Willia DEWEY 1691
1. Was a farmer at Westfield, Mass, until his removal to Lebanon, Conn., about 1696, as one of the first settlers; there elected first constable in 1700, and 1707; also owned mills at Lebanon. About 1750, Josiah, Joseph and John Dewey, John Webster and wife Mary, Abel Buel and wife Mehitable, all of Lebanon, for �10, deeded to Wm. Dewey, land in the Ram Pasture called the 5 Mile Property; Wm. Dewey sold to Caleb Pierce Oct. 21, 1752, for �50.
The following copies of ancient records will be of interest in this connection:
On 14 July 1696 Joseph Boddman and his wife Naomie sold to Josiah Dewey Jr of Hatfield and Northampton for 10 shillings in money and one horse already recd. land at Westfield in townplot butting against the highway northerly and against the meadow fence southerly, Josiah Dewey westerly of Jonathan Alverd easterly 50 x 8 rods
Witness Mahitable Allis Saml Partriggn acknowledged the next day.
On 17 Feb. 17 19/20 Josiah Dewey the second of Lebanon deedsto his son Josiah Dewey Jr. as part of his portion, two parcels of land in Lebanon called Villiage Land & half my right in the sawmill that I have in partnership with Mr. Benjamin Woodward in Lebanon. One parcel is part of my 78 ac which I had of my honored father Dewey lying by the sawmill & it is to be understood all that part of the said 87 ac that is on the southerly side of the brook & according to the bounds given by my father Dewey, both meadow and upland. Reserving to myself for my own improvement 8 ac & also one parcel more of my common right where sd. Josiah Dewey Jr.'s house stands 3 acres & 128 rods & bounded begin at a rock about 6 rods from the saw mill then run northerly by the highway to John Spragues land then southerly 35 rods by sd. Sprague from thence westerly 26 rods to a stake thence 12 rods northwesterly to beginning.
Witness Garshom Hinckley Gershom Clarke. Recorded 11 May 1720, Book 3, page 268.
On 30 May 1719 Wm Clarke of Lebanon for a parcel of land from Josiah Dewey the second & 50 acres secured by Nathaniel Dewey, sold to Josiah Dewey the second several parcels in Lebanon called Villiage Land. One parcel of 90 ac lying on the northwesterly side of ten-mile brook, begins at Ebenezer Richardson's easterly so run by Ebenezer Richardson to his northerly corner, then northeasterly to Lieut. Marsh's southerly corner, then easterly by Marsh's to the highway 200 rods, then turn southeasterly 80 rods by the highway to a white oak & stones then turning to Josiah Dewey's northerly corner near south west, then by sd. Dewey to beginning another

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