Causes of Death as listed by TVA  

as listed on the database from TVA of those
graves that were relocated.

Check the next page for a list of Old time Illnesses often found on
death certificates. Used by permission of ANCESTRY CORNER.
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         A                                                                   C

Abss - Abscess               Brth - Birth                     Cbfv - Chilbirth F
Acdt - Accident             Bpsn - Blood Poison       Chbr - Childbirth
Apnd - Appendicitis      Brdz - Bright's Disease    Clts - Cellulitis
                                     Brkn - Broken Neck        Cncr - Cancer
                                     Burn - Burn                    Cnvl -Convulsions

                    Crup - Croup

        D                                                                          F

Dift -  Dipththeria         Eplp - Epilepsy                  Fevr - Fever
Dpsy - Dropsy               Esip - Erysipelas                Flu  - Flu
Dron - Drown                                                         Flux - Excessive Flow
Dstn - Dysentery

                                       H                              J                   K

Gall - Gallbladder          Hart - Heart             Jail - Jail Fever    Kdne - Kidney
Gnst - Gun Shot             Hivs - Hives             Jaud - Jaundice
                                       Hmge -Hemorrhage

        M                                                              O

Malr - Malaria                Nmna - Pneumonia        OA - Old Age
Mngs - Meningitis
Mrdr - Murder
Msls - Measles

                                         R                                  S

Plsy - Palsy                      Rkts - Rickets                Sfls -  Syphilis
Plgr - Pellegra                                                        Shot - Shot
Prem - Premature Birth                                          Spnl - Spinal Injury
Pris - Phthiriasis                                                     Stlb - Still Born
Prls - Paralysis
Posn - Poison

        T                                  U                                    W

TB - Tuberculosis            Ulcr - Ulcers                    Whcf - Whooping Cough
Thtb - Thrombosis           UNK - Unknown
Tumr - Tumor
Tyfd - Thyphoid Fever

    Anyone know what "Sfls" could be??  If you do not know what a name is, check it out on the next page. Heart is a broad field from newborns with heart deformaties to Heart Attacks. I found 3 OA's and then checking their age, I found all 3 were over 90. Old Age seems as good a diagnosis as any!

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