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Welcome to my web site!                    Texte en français; Cliquez ici.


On this site, you'll find various areas of interest, I hope.  My original intent was to have a site to display some of my genealogy research.  By clicking on the correct button to the left, you can enter that area.  I have purposely chosen not to show my notes or sources, but they are available via email.  If you need further information and are willing to share, please contact me via email.  There should be a link to me on each page.  I'm always pleased to meet new relatives.

I have concentrated on displaying my direct lines - specifically, the ancestors of my grandparents.  I also have information on collateral lines, but I have chosen not to show all of these on the website.  Again, if you have questions, please ask.

If you find links that do not work or if you have additions or corrections, please feel free to email me.

I will make the same disclaimer that I have seen on other sites - in that, this is my work and I am not always able to verify the accuracy of the data to my satisfaction.  As I'm sure you've heard before, you need to be responsible for your own research and verification.  

That said, however, I could not have amassed all this information without the help of several "cousins" - Marlyn, Patti, Laura, Clyde, Martha, and Harry to name just a few.  



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