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Name: Kimberly
Date: Mon Jul 28 15:21:30 EDT 2003
Great Site! I am searching very hard to find out something about my Family, I am a Lunsford! My Daughter is doing Genealogy for a 4-H project and with my Dad passed away I really kind find a whole lot out. It is really rough!
But you have done a great job on your site! Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Name: Ann Holt (Carpenter)
Date: Mon Aug 04 14:06:09 EDT 2003
Wonderful! Thank you for sharing your information and loving interest in those who have gone before.


Name: Carol Sosebee
Date: Fri Aug 08 03:27:31 EDT 2003
Looking for Ferguson and Baldy families. This site has been helpful, Thanks


Name: Diane Davies Palmer--Meadows
Date: Sun Aug 10 16:36:27 EDT 2003
I was adopted (through a private adoption). I am having research done and my birth mothers family name is Meadows. I am delightfully surprised that I am at least half southern. I was born in Chicago and lived and taught in Ohio most of my life!


Name: Wm Smokey Robinson
Date: Thu Aug 14 16:33:09 EDT 2003
Hi Deb
Its always great to catch something on-line about you and the things that you are doing there at home (Turrell) and always things here in Buffalo (NY) are the same, nothing ever seems to change, at least not for the best....Take Care and keep on doing the great work that you are doing there, I think its a noble job that you are doing.


Name: Susan M Smith
Date: Tue Aug 26 22:13:08 EDT 2003
Thanks alot for a good website.
my website


Name: Lorine Kindrex Mason
Date: Fri Aug 29 16:00:42 EDT 2003
Wonderful site will be checking back often


Name: Chris
Date: Sun Aug 31 11:01:49 EDT 2003
Lovely site, you did well. Just looking here in Crittenden county for my ancestor, Joseph & David LANDRUM. thanks for sharing


Name: Fran Finear
Date: Sat Sep 13 16:08:18 EDT 2003
Hi Deb,
Just checking your great website again. You've done a lot of work. Is your address still
LOL, Fran


Name: Davena Norris
Date: Fri Sep 19 00:46:49 EDT 2003
your sight is so cool and useful!


Name: Larry Wimberley
Date: Sun Sep 21 10:11:13 EDT 2003
Great Grandson of Laura Lunsford and George Buchanon Wimberley. Dyer County, TN


Name: Larry Wimberley
Date: Sun Sep 21 10:15:27 EDT 2003
Hello from Dyer County Tennessee. I am the great grandson of Laura Lunsford and George Buchanon Wimberley. Does anyone have info on which line of Wimberleys he is from?


Name: Cheri Paolo
Date: Fri Oct 03 14:04:45 EDT 2003
my great-grandfather was James Andrew Linville...born Nov. 11, 1893 in Scottsville, Ky. Mom & I doing research...any info would be a huge help! (p.s. your website is great!)


Name: Debbie Lee
Date: Wed Oct 15 22:58:23 EDT 2003
My mother is Elsie Lou Linville Swearengin


Name: Stella Odena Condra Peterson
Date: Thu Oct 16 17:03:40 EDT 2003
I am looking for my great grandfather George Condra and his wife my ggrandmother her name is either Martha or Mattie Liptrot. They have many sons in Harrisburg, Ar. However they have all passed away. My Grandfather name was Albert L. Condra. As follows are a few of his borthers and one sister: Charles Condra, Milford Condra and a sister Mattie Condra Mckinney. If you have any info on the Condra's I would appreciate hearing from you. Thank you the wonderful work you are doing.
Many Thanks Stella Odena Condra Peterson



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