Josiah DEWEY 1696
.1. was bound out to Joel Chamberlain, Dec. 31, 1763, to learn the "Art, Trade or Mystery of a House and Shop Joiner;" the indenture is a printed blank filled in and witnessed by William Williams, the old town clerk of Lebanon, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and is carefully preserved by a grandson, Harry Hovey Dewey, of Sheffield, Ill.; settled at Hebron, Conn., until 1776, when he located on Connecticut river, four miles above Dartmouth College, where he carried on farming and mechanical operations; served 21 days as corporal on Lexington Alarm, in 1775.
2. Dewey genealogy and family history. Compiled by Louis Marinus Dewey, Westfield, Massachusetts, 1898. p 403, 424

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