John, known as Liet. Lyman, b. in High Ongar, came to New England with his father, m. Dorcas, dau. of John Plumb, of Branford, Connecticut. John removed with his brothers Richard and Robert from Hartford to Northampton, Massachusetts, in 1654. Where he resided until his death, 20 Aug, 1690, at the age of 67. Lieut. John was in command of the Northampton, soldiers, in the famous Falls fight above Deerfield, May 18, 1676.

The American House, which was burnt a few years since in Northampton, stood in front of his house lot. The old familky homestead on which John settled included the ground now occupied by "Shoprow" on the south side of Main street and was adjacent to the original farm of Rev. Ebenezer Mather the first minister of Northampton. The old homestead of John became the property of his son Benjamin, of his son Joseph, of his son Elisha and his son Theodore who sold it in 1827 after it had been in the possesion ot he family for over 150 years.

His epitaph in Northampton, is given as an example of the rude simplicity of the times.

Dyed Avgst
the 20th 1690

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