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My interest started in the late nineties after a cousin from the Netherlands contacted our family in Canada. I started collecting with much enthusiasm and little method. My site served as my database until I starting using the (now unfortunately obsolete mac application) Gene. I then started to make fewer mistakes.

I am a collector and an amateur. I do not want to be mistaken for a "real" genealogist - I cannot examine archival documents and verify the data as I live in Canada, I also can't afford CDs and what not or to order records on the internet. My focus is on connectivity rather than extensive detail. But if you happen to find an ancestor on my site, you may suddenly have a whole bunch of new ancestors as well as their descendants.

You will find some incomplete pages, a side effect of how I spider out and grow this mandelbrot-type site. If you are peaked by what could be on an unfinished page for you, let me know and I will give it priority.

My information is presented in family groups. You will be able to hop from page to page, skipping generations if you are in a hurry. Only unions are indexed in chronological order.

The html filenames are usually composed of the couples' names expressed in first five letters of last name and first letter of given name. I have to deviate occasionally from this approach to avoid duplication of names.

A schematic explanation of the layout is below. If you do not see this colour scheme the page has not been touched recently. The newer pages have the older sibling aligned bottom (since fall 2009) and the newest (since March 2010) will have black links. If you widen an index page the males will be separated from the females, if you narrow the page they will be closer in lining up below each other.

My ancestral pages have a purple colour scheme and numbers indicating their place in the ascending genealogy. Pages of ascended genealogies of others that interest me will differ in colour scheme but should resemble ancestral pages in the other aspects.

Surname - Ancestral Surname
Paternal Grandparents Maternal Grandparents Ancestral Grandparents Ancestral Grandparents
Father Mother Ancestral Father Ancestral Mother
Older Brothers Sibling deceased before maturity Older Sisters


 Younger Sisters  Younger Brothers  

Marriage date and place.
(1) Child Married with children. (2) Ancestor Married with children.
(3) Child Married, no known children. (4) Child not known to be married.
 (5) Child died before maturity.