EXTROM/EKSTROM - Värmland County, Sweden

Värmland borders on Norway. Oslo is only 100 km away from the national boundary, while Stockholm is 250 km from the county's eastern boundary.
Värmland is a county that is based on water, It has a total of 11,118 lakes, with the huge inland sea Lake Vänern to the south.
Vänern is the largest lake in Western Europe, and provides around 700,000 people with drinking water. While around 16,000 boats traffic its surface, it is estimated that as many as 10,000 wrecks lie on its bottom.
Other well-known bodies of water include the Klaräven river, which meanders for about 300 km through Värmland, Frykensjöar (lakes), Glafsfjord (fjord) and Bergslagskanal and Dalskandkanal (canals).
We have lots of space: 320,000 people live on an area 19,204 sq km in size. (This is 7415 sq mi or almost exactly the size of New Jersey 7419 sq mi.) It means that we have a population density of 17 people per sq km, similar to Maine's, as in comparison to Holland's 395 people per sq km. The largest town is Karlstad, which has 84,00 inhabitants.