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Crittenden Memorial Park Cemetery
2206 Hwy 64 West
, AR 72364



This is a large cemetery, located west of Marion, Arkansas off US Highway 64.

Along with traditional burial plots, it contains mausoleums, as well as cremation burials and scattering grounds. It also includes “Baby Land” for newborn and infant burials, and pet burial sections.

Crittenden Memorial Park Cemetery is owned by Denver-Roller Inc., a family owned company in Little Rock.  The cemetery was established in 1949 by J. A. “Jimmy” Johnson. 


According to Eddie Lucas, no graves existed in this cemetery prior to 1949.  Older graves were relocated to this cemetery, which accounts for earlier death dates.  It is estimated that the cemetery is 2/3 filled with more than 200 burials taking place this past year.




From Jim Ferguson 


The first original burial in this cemetery was that of Guen Van Ferguson who died

March 6, 1949 and was buried on March 8, 1949.


The second burial was Barbara Spencer who was originally buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis, September 1948. Her grave was moved to Crittenden Memorial Park in 1949 by her mother, Mrs. Neva Johnson. The graves of Guen Van Ferguson and Barbara Spencer are both located in section 1.


Guen Van Ferguson was the father of Jim Ferguson.   


The following information was taken from "Cross County Cemetery Records, Volume Two”.  The article originally appeared in a Cross County newspaper.


One of the worst tragedies in the history of Cross County happened on the farm of W. S. Simpson near Parkin.   Mr. and Mrs. Pete Santana and their seven children were visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Rual (Raul) Montana (Montano) and their five children December 24, 1954.  Mr. Montana (Montano) poured gasoline from a five gallon can into a stove to rekindle the fire.  The stove exploded and threw fire over the occupants of the room.  Twelve persons died that night, Mrs. Isidra Santana age 32, five of her children, Galanda 9, Pete Jr. and Sofia 4, Aramando and Santiago 9 months.  Five Montana (Montano) children, Rowetta 7, Maria 6, Gloria 4, Rosa 2 and Rual Jr. 11 months.  Pete Santana died December 25, 1954.  Rual Montana the 13th victim died January 4, 1955.  All are buried in Crittenden Memorial Cemetery.


(Note: Raul Montano and his children are buried in Section 2.  Markers for the Santana family were not located with all sections of the cemetery completed. It would appear that the graves

 of the Santana family are unmarked.)



Photos taken by

Debbie Lunsford Yates


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Approximately 9,300 graves have been recorded, with more than 9,100 of these photographed. 

Numerous unmarked graves exist, although records of burials and grave locations are

maintained by the cemetery.


This project has been completed.   


My apologies for any errors, omissions, or duplications. 

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I am in no way associated with this cemetery. I recorded the graves only to assist others with

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