Earle, Crittenden County, Arkansas


This cemetery is no longer in existence.  It was located north of Norvell,

off Bay Ferry Road, on the old Glover homeplace. 

The site was destroyed to make way for farming operations.




Compiled by Pat Isabel Brown


There were never any stones erected in this cemetery which was located northwest of the house.  It was about due east of the barn, I think.  When I was a child it had a fence around it. 


After my grandmother, Mary Glover, died, it was plowed over.  The land bought by Mary’s grandfather, Joseph A. Lyles in 1855.  He could have been the first buried there in 1860. 


The following list is a probable one of the people buried there.  Some I know are there, the others are children and grandchildren of Joseph A. Lyles and Julia Richards Lyles that I believe are there, but there is no one living who can actually remember.



Descendants of Jonas B. LYLES and Lavinia MULLINS of NC, TN & AR






CAMPBELL, Nancy Serena, Born 1888, Died before 1900

     Daughter of Albert Hiram & Bettie May Hampton Campbell


COMBS, Charles A., Born August 20, 1884, died about 1884/1885

     Son of Richard S. & Julia F. Lyles Combs


COMBS, Richard Stephen, Born October 25, 1853, Died October 15, 1889

     Second husband of Julia Florence Lyles


LYLES, Joseph A., Born 1818, Died 1860


LYLES, Julia Richards, Born 1820, Died June 18, 1883

     Wife of Joseph A. Lyles


MERRIMAN, George M., Born 1848, Died before 1903

     Son of George M. & Julia Richards Merriman


MERRIMAN, M. J., Born 1857, Died before 1900

     Wife of George M. Merriman   


MERRIMAN, William, Born 1875, Died before 1900

     Son of George M. & M. J. Merriman


MERRIMAN, Oliver P., Born 1877, Died January 24, 1900

     Son of George M. & M. J. Merriman


MERRIMAN, Samuel, Born September 1879, Died before 1900

     Son of George M. & M. J. Merriman


MERRIMAN, Kate, Born October 1889, Died 1905


PASCHALL, Ella Maude, Born September 7, 1877, Died September 17, 1880

     Daughter of Rev. Wm. H. & Nancy Serena Merriman Paschall


WHITE, Adolphus John “Bob”, Born May 25, 1862, Died May 28, 1927


WHITE, Adolphus John Jr. “Adolph”, Born December 8, 1892, Died November 28, 1955

     Son of Bob & Julia F. Lyles White


WHITE, James Louis, Born November 20, 1923, Died July 4, 1924

     Son of Adolph & Bessie Logan White


WHITE, Julia Florence Lyles, Born December 11, 1856, Died December 24, 1918

     Daughter of Joseph A. & Julia Richards Lyles


WHITE, Susie May, Born October 14, 1896, Died April 1, 1897

     Daughter of Adolphus J. & Julia F. Lyles White


UNKNOWN, “Aunt Tennie”

(Name given to me by Louise White Pittman who said she was probably buried there before 1923, and before Louise Pittman was born.  Can anyone identify her?  She lived near the family but not with them.)


Julia Richards was married three times:  First to George M. Merriman, second to Hiram Campbell, and third to Joseph A. Lyles. 


Julia Florence Lyles was also married three times:  First to James J. Cloar, second to Richard Stephen Combs, and third to Adolphus John White.  She and Stephen Combs were the parents of Mary Lyles Combs Glover.


Of all of the above children, seven were grandchildren of Julia Richards Lyles.  I’m not sure if Nancy Serena Campbell is buried here.  I’m not sure if her father, Albert Hiram Campbell, is buried here.  He was born in 1852 and died before 1900.


Aunt Tootsie Humphries said that Adolph was the last person buried here and the only one she can actually remember except for Grandpa White who died in 1927.  She can remember the coffin setting across the living room.


Pat Isabel Brown

2013 Park St. E

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(Note:  The following obituary appeared in the Wynne newspaper:)


“Adolph J. White, died Nov 28, 1955, age 62, buried Home Cemetery, Earle, father of Mrs. Frank Cudd”



(The following letter, written by Adolph White to his daughter, Louise White, was written in the back of a ledger book containing the minutes from Hall Crescent Lodge #86, 1906 through 1907) 


Earle, Ark.

Feb 6, 1934    


Miss Louise White.

     Dear Little Daughter.  I will try to answer your post card received some time ago. I been so busy I haven’t had time to answer, but Papa hopes this will find his little girl well.

     How is Tolise and the baby? Why didn’t you come over with Tolise. I sure did have a good time with the baby when he was over. When are you coming over? I will be over there sometime maybe soon.

     Aunt Mary is putting out some garden. She put out onions, cabbage and peas, and a few other things, and we are going to put out a garden.

     Louise you ought to of been here the other day to eat fish with me. I killed three nice ones. I will close as I know no news to write, so hoping to see you soon.

     Your Papa. Answer soon a long letter.  --- Adolph








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