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Earle, Crittenden County, Arkansas






African American cemetery, located off US Highway 64 at Earle, just behind the Church of Christ.  A dirt road runs beside the east side of the church into a rice field. The cemetery is located on a mound, in a wooded area on the right side of this road.  The wooded area can be seen from the highway.


This cemetery is heavily overgrown.  There is evidence of numerous unmarked and sunken graves.  The following six graves were the only readable stones found, although at least 10 other stones were visible.  Other stones may exist beneath the overgrowth.


Surveyed by Danny Lunsford and Deborah Lunsford Yates

June 14, 2002






HAIR, Henrietta - Wife of Jim Hair - died Dec. 11, 1890, Age 28 yrs

"In Love She Lived, In Peace She Died, Her Life Was Craved,

But God Denied"


HEAIRE, Rillar - died Sep. 22, 1914, Age 30

"At Rest"


HEAIRE, Millie - died Aug. 9, 1912, Age 76

"At Rest"


HILL, John W. - born 1887, died 1929

"Out of Shadows, Into Reality"


JOHNSON, Henry - born Jul. 7, 1876, died Mar. 29, 1916

"Gone But Not Forgotten"


JONES, _____ A. - born ____ 25, 189?, died ____ 25, 192?



ROZELL, Julia - died Feb. 28, 1908, Age 100

"She Has Gone to Her Reward"





~~ Added Information ~~


Based on census transcriptions, these families lived near each other in Tyronza Township.  Also in this area were the families of Sam and James Shannon, as well as the family of H. A. Atkins. Members of these families are buried at Gibson Bayou.


Also listed in this general area was Henry Hensley, another black resident who was buried at St. Peters Church Cemetery near Three Forks.


On the 1900 census of Crittenden County, Arkansas - Tyronza Township, Julie Rozell was listed as head of household, age 70, a widow born March 1830 in Kentucky.  She was a farm laborer who had given birth to 11 children, with 4 living as of June 18, 1900.  Both her parents were born in Kentucky.  Also in the household was Thomas White, her 40 year old son-in-law, who was a preacher, born in Georgia, February 1860.  His father was born in Virginia, his mother in North Carolina.  Julie Rozell's daughter, Sarah, wife of Thomas White, was age 50, born in Tennessee, her father also born in Tennessee.  Sarah had given birth to one child who was still living.


Living nearby was a 29 year old Jordan Rozell, who was living as a boarder with Jessie and Jennie Brandon.  He was born in Arkansas, March 1871, with both his parents having been born in Kentucky.  He may have been a son of Julie Rozell.


Rilla Hare was listed on the 1900 census as being age 24, born 1876 in Mississippi.  She was living in the household with her husband, James Hare, age 35, a farm laborer born in Arkansas.  James and Rilla Hare had been married 5 years with no children.  Also listed in the household were two children of James Hare; Sarah, a daughter age 13, and a son, Malcolm, age 11.  Both had been born in Arkansas.  The father of James Hare had been born in Arkansas, his mother born in Tennessee.  Both of Rilla Hare's parents were born in Mississippi.


Millie Hare was listed on the 1900 census of Tyronza Township, living in the household of her daughter and son-in-law, Jason and Paralee Munn.  Millie Hare was 60 years old, born 1840 in Tennessee.  She was listed as a widow who had given birth to 8 children with 4 living.


A 31 year old Emitt Hare was living nearby along with his wife, Mary.  Emitt Hare was born June 1868 in Arkansas, with both his parents having been born in North Carolina.  He was a farm laborer with two stepdaughters and a niece living in the household.




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