Kapitein Quaeckernaack in Japan

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Quaeckernaek - Jacob Quaeckernaeck - Maritge Matelieff 1598


Jacob Quaeckernaeck (ca 1570-1606) was responsible for opening trade between Japan and the Netherlands. On the way there, he lost men to cannibals, and ships to the waves.

As skipper of the galleon "de Liefde", he left the Netherlands with Jacob Mahu's fleet to traverse the strait of Magelhaen on June 24, 1598. He left Santa Maria Isle, Chile on November 27, 1599 enroute to Japan. Lost sistership "de Hoop" in a storm February 23, 1600.

Reached Lot's Wife Island March 24, 1600.The Japanese inhabitants put the exhausted crew up. Clashed with the Jesuits present in Japan and were put under the protection of Emperor Yasu.

Dutch activity in Japan
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By permission left Japan. Sighted Bungo on the isle of Kiu-Ziu April 9, 1605 and appeared on the coast of Malacca in December 1605. Met with his uncle, Cornelis Matelieff de Jonge, on August 19, 1606 to tell him he had opened trade with Japan on behalf of the Netherlands.

He never saw his homeland again, falling in battle with the Portuguese off Malacca in late 1606.

The Battle for Malacca