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I am interested in any photos of the decendants to add to my database. I have a huge collection of photos from my grandmother Saima and have actually scanned them all and am trying to get the ones I dont know about identified. Can anyone help or want copies on a DVD??? There are some really great pictures and I have no idea as to the identities of some!!! I would really appreciate any decendants listed in this site to contact me and/or email me pictures and updates on locations and children born. I know there are people scattered about the US and elsewhere!! Thanks!!! Steph

         If you have any comments or would like to assist me on my quest please email me!! These pages will probably always be in the making! Any assistance is appreciated. Please email me for any information I may be missing.  I am working on puting it all into book format eventually.  We will have to see!!!

List of Surnames in Database!:
Adams, Adcock, Aho, Ainassaari, Alameda, Alis, Allan, Anderson, Andreeade, Aininasoja, Antila, Arnold, Arrow, Ash, Autio, Babcock, Backus, Bagley, Baily, Baird, Baker, Baldock, Baldwin, Ball, Banderob, Barden, Barrett, Barrow, Bartels, Barton, Bauer, Bazor, Beals, Bean, Bear, Beaureguard, Beer, Beiber, Belfield, Bellows, Bennett, Berglund, Bernard, Bird, Black, Blair, Blyson, Bohmer, Boler, Bonar, Bond, Bonilla, Booth, Boron, Borromeo, Bowater, Bowen, Bowey, Boyd, Bradley, Bradt, Brakke, Branson, Bridges, Briele, Brinton, Broadbent, Brooks, Brower, Brown, Browning, Bruner, Bryant, Bryson, Buell, Burchert, Bushnell, Butts, Cables, Calhoun, Callahan, Campbelle, Cannaday, Carlson, Carr, Carreon, Carson, Carter, Cattell, Chalfant, Chamberlain, Chandler, Chapin, Chapman, Charbonneau, Chattuck, Chochran, Church, Cimolino, Clapp, Clark, Clayton, Clement, Cleve, Clifford, Cloud, Coates, Cock, Coffey, Colman, Combs, Comley, Condra, Conert, Cook, Cooper, Corley, Cornell, Cote, Covert, Cox, Crapeaud, Crapeau, Crapo, Craven, Creech, Crossley, Crosslin, Crosswhite, Cuff, Cummings, Cunnea, Currier, Curti, Curtis, Dalan, Dally, Dampsten, Daniels, Darlington, Davis, Dawson, DeMoranville, DeReu, Denska, Deshae, Devore, Diehl, Digman, Dillon, Dilworth, Dixon, Dolsen, Doragrip, Doris, Doty, Driggs, Dryer, Dunaway, Dunbar, Dunn, Dunsing, Dye, Eaches, Eagle, Edman, Edwards, Eitel, Eld, Ellis, Emmert, Endinger, Enochs, Essen, Essig, Everson, Ewig, Exxelation, Eysenhardten, Faux, Ferree, Fife, Fincher, Finley, Flatley, Fluck, Ford, Fox, Frazier, Fredrickson, Frye, Fuller, Gaillard, Gaillardet, Galauner, Gann, Garcia, Garretson, Garrett, Garringer, Gault, Gerken, Gheen, Giacomin, Gillespsie, Gilpin, Gleave, Goeke, Goode, Goodman, Goods, Gosnell, Goss, Goudy, Grandand, Grape, Graves, Green, Gregory, Greisback, Griest, Griffith, Griner, Grisson, Gross, Guy, Haapakangas, Haaraoja, Hagan, Haglund, Haigh, Haines, Hakela, Hall, Hannalu, Hardwick, Harfoed, Harju, Harlan, Harrison, Harry, Hart, Hartley, Harvey, Haskell, Haskins, Hattfield, Hawthorne, Hayes, Hayter, Heacock, Heardland, Hedtke, Heffler, Heichold, Heikkinen, Hepokoski, Herbert, Hermes, Hicks, Hietela, Hill, Hillborn, Himanka, Hincklin, Hochstetler, Hoffman, Hogge, Holderm Hollingsworth, Holloway, Holman, Holmes, Holtz, Hook, Hooper, Hoopes, Hopson, Horn, Houg, House, Houston, Howe, Humphreys, Herford, Hussey, Hutton, Hyatt, Ilola, Ingano, Isenberg, Jaakola, Jackson, Jacobs, Jacobson, Jailet, Jakubowski, James, Jameson, Jansson, Jarvis, Jean, Jefferson, Jennings, Jewette, Johnson, Jones, Juneau, Junnikala, Kaanes, Kaikara, Kalvesmaki, Kangus, Kannus, KansaKoski, Karkeainen, Karsten, Kawailaini, Keeler, Kemberling, Memere. Kemp, Kenville, Kero, Kersey, Kester, Kiesinger, Killion, Kilmer, Kimball, King, Kinter, Kerb, Kirk, Klepper, Klotz, Knight, Knivela, Knudde, Knutson, Koboski, Koldberg, Komar, Konttila, Koski, Koskiniemi, Koskis, Kotiranta, Kranjnik, Krause, Kreiger, Kring, Kronlund, Krooks, Kruspe, Kuukko, Keyath, Kylanaa, LaChapelle, Lagoni, Lahti, Lane, Langhrey, Langley, Lapham, Larkin, Larson, Lastikka, LaTendres, Laub, Lauer, Lea, LeBlanc, Legard, Lego, Leino, Leste, Lewis, Lindquist, Ling, Liupakka, Long, Lorenz, Lossing, Loughrey, Lowe, Luce, Lund, Lundstrom, Luoto, Lyly, Madden, Maepaa, Mahaffey, Maijala, Majors, Maki, Mallory, Maloney, Malsom, Manford, Mankinen, Mann, Mannila-Simi, Manilla, Manninen, Mannino, Maras, Markham, Marley, Marsh, Marshall, Martin, Mathews, Matlack, Matthews, Maynard, McCarnes, McClintock, McCloud, McCullough, McDaniel, McDonald, McDonnell, McGaha, McKinley, McKinnell, McNaul, McNease, Meade, Mealy, Means, Meehan, Mello, Mens, Milenz, Mill, Miller, Mills, Miner, Mipeak, Mohler, Moilanen, Molsby, Molsom, Moon, Moore, Morris, Morthland, Morton, Mosher, Mosteller, Mulkie, Muronk, Murrin, Muspratt, Myers, Nagel, Nailer, Nauha, Nelson, Nieminen, Nilsen, Nolan, Norder, Norman, Norris, Norton, Nuorala, Odegarrd, Odenheimer, Ohleyer, Oja, Olenburger, Olsen, Olson, Oxendine, Pajukoski, Palkki, Palmer, Palomaansaari, Paonezzo, Parantala, Parris, Patterson, Paul, Paxton, Peck, Peer, Peeters, Pennell, Peregoy, Peterson, Phillips, Pierce, Pietila, Pgg, Piilola, Pijorre, Plotnik, Pokela, Poole, Pope, Powel, Prescott, Presley, Price, Purdy, Pyle, Pyorre, Rahji, Ranta, Reading, Reneau, Rengo, Richards, Risher, Riley, Robison, Roeder, Rogers, Rose, Rossi, Rouleau, Rounseville, Rowland, Russell, Ryland, Saari, Salo, Sanders, Santa, Santapakka, Saralampi, Saukko, Sawyer, Schelly, Schieger, Schmidt, Schults, Schumaker, Seagren, Sebert, Sedano, Seghetti, Sellers, Semborski, Seppala, Shaffer, Sharp, Sharless, Shattuck, Shearer, Sheldon, Shenberger, Short, Shults, Shuman, Simi, Simmons, Simpson, Sipila, Sjoja, Smalley, Smith, Smyly, Snyder, Sorgard, Sotak, Speakman, Spooner, Sprowl, Standford, Stanich, Stenlund, Stevens, Stockton, Stokes, Stokke, Stoltman, Stovall, Styles, Sullivan, Summers, Sumner, Sussex, Swaffer, Swanson, Taipale, Taylor, Temple, Tenney, Terrintino, Tharp, Thatcher, Thomas, Thomasson, Thompson, Tiinanen, Timmons, Toney, Totten, Townsend, Trego, Trimble, Trott, Tshumperlin, Tuloose, Tuomi, Turkin, Underwood, Unge, Urban, Vale, VanBlairicom, VanRiley, VanSlyke, VanderMay, Vassall, Vernon, Vickers, Waara, Waddell, Walker, Walsh, Walton, Waltrip, Ward, Warner, Way, Webb, Webster, Weiss, Wells, Wendt, West, Western, Wheeler, White, Whitson, Wierman, Wiggins, Wickersham, Wilcox, Williams, Williamsson, Willis, Wilson, Winburn, Wine, Wirta, Wist, Withers, Withrow, Wohlers, Wolf, Wood, Woodman, Woods, Woodward, Wright, Yansewn, Young, Zehentner, Zook, Zumbrunnen

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