with the Kentucky Low Dutch Settlers. Low Dutch was a name adopted by early colonists whose ancestors arrived from Holland, or the low countries of Europe, to distinguish themselves from the Germans of the high countries. Some were of French descent but they had come to this country by way of Holland or had made early connections with the Dutch when they arrived. A close-knit group whose main bond was the Dutch Reformed Church, they arrived in New Netherland in the 17th century and their descendants migrated to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. In hopes of establishing a community for future generations, many Low Dutch families made the difficult journey to the Kentucky frontier in 1780. By the early 1800s many had become discouraged and moved to Indiana. These pages contain historical and genealogical research notes about this remarkable group.

FAMILY NOTES:  Notes about ancestors and descendants of some of the Low Dutch settlers of Kentucky and Indiana and how they were related.

KENTUCKY:  /  First Low Dutch Settlers of Kentucky.  /  Low Dutch Kentucky Marriages./   The Low Dutch Colony of Mercer County. The Low Dutch Company. Shelby and Henry Counties are of main interest.

INDIANA:  Earliest Low Dutch to migrate to Jefferson and Switzerland Counties. The Low Dutch settlement of Johnson County is of particular interest.

DOCUMENTS:  /  1783 Petition  /  Petitions, letters and other documents that provide information about the Low Dutch as a group. Gives some insight about their purpose as well as their hardships.

RECORDS:  Vital records, churches, military, cemeteries, etc.

SOURCES:  A list of the sources used to compile the data presented on these pages.

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