James BRIDGMAN 1675
1. John Montague Smith., History of the town of Sunderland, Massachusetts, (prepared by Henry Taft & Abbie Montague, Press of E A Hall & Co, Greenfield, Mass., 1899) p 278 One of the 40 first settlers of Sunderland, Home lot No. 19, East side, now occupied by George A. Childs. He was a soldier in the "meadow fight" at Deerfield in 1704. Settled in Hatfield after marrying his wife. Removed prior to 1720 to Sunderland.
2. Margaret S.Lyman, compiler, Supplement to the Genealogy of the Lyman Family in Great Britain and Amerrica (Middlefield, CT: Margaret S. Lyman, 1995) p 15

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