Benjamin LYMAN 1701
1. Settled in Easthampton. On the 28th day of May, 1745, the town deeded to Benjamin and Stephen Wright, who was his neighbor and had removed with him from Northampton, for and in consideration of the sum of sixteen hundred and twenty five pounds in bills of public credit, old tenor, "a tract of land known as 'School Meadow,' the same being land sequestered by the town ' for the schools,' " abouteight acres of the Manhan meadow above the falls on the river and the public road across the same. At that time no place of worship had been erected in Easthampton. He therefore retained his connection with the church in Northampton where he was one of the early and constant supporters of Rev. Jonathan Edwards D.D., being one of the nineteen who voted to retain him as pastor of the church at the time of the opposition to him. The town record of Northampton gives the birth of Aaron, son of Benjamin and Mary, Aug. !, 1727. It has been said that Benjamin was born in that year. No Aaron grew up in the family, and no such person is mentioned in the record of the deaths, though the death of Lemuel and Solomon is recorded. It is hence inferred that Benjamin was at first called Aaron, and the name changed.
2.Lyman COLEMAN D.D., Genealogy of the Lyman Family in Great Britain and America (Albany,N.Y. J. Munsell State Street 1872) p 409
3. Register of the Deaths in Northampton [Hampshire Co., MA] From the First Settlement of the Town In 1653 to Augus 1824 Copied From the Town Records & from the Records of Deac. Ebenezer HUNT, Rev. John HOOKER Rev. Solomon WILLIAMS, Doct. Eben HUNT & Doct. David HUNT Northampton : 1824 [Transcribed by Jane Devlin]
!Death: 1 May 1762, Benjamin Lyman

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