Names of Old Time Illnesses  


Compiled by Daniel H. Burrows
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Ablepsy Blindness Congestion Any Collection of Fluid in an organ
Ague Malarial Fever Congestive fever Malaria
American Plague Yellow Corruption Infection
Anasarca Generalized Massive Edema Coryza A Cold
Aphonia Laryngitis Costiveness Constipation
Aphtha The infant disease "Thrust" Cramp Colic Appendicitis
Apoplexy Paralysis due to stroke Crop Sickness Overextended Stomach
Asphycsia/Asphicsia Cyanosis and lack of Oxygen Croup Laryngitis, Diphtheria, or Strep Throat
Atrophy Wasting away or diminishing in size Cyanosis Dark skin from lack of Oxygen
Bad Blood Syphilis Cynanche Diseases of Throat
Bilious Fever Elevated Temperature with Bile emesis Cystitis Inflammation of the bladder
Biliousness Jaundice associated with liver disease Day Fever Sweating sickness, fever lasting one day
Black Plague Bubonic Plague Debility Lack of movement, staying in bed
Black Fever Acute infection with temperature and dark red skin lesions Decrepitude Feebleness due to old age
Black Pox Black Small Pox Delirium Tremens Hallucinations due to Alcoholism
Black Vomit Vomiting old black blood due to ulcers or yellow fever Dengue Infectious Fever endemic to East Africa
Blackwater Fever Dark urine with high temperature Dentition Cutting of Teeth
Bladder in Throat Diphtheria Deplumation Tumors of eyelids causing hair loss
Blood poisoning Bacterial Infection, septicemia Dairy Fever Fever that last one day
Bloody flux Bloody stools Diphtheria Contagious disease of the Throat
Bloody Sweat Sweating sickness Distemper Usually animal disease with malaise, anorexia
Bone Shave Sciatica Dock Fever Yellow Fever
Brain Fever Meningitis Dropsy Edema caused by kidney or heart disease
Breakbone Dengue Fever Dropsy of Brain Encephalitis
Bright's Disease Chronic inflammation of the Kidneys Dry Bellyache Lead Poisoning
Bronze John Yellow Fever Dyscrasy Abnormal body condition
Blue Boil, Tumor or swelling Dysentery Inflammation of colon with frequent bloody or mucous stools
Cachexy Malnutrition Dysorexy reduced appetite
Cacogastric Upset Stomach Dyspepsia Indigestion and heartburn symptoms of heart attack
Cacospysy Irregular Pulse Dysury Difficulty of urination
Carduccus subject to falling sickness or epilepsy Eclampsy Convulsions during labor
Camp Fever Typhus aka Camp Diarrhea Ecstasy Form of Catalepsy
Canine Madness Rabies, hydrophobia Edema Nephrosis, swelling of tissue
Canker Ulceration of the Mouth or lips-Herpes Simplex Edema of Lungs Congestive Heart Failure
Catalepsy Seizures, Trances Eel thing Erysipelas
Catarrhal Nose and throat discharge
from cold or Allergies.
Elephantiasis Form of Leprosy
Cerebritis Inflammation of the Cerebrum or Lead Poisoning Encephalitis Swelling of the Brain, Sleeping Sickness
Chilblain Swelling of extremities due to exposure to cold Enteric Fever Typhoid Fever
Child Bed Fever Infection following childbirth Enterocolitis Inflammation of the Intestines
Chin Cough Whooping Cough Enteritis Inflations of the bowels
Chlorosis Iron Deficiency Anemia Epitaxis Nose bleed
Cholera Acute sever contagious diarrhea with intestinal sloughing Erysipelas Contagious skin disease due to Strep with vesicular bulbous lesions
Cholera Morbus Nausea, emesis, abd cramps, elevated temp. Extravasted Blood Rupture of a blood vessel
Cholecystitus Inflammation of Gall Bladder Falling Sickness Epilepsy
Cholelithiasis Gall Stones Fatty Liver Cirrhosis of the liver
Chorea Characterized by convulsions, Contortions and dancing. Fits Sudden attack or seizure of muscle activity
Cold Plague Ague with chills Flux Excessive flow of fluids, like diarrhea or hemorrhage 
Colic Abdominal cramping Flux of Humour Circulation
Congestive Chills Malaria French Pox Syphilis
Consumption Tuberculosis Gathering Collection of pus

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