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Located 3 miles east of Crawfordsville, off Highway US 64

This cemetery was named for Dr. Guerrant of Crawfordsville

Survey made by Paige & Polly Miller of Earle


March 1992


Revisted March 6, 2004 by Wayne and Debbie Yates

Entries in blue are additions or corrections, not included on

original survey from 1992.  This cemetery is not maintained

and is at risk of endangerment.


(Page created 2001, from information at Crittenden County Library, Marion, Arkansas )

Updated March, 2005







AVERY, (plot marker)



AVERY, E. Mine F. Ermine T. – born 1873, died 1930

(Ermine T. Avery died May 26, 1930)


AVERY, Herbert F. – born 1869, died 1932



AVERY, Major Richard M. – Miss. Cav. CSA 1878



AVERY, Virginia Phillips – died Jun. 10, 1919

(wife of Major R. M. Avery)


DAVIS, Dell Crump – died Jul. 20, 1932



FAWSSETT, Frank – born Mar. 4, 1888, died May 27, 1916



FEENEY, Infant son of Charles Don & Albert (Archer) Feeney,

born Mar. 12, 1940, died soon after (no stone)



FISHER, Leonidas William, born Nov. 15, 1875, died Dec. 21, 1937



GIBSON, Nat M. – born Jan. 3, 1866, died Mar. 22, 1931



HUXTABLE, B. – born Sept. 15, 1887, died Dec. 6, 1891

(daughter of Mr. & Mrs. F. W. Huxtable)



HUXTABLE, F. W. – born Dec. 25, 1850, died Feb. 13, 1890



HUXTABLE, James A. – born 1850 – died Feb 9, 1902, age 52

Burial permit, #712, issued by Board of Health, City of Memphis, Tenn., for James A. Huxtable who died at City Hospital in Memphis, TN where he had been a resident for 1 day. He died of Surgical Shock. He was a male, white, widower, and a planter, He had been born in Canada as were his parents. He had lived at Vincent, AR and was returned for burial by J. F. Holst Bros. A marker was not located for this grave in 2004.



KEELER, Myrtle, born Jan 7, 1881, died Nov. 8, 1933




LAWSON, Cora – born Mar. 25, 1881, died Aug. 24, 1902



MARTIN, William P. M. – Co. E, 34 Mississippi Inf. CSA



MCCALAHAN, E. M. – (no dates)



MILLER, H. (Hezekiah) C. – born Dec. 23, 1883, died Feb. 8, 1922

Born Decatur Co., TN, died Heafer, Ark.

(father of Paige Miller, no marker)



MOREHEAD, James C. – born Apr. 28, 1880, died Aug. 18, 1900

“Those Who Knew Him Best Loved Him Most”


MORRIS, H. – born Sept. 13, 1847, died Jan. 4, 1907



REYNOLDS, David – born Aug. 10, 1903, died Aug. 20, 1903



REYNOLDS, Marion – born Aug. 10, 1903, died Aug. 25, 1903



STAKEN, Anna Mary – born Sep. 20, 1824, died Jun 23, 188?

Wife of Henry Albrecht Staken


TEAGUE, Albert C. – born 1887, died 1934, “Dear Father”



TIGER, Wm. M. – born Feb. 22, 1836, died Aug. 12, 1869



SEALE, Robert Henry – born Nov. 5, 1854, died Oct. 11, 1890



STILLWELL, Harry – born Dec. 18, 1806, died May 21, 1887



SWEPSTON, Eva – died May 12, 1945



SWEPSTON, Margaret Edith – Born Mar 20, 1915 – died Jun 5, 1916

Shelby County, TN death certificate. This child died at Baptist Hospital of Entero Colitis, the daughter of L. S. Swepston, born AR, and Willie Balhook, born MS. The informant was L. S. Swepston of Crawfordsville. Buried by Holst Bros. & Hington on Jun 6, 1916. No marker located.



SWEPSTON, Milton B. – Died Aug 5, 1903

Burial permit 3576 from Board of Health, Memphis, TN. He died of Heart Failure at Fransioli Hotel, Ward 4. He was born in Arkansas, both parents born in Ohio. He was buried at Crawfordsville by Jno. J. Collins. No marker was located for this grave.



SWEPSTON, S. [Smiley] P. – Died Mar. 26, 1882, age 35 yrs



SWEPSTON, Stillborn male – Oct 15, 1919.

This was the son of Pierre Swepston and Virginia Maynard, both born Arkansas. He was delivered stillborn by J. S. McGehee at Memphis, TN and was determined to have probably died 10 days earlier. He was buried at Crawfordsville by J. T. Hinton, Undertaker, on Oct 17, 1919. No marker located.



SWEPSTON, Willa A – (no dates)



SWEPSTON, Wilsie Wise – died Jan 14, 1922, age 73, son of John Swepston of Virginia, mother’s maiden name Darby. He died at Baptist Hospital in Memphis of Uremia following Suprapubic cystatomy for retention from Hypertrophy of Prostate Gland. He was buried at Crawfordsville by J. T. Hinton & Son on Jan 15, 1922. This grave was moved to Crittenden Memorial Park in Marion.



WERNER, Alfred, died 1896



WERNER, William, died 1910



WERNER, Winka, died 1937



WILLIAMS, Farris R., Jr., Born Apr 28, 1927 – Died Jun 8, 1927 (unmarked)

Child of Farris R. Williams and Clemenzia Morris of Earle, Arkansas. This child died at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis of Congenital Pyloric Stenosis. He was buried at Vincent by Cole-Carlin Undertakers on Jun 8, 1927. The informant on the death certificate was Mrs. J. L. Morris of Earle.






Added Information - 2002 - by Deb Yates


The following was taken from "A History of Crittenden County Arkansas", Crawfordsville chapter,

by Margaret Elizabeth Woolfolk:


Among the first doctors to serve the sector was John W. Guerrant, who was a practitioner in the 1860's.  Ironically, one of the town's early cemeteries, established in the 1860's and located a mile to the east, was given his name.  Veterans of the Civil War whose graves are at Guerrant Cemetery include Privates Henry Morris, John Denton, Robert N. Wallace, John Powell, W. P. M. Martin, and Frank Riley.  Also buried there were Captains Thomas Owen Mosby, John G. Lewis and _____ Ralston, Major Richard M. Avery, and Dr. Thomas Whitsett.


Also buried at Guerrant Cemetery is a queen of a gypsy clan who died one winter in the early 1900's while the members of her clan were encamped on the banks of Jenkins Lake behind the present Methodist Church site.  The gypsy group used to make Crawfordsville a regular stop each year and for many years after the queen's death, held ceremonies at her grave site annually.


Dr. John W. Guerrant was buried at Bethel Cemetery in Crawfordsville.  Since the opening of Crittenden Memorial Park, on the western outskirts of Marion, some remains have been moved from both Bethel and Guerrant Cemeteries to that location.






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