Wappanoca Township - Crittenden County, Arkansas

Surveyed by "Jim Bo" Jim Hale, Jr., 1958

Posted with permission of James C. Hale, Sr., January 2001

 by Deborah Lunsford Yates


According to Mr. Hale, this cemetery was recorded as part of a Boy Scout Project.


Note: The added marriage and census information are my own comments.


Article appearing in West Memphis Evening Times, July 8, 1987


History of Greenock by Margaret Woolfolk


Location: North on Highway 77 from Marion, turn right on Highway 50 at Clarkedale. Approximately 4 miles, leave Highway 50 onto Old River Road, towards the levee. Just before the levee, a dirt road turns off to the left. The cemetery is about 1/4 mile down the dirt road, in a wooded area, and only accessible during dry weather. The cemetery is very heavily overgrown.


To the Memory of BETSY FERGUSON *** In God is my Salvation and my glory. The rock of my strength and refuge is in God. Ps 62nd - Died 19th Sept. A. D. 1839 in her 65th year of age.



Pause! Traveler. Here rests the body of ALEXANDER FERGUSON, an honest man. Born in Greenock Scotland and died in Greenock Arkansas. In the 75th year of his ____ on the 12thd day of Jan 183__.



(fragment) This stone is dedicated to the memory of the best woman, by her beloved husband. WM D. FERGUSON

(William D. Ferguson married Parmelia L. Craig 05-Feb-1845 in Crittenden County, Arkansas)



(fragment) This stone is dedicated to the memory of their mother by her children.



Erected in the memory of JUDITH FERGUSON, wife of A. M. FERGUSON, who was born May 13, 1819 and departed this life Oct. 1, 1842 in the 24th year of her age.



This stone is a token of the gratitude of his children. J. H. COLEMAN, Cin. O (this was found in the Ferguson section of the cemetery)



Reflect Youth. Here sleeps the dust of CAMPBELL FERGUSON. Died the 3rd July, 1835 in the 20th year of his life. This is a token of the respect of his brothers and sisters.



To the Memory of E. P. FERGUSON. Friend after friend departs, Who has not lost a friend, There is no union here of hearts, That finds not here an end.



DR. T. B. LYON, Born in Trumbel Co. Ohio, Jan 2, 1822. Died Nov 5, 18__. Come unto m ___, that labour, an _____ heavy laden,_______ give you rest. (broken)

(Dr. Thomas B. Lyon of Mississippi County married Nancy Elizabeth Ferguson of Crittenden County in Crittenden County 21-Feb-1854)



INFANT of W. H. & K. E . WILLIFORD, Born & Died July 28, 1886. Our little lamb is sweetly sleeping.



ELIZABETH J. ELLISON, Born March 9, 1834, Died Sept. 29, 1892.



A. W. LAWRENCE, Native of New York, Born March 15, 1820, Died Oct. 14, 1840.



In Memory of ALLA CATONE consort of JOHN NEA-------, who died February 28, 18---- in the 23rd year of he--------- . (crypt cover broken)



MARGERY JANE (GREER), daughter of ARCH__D O. & MARY ANN GREER, born at Greenock, Ark. July 15, 1849, departed this life Aug. 12, 1858.

(Archibald O. Greer of Greenock married Miss Mary Ann G. Ferguson of Greenock in Crittenden County, Arkansas 20-Apr-1845)



IOLA JOSEPHINE, dau. of C. & A. A. DANIELS, born Oct. 31, 1881, died June 13, 1889. Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep, From which none ever wake to weep.



ALICE A. (DANIELS), wife of C. DANIELS, born July 28, 1851, died May 28, 1887. Weep not husband and children for me, For I am waiting in glory for thee.



INA ISABELLE (DANIELS), dau of C. & A. A. DANIELS, Born Mar 18, 1887, died Aug 1, 1887.



NANCY DANIELS. Our sister left this world of ours for regions of eternal love. Twas God who called her from below to praising him above.



MISSOURI B. (DANIELS), born Nov 29, 1839, died Jan 8, 1851.

INFANT (DANIELS), BORN Jan 2, 1845, died Jan 11, 1845.

Children of B. & C. M. DANIELS. Suffer the little children to come unto me.



Our Mother, CHARLOTTE BROADWAY, Born in North Carolina April 7, 1815, died Aug 20, 1887. Best mother rest in quiet sleep, while friends in sorrow o'er weep.



Our Father, BEVERLY DANIELS, died Jan 18, 1851, aged 45 years. The sweet remberance of the just, Shall flourish when they sleep in dust.



DECATUR (DANIELS), son of B. & C. M. DANIELS, born Feb 15, 1843, died Feb 2, 1851. Weep not he is at rest.



ISAAC S. (DANIELS), son of B. & C. M. DANIELS, born May 20, 1848, died Sept 13, 1851. Not lost, but gone before.



STEPHEN (SANDS), son of J. G. & C. A. SANDS, Born June 14, 1858, Died July 23, 1858. He has gone to the mansion of rest.



MILTON L. DOWELL, born Dec 31, 1848, died Aug 31, 1850.

BERNETTIA W. DOWELL, born Mar 24, 1851, died Aug 28, 1851.

Children of J. C. & A. J. Dowell. Sleep lovely babes and take rest.



LUCY A. (SANDS), dau of J. G. & C. A. SANDS. Born Oct 17, 1855, Died Oct 6, 1861 (fragment)



MARY E. (SANDS), dau of J. G. & C. A. SANDS. Born Oct 30, 1852, Died Nov 15, 1858. A little flower of love that blossomed but to die.



MARTHA J. (SANDS), dau of J. G. & C. A. SANDS, Born May 9, 1853, Died Sept 2, 1857 (fragment)



JOHN B. CROCKETT, born Dec 23, 1844, Murdered Dec 27, 1870. Beneath the sod and gloomy shade, A wise and virtuous one layed, Who lived beloved lamented died, O' may he now in Christ abide.



CAPT. R. D. BALL, born Sept 11, 1813, died July 28, 1858. Mark the perfect man and behold the upright, For the end of that man is peace.



EMMA V. (SANDERS), dau of E. B. & H. B. SANDERS, born Feb 3, 1874, died Oct 9, 1886. (Fisher)



WILLIAM WALDROP, died Mar 17, 1891, aged 24 years, Rest husband in the silent tomb, Rest for the shadow and the g______ of death is passed, Rest from the griefs thy path bes______, Rest dear one, til we have met in heaven at last. (broken)


Others noted as being buried in this cemetery, according to Margaret Woolfolk, but not included in this listing:

Glenda Simpkins, died 1935

Rufus E. Simpkins

Dora I. Simpkins

Rufus H. Simpkins

Flora T. Simpkins

Peggy Joe Simpkins



Additional Information:

1850 Census of Crittenden County, Wappanoca Township

Dwg 101

Ferguson, Jane…Age 30…Born AR, Ferguson, Edward…Age 20…Born AR, Ferguson, Sarah…Age 22, Ferguson, Elizabeth…Age 18, Ferguson, Margarett…Age 16, Ferguson, Catherine…Age 13, Ferguson, Andrew…Age 18

Dwg 102

Greer, Archibald…Age 30…Born TN, Greer, Mary…Age 30…Born TN, Greer, Mary Jane…Age 1, Ferguson, Sarah…Age 38, Evan, David…Age 17





Biographical and historical Memoirs of Eastern Arkansas

Chicago:  Goodspeed Publishers, 1890


Alexander H. Ferguson, the present efficient and popular treasurer of Crittenden County and also a merchant at Marion, was born at Greenock, on the Mississippi River, in this county, March 17, 1839, and is the son of Horatio N. and Jane G. (Proctor) Ferguson, natives of Tennessee and Arkansas.

The Grandfather Ferguson went from Greenock, Scotland, to Virginia, while a young man, moving from there to Tennessee, where he lived until his death. He was the father of three children: William D., Allen McL. and Horatio N. (all now deceased).  The boys came to Arkansas in 1820 and settled at Greenock, a Scottish town named after the town in which their father was born.

William D. was the first sheriff of Crittenden County, holding the office form 1825 to 1835, and died at Memphis, Tenn., in 1866. He fought in the battle of New Orleans, January 8, 1815; was a member of the L. O. O. F. fraternity and belonged to the Presbyterian Church.  He took active part in the development of this county and filled the office of deputy surveyor for several years.

Allen McL. served as postmaster of Oldman, now Greenock, and was justice of the peace for several years.  He died in Sharp County, Ark., in 1872.

Horatio N. the father of our subject, came to this State when a young man, married upon attaining his maturity, and settled at what was afterward called Greenock, remaining here until 1835. Then he moved to a [p.414] place lower down the river.  He was an extensive farmer and owned large tracts of land which he acquired after coming to Arkansas.  He died in 1841 at Frankfort, Ky., where he had gone for his health. 

Jane G. Proctor, his wife, was also an Arkansan by birth, her parents having emigrated here about the beginning of the nineteenth century, settling below Memphis on the river. Mrs. Ferguson was a member of the Presbyterian Church and remained a widow till her death, which occurred in 1871. She was the mother of six children, two sons and four daughters, of whom three are now living: Mrs. Kate A. Brown (who lives at Marion), Mrs. Nancy E. Lyon (in this county) and Alexander H. (the youngest).

The latter was reared in this county where he has always lived.  As school advantages were not very good hereabouts in his youth he attended school at Memphis until the death of his brother, when he had to return home and assume charge of affairs.  In that position he remained up to the death of his mother, when he was married to Miss Kate Ritche, of Memphis. In 1884 he located at Marion and has since been engaged in merchandising. 

In 1880 Mr. Ferguson was elected county clerk, and discharged the duties of that office until elected treasurer in 1884, in which position he is now serving his third term.  He has always taken a grea6t interest in the advancement of education is also a hard worker in the Democratic party. He was married January 19, 1882, and after the brief space of eight months was left a widower. His wife was a true Christian lady and devoted wife, and was a member of the Baptist Church.

Alexander Ferguson entered the Confederate army in August, 1862, and had served but a short time when he was wounded at the battle of Corinth, being several times hit in the body by grape-shot from a cannon. He was taken from the battlefield to a hospital at Iuka, where he had his leg amputated between the knee an ankle.  He started home as soon as able to travel, coming to Memphis in a buggy, his sister, Sarah J., and Thomas Baldwin, having gone after him to the field of action. 

Mr. Ferguson is a competent officer for the place which he fills and is in every way worth of the trust reposed in him.


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