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Location:  Take I-55 North from Marion, Arkansas.  Exit the Interstate at the Jericho Exit.  Turn back West on black top highway.  Go about 2 miles to a crossroads where an old store is, Wollard's Store.  Turn left on another black top road, a trailer home is about 300 yards from the black top.  Turn right on a dirt road in front of the trailer and few feet on past the trailer you can see the cemetery.  Large trees are there and you can also see some markers standing now, May 1995 showing ones buried there.  Many people are buried there that have no markers.  Information is being gathered about the families buried there with no markers, so hopefully at a later time we can add more names.  If you have family there with no markers or know of someone who does, will you please contact the Crittenden County Library at Marion, Ark. and tell them.


Woolfolk Library

Currie Street

Marion, AR 72365 


(Document located at Woolfolk Library, Marion, Arkansas - June, 2002

The name of the preparer was not included.  Additional information in italics was handwritten on the document)


Document Dated May 1995





BROOKS, Blackwood R. (son of H. M. and M. J. Brooks)

Born Mar. 7, 1881 - Died Jun. 29, 1892


BROOKS, E. S. (son of H. M. and M. J. Brooks)

Born Apr. 3, 1875 - Died Jul. 18, 1890



Died Mar. 8, 1889, age 53 yrs.


BROOKS, M. J. (wife of H. M. Brooks)

Died Jan. 24, 1893, aged 62 yrs, 3 mos, 8 days (born 1831)


KING, John Lawrence (husband of Vesta Williams King)

Born Feb. 24, 1866 - Died Jul. 14, 1909

Inscription:  "We shall go to him but he shall not return to us"

(Vesta was dau. of John and Fannie Williams)


RODGERS, (Briacoe) Elizabeth

Born Aug. 15, 1866, died Dec. 15, 1934

(this is grandmother of Mrs. James Young, Mary Lloyd, who lives in Marion)


SANDS, Captain J. G.

Born Apr. 10, 1826, died Oct. 13, 1906


SANDS, Handie S. (dau. of J. G. and Sue Sands)

Born Jul. 16, 1884 - Died Sep. 23, 1884

(Mrs. Sue Kirby Dennis)


SANDS, John B. (son of J. G. and M. C. Sands)

Born Apr. 26, 1870 - Died Jun. 23, 1870


SANDS, Mattie J. (wife of J. G. Sands)

Born Aug. 31, 1844 - Died May 25, 1864

(Wallace Osborn?)


SANDS, Mary G. (wife of J. G. Sands)

Died Mar. 2, 1846, aged 35 years (born about 1811)



SANDS, Mollie M. (dau. of J. G. and M. J. Sands)

Born Jan. 23, 1864 - Died Jun. 11, 1864


SANDS, William B. (son of J. G. and M. C. Sands)

Born Dec. 7, 1866 - Died Feb. 9, 1867


STEPHENS, John J. (A Masonic Marker on Grave)

Born Sept. 24, 1851 - Died Nov. 4, 1891

(husband of Gertrude Lyon Sands, dau of J. G. Sands)


WALLACE, James E. (son of Rhea and Sallie Wallace)

Born Aug. 14, 1855 - Died May 12, 1887


WALLACE, Rhea (male)

Born May 13, 1809 - Died Jan. 18, 1868

(Father of Mary Frances and Fannie Wallace)


WALLACE, Sallie (Ried)

Died 1877 (No Marker)


WILLIAMS, Ethel H. (son of John H. and Fannie Williams)

Born Oct. 13, 1877 - Died Nov. 28, 1882


WILLIAMS, Iola (dau. of Johnnie and Fannie Williams)

Born Oct. 1870 - Died Aug. 31, 1886


WILLIAMS, Robert B. (son of John H. and Fannie Williams)

Born Mar. 15, 1876 - Died ?



The following information was added .......


The next pages on town of Jericho, Ark. History will be more information on these families buried in FENNEL Cemetery.  If you know of more on these families, please share with us !!!





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