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Rose Cemetery

Parkin, Cross County, Arkansas


Located west of Parkin on the Tipler farm.

Survey by Howard Lehman




FARMER, Bettie, Jul 11, 1887 - Apr 20, 1911


FARMER, Sarah Rose, 1888 - 1914, wife of Ben Farmer


GREEN, Sabina Rose, Dec 8, 1891 - Dec 7, 1921


NEAL, R. A., Nov 11, 1854 - May 8, 1902

Woodmen of the World monument


ROSE, Vachel




No dates on the tombstone of Vachel Rose. 

According to descendents, he was most likely the father of

Sabina Green and Sarah Farmer. 


There were two other Vachel B. Rose;

V. B. Rose, born Apr 28, 1799, died Oct 24, 1873;

Vachel Boone Rose, born Feb 25, 1845,

died Aug 1862, a Confederate soldier. 


It is unknown where these other two are buried.


Vachel Boone Rose, born Oct 25, 1866 in Wittsburg,

died Nov 3, 1943 at age 77 in Memphis, TN. He was a mechanic

at a sawmill, the son of Fern Rose and Elizabeth Lu Allen, and

the husband of Bessie Rose. He died at St. Joseph Hospital of Cerebral Thrombosis, and was buried by Stevens Funeral Home

of Forrest City.


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