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Frances3,38,95,218 was born about 1706 in .3,38,95,218 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 16508. She has Ancestral File Number QRGS-VK.

Spouse: Robert BOYD. Robert BOYD and Frances were married about 1726.3,38,95,218 Reference Number:356126 Children were: John BOYD, Winnie Ann BOYD, Richard BOYD, George BOYD.

Frances19 was born about 1720 in Botetourt, Virginia.19,180 She died in 1805 in Patrick County, Virginia.19,180

Spouse: Sr. Benjamin THURMAN. Sr. Benjamin THURMAN and Frances were married in 1740 in Virginia.19,180

Frances5,94,126,127 was born about 1805 in New York.5,94,126,127 She died after 1870.5,94,126,127 She is reference number 14987.

Spouse: Samuel Perce TRUESDELL. Samuel Perce TRUESDELL and Frances were married. Reference Number:101271 Children were: John TRUESDELL, Susan TRUESDELL, Erastus C TRUESDELL, Isaac TRUESDELL, James A TRUESDELL, Rebecca TRUESDELL, Milo TRUESDELL.

Fred Carson3,9 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 87157.

Spouse: Nora Ella BOYD. Fred Carson and Nora Ella BOYD were married. Reference Number:1401426

Queen Of Fredegunde7,201,219,220 was born in 543.201 She died in 597.201 She was also known as Fredegond. She was buried in St. Vincent's, Church, Paris, France.201

Sources: "The Franks" by Edward James; RC 303; AF; Women in the Well.
Franks: Second wife, who was set aside for another wife. Then Chilpe ric
married her again. Gregory of Tours says she was a servant of Chilperic. " One
of the most bloodthirsty women in history." She was the maid of Chilperic' s
first wife.
RC: Fredegunda, born 543, died 597; third wife, probably not co unting the
marriage that was set aside. Also calls her "One of the most bloodt hirsty women
in history." She was a maid of Chilperic's first wife.
Wall: Fre degunda, third wife.Name Suffix:<NSFX> Queen of

AUTH Stuart, Roderick W.
PERI Royalt y for Commoners
PUBL Genealogical Publishing co., Inc, Baltimore, MD (1998)
ISB 0-8063-1561-X
TEXT (303-49)"One of the most bloodthirsty women of history." ...maid of Chilperic's first wife.
DATE 19 MAY 2000

Fredegund,Fre nch FRDGONDE (d. 597, Paris), queen consort of Chilperic I,the Merovingian Fran kish king of Soissons.Originally a servant, Fredegund became Chilperic's mistre ssafter he had murdered
his wife and queen, Galswintha (c. 568).Galswintha, ho wever, was also the sister of Brunhild, the wifeof Chilperic's half-brother Si gebert I, king of the easternkingdom of Austrasia. Galswintha's
murder engende red a violentanimosity between Fredegund and Brunhild and an irreconcilablefeu d of more than 40 years' duration between the respectivefamilies. Fredegund was certainly responsible for
theassassination of Sigebert in 575 and made attemp ts on the livesof Guntram (her brother-in-law and the king of Burgundy),Childe bert II (Sigebert's son), and Brunhild.After the mysterious
assassination of C hilperic (584), Fredegundseized his riches and took refuge in the cathedral at Paris.Both she and her surviving son, Chlotar II, were at firstprotected by Gu ntram, but, when he
died in 592, Childebert II,who had taken over his throne, attacked Chlotar, albeitunsuccessfully. From Childebert's death (595) until her own,Fredegund intrigued on Chlotar's behalf against
Brunhild, whosought to ru le through Childebert's sons, Theodebert II ofAustrasia and Theodoric II of Bur gundy. Ruthlessly murderous andsadistically cruel, Fredegund can have few rival s
inmonstrousness.Related Propaedia TopicsThe Franks under the Merovingians an d early Carolingians: thesuccessors of Clovis, rise and establishment of the Ca rolingiansunder Charles Martel and Pepin
III the Short (714-768),Carolingian r elations with the papacy and entry into Italianaffairs; origins of the Papal St atesCopyright (c) 1996 Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. All
RightsReservedFredeg undMarried to , Chilperic I of the Franks, King of the FranksChild 1: , Chlotha r II of the Franks, King of the FranksReturn to the master surname alphabetic i ndex.Return to the
index for this person.Return to the home page for royal dat a.------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----- ---Version: 14 Feb 99 Author: Brian Tompsett Sources:
bibliographyQuestion?: F AQ c 1994-99
DATE 27 MAY 1999

GIVN Fredegunde Cambresis (543)
SURN Neustri a *
NSFX Queen of Parents: Earl Of Cambresis BRUNULPHE. and Chotechilde OSTROGOTHS.

Spouse: Iking Of Soissons CHILPERIC. Iking Of Soissons CHILPERIC and Queen Of Fredegunde were married. Children were: King Of The Clothaire II Roi De Neustria Et FRANKS.

Spouse: Chilperic I De SOISSONS. Chilperic I De SOISSONS and Queen Of Fredegunde were married in 3rd Wife. Children were: King Of The Clothaire II Roi De Neustria Et FRANKS.

Count Of \Taillefer Fredelon Of Toulouse.61 Parents: Count Of \Taillefer Fulcoald Of Rouergue.

Frederuna Of Ham7,207 was born about 885. She died on 10 Feb 916/17. ES 11:1;PED OF AUGUSTINE H. AYERS Parents: .

Spouse: King Of West France Charles III "The OF FRANCE Roi De France. King Of West France Charles III "The OF FRANCE Roi De France and Frederuna Of Ham were married in Apr 907. Children were: ERMENTRUDE.

Count Of \Taillefer Fulcoald Of Rouergue.61

Children were: Count Of \Taillefer Raymond I Of Toulouse, Count Of \Taillefer Fredelon Of Toulouse.

Count Of Sens) Gainfroi.221 Parents: Count Of Sens) Mainier and The Daughter Of HAUDRE.

Spouse: Theinlindis BLOIS. Children were: Giselbert I Of BRABANT.

Gallus Magnus.222

Children were: Palatina GALLA.

Chief Of Norse\ Ganger Rolf7,161 was born about 860 in Maer, Norway.162 About 911 he was in Norseman Chieftain.162 He died about 932 in Normandy, France.162 He was buried in Rouen Cathedral.162
Cause of Death:<CAUS> Murder
REFN: FTJ#1746
W as a Viking (Norseman) raider al ong the coast of France. Had an
agreement wi th Charles, King of Franks, to b e given land in the Northwest
of France to ke ep the peace with other Vikings and prevent them from
further raids into Franc e. He was used as a buffer to protect the inner
part of France. He agreed to this as well as converting to the Roman
Catholic religion in 911. This area o f France was named Normandy after
the Norsemen and was an great decision for b oth Rolf (also known as
R ollo) and King Charles. Parents: Earl Of More, Norway\ Ragnvald I and HILTRUDE.

Gary Owens3,9 was born on 20 Aug 1934.3,9 He died on 28 Feb 1972.3,9 He is reference number 91354.

Spouse: Living PIERCE.


Spouse: Tom GIBSON. Children were: Ron GIBSON.

Earl Of Essex\ Geoffrey De Mandeville7,46,47,48 was born in 1174 in Of Essex, England.50 He died on 23 Feb 1214/15.49,50,223,224 Downloaded from Bradford_Taylor on Parents: 1st Earl Of Essex Geoffrey De Mandeville FITZ PIERS and Beatrice DE SAYE.

\Baron Neville Geoffrey De Neville Of Raby7,20,32,82,225,226 was born in 1197 in Of Raby & Brancepeth, England.20,226 He died in 1242 in England.32 Also Known As:<_AKA> Geoffrey FitzRobert /Baron Neville of Raby/
Governor of Scarborough.

REF: Neville GEDCOM: Took his mothers name. He became the 1st Baron Neville of Raby and inherited his mother's estates of Brancepeth and Sheriff-Hutton Castle. Some say married to a "Margaret" who was the mother of his children. Parents: Lord Raby Robert Fitzmaldred and Isabel DE NEVILLE.

Spouse: Joan DE MONMOUTH. \Baron Neville Geoffrey De Neville Of Raby and Joan DE MONMOUTH were married. Children were: Baron Neville Of Raby\ Robert De Neville.

Ct De Angoulême\ Geoffrey I Taillefer7,15,16,17,20,21,32,44 was born in 1004 in Of Angoulême, Aquitaine.15,16,20 He died in 1048.15,16,20,50 He was also known as Geoffrey I Taillefer Ct De Angoulãeme.46,47,48 Parents: Ct De Angoulême\ Guillaume II Taillefer and Duchess Of Bretagne Ermengard-Gerberge DE ANJOU.

Ct De Brittany\ Geoffrey II Boterel7,46,47,48 was born in 1094 in Of Penthievre, Brittany, France.49,50 He died in 1148.49,50

Parents: \Lord Richmond\ Stephen Of BRITTANY and Hawise DE BRITTANY.

Geoffrey IV De Saye7,97 was born in 1305 in Berling, Kent, England. He died on 26 Jul 1339. Parents: Geoffrey III De SAY and Iodine De LEYBURN.

Spouse: Maud De Beauchamp. Geoffrey IV De Saye and Maud De Beauchamp were married. Children were: William VII De Say.

Count Of Eu And Brionne Geoffroy7,54,228 was born about 953 in Brionne, Normandie, France. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth] He died about 1015 in France. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Death] Name Suffix:<NSFX> Count D'Eu & Brionne
Name Suffix:<NSFX> Count D'Eu & Brionn e
Ancestral File Number:<AFN> 8WKN-20 Parents: Duke Of Normandy Richard LONGSWORD I. Parents: Duke Of Normandy Richard LONGSWORD I and Duchess Of Normandy Gunnora Haraldsdottir DE CRÊPON.

George Buswell7,43,148 was born about 1555 in Clipston, Northamptonshire, England.. He was also known as Boswell. 1 _FA1
2 DATE ABT. 1555
2 PLAC Clipston, Northamptonshire, England.

Parents: John Boswell and Mary Marie BOTHAM.

Lord Roor 12Th\ George Manners.1

Spouse: Anne ST LEGER. Children were: \Earl Of Rutland\ Thomas MANNERS.

Cts De Burgundy\ Gerberga De Macon7,15,16,17 was born about 937.16 She died between 986 and 991.16,229

Spouse: King Of Italy Adalbert DE ITALIA. King Of Italy Adalbert DE ITALIA and Cts De Burgundy\ Gerberga De Macon were married. 1 REFN 51776 Children were: Bertha DE IVREA, Count Of Burgundy Otto GUILLAUME.

Children were: Count Of Burgundy Otto GUILLAUME.

Count Of Geneva Gerold I7,35,36 was born in 1016.35 He died in 1080.35 2 SOUR S002120
4 TEXT Date of Import: Apr 17, 2001 Parents: King Of France Robert FRANCE II and Princess Of Burgundy Bertha BURGUNDY.

Holy Roman Empress\ Gerswind.25,26,34,72,230,231

Spouse: Emperor Of The Holy Roman Charlemagne MARTEL.


Spouse: Michael Joseph PEARCE.

Cts De Nordgau\ Gertrud7,46,47,48 was born about 1006 in Of The Nordgau Region, Medieval States.50 She died on 21 Jul 1077.50 Downloaded from Bradford_Taylor on Parents: .

Spouse: Mar De Saxony\ Ludolphe Von Brunswick. Mar De Saxony\ Ludolphe Von Brunswick and Cts De Nordgau\ Gertrud were married.

Gertrude2,3 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 31687.

Spouse: William WIERMAN. William WIERMAN and Gertrude were married. Reference Number:597027 Children were: Nicholas WIERMAN, William WIERMAN.

Seigneur De Chateau Du \L Gervase Sn De Chateau-Du-Loire7,15,20,21,122,158 was born in 1030 in Chateau, Eure-Et-Lore, France.20

Parents: Robert Sn De Chateau-Du-Loire and Elizabeth De Chateau-Du-Loire. Parents: Seigneur De Chateau Du \L ROBERT.

Spouse: Erenburga De Chateau-Du-Loire. Seigneur De Chateau Du \L Gervase Sn De Chateau-Du-Loire and Erenburga De Chateau-Du-Loire were married. Children were: [Counte Of Mai Maud DE CHATEAU-DU-LOIRE.

Count Of Poitiers, Earl O Gerwin7,29,232 died in 676.232 Ancestral File Number:<AFN> AR:50-9

Kelley, D avid H, A New Consideration of the Carolingians, NEHGR v101 (1947)

Moriarty, G. Andrews, Genealogical Research in Europe, NEHGR v110 (Jan 1956)

Moriarty, George Andrews, Plantagenet Ancestry of King Edward III And Queen
Philippa. Salt Lake: Mormon Pioneer Genealogical Society, 1985. L DS
Film#0441438. nypl#ARF-86-2555.

Settipani, Christian, Les Ancetres de C harlemagne, 1989, and, Settipani,
Christian, and Patrick van Kerrebrouck, La P rehistoire des Capetiens, 1993, as
transcribed by Gilles Houdry, Aug 1994. Ro ots-l genealog.charlanc[1-7]

Weis, Frederick Lewis, Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists, 6th Edition,
Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co, 1988.
654-676: Earl of Paris [Ref: Settipani CharlAnc]
Count of Poitiers [ Ref: Moriarty p1]

name: also given as Count Warinus [Ref: Weis AR #50]

perished with his brother St. Leger (Leadergarius) Bishop of Autun, at the
hands of Ebroin, Mayor of the Palace in Neustria [Ref: Moriarty v110p38]
parents: [Ref: Moriarty p1, Moriarty p74, Settipani CharlAnc], mother: [Re f:
Kelley Carolingians p111f, Moriarty p8, Moriarty v110p38]
d ate: [Ref: Settipani CharlAnc] 677 [Ref: Kelley Carolingians p111f, Moriarty
p 1, Moriarty p74, Moriarty p8, Weis AR #50] Parents: Count Of Franks Burgundy Bodilon BODITON and SIGRADE.

Count Of Burgundy Gilbert7,18 was born in 880. He died on 16 Apr 956. He was also known as Giselbert De Vergy. Parents: Ct De Chalon Manasses I and \Princess Of Burgundy\ ERMENGARDE.

Spouse: Ermengarde DE BURGUNDY. Count Of Burgundy Gilbert and Ermengarde DE BURGUNDY were married. Children were: Adélaïde Ou Wéra DE CHALON.

Lord Thomond\ Gilbert De Clare7,82 was born in 1281. He died in 1308. Parents: Lord Thomond\ Thomas De Clare and Fitz Maurice Of Offaly Juliane FITZ GERALD.

Earl Of Lincoln\ Gilbert De Gaunt II7,46,47,48 was born in 1118 in Of Folkingham, Lincolnshire, England.50 He died in 1156.50,223 Downloaded from Bradford_Taylor on Parents: Walter DE GAUNT and Matilda DE BRITTANY.

Lord Meath Gilbert De Lacy7,20,44 was born about 1104.20 He died after 1163.20

Penman "Here be Dragons" p. 285, makes him brother to Gwenllian verch Rhys who m Ednyfed Fychan. But, Online db (Univ. of Hull?) I had him son of Gwenwynwyn of Powys.
living in 1031

Gil bert de LACY died after 1163. "GILBERT (ob. post 1163) = ?"
--- W E Wightman , *The Lacy Family in England and Normandy, 1066-1194*,
genealogical chart following p 260.

Parents: Hugh DE TALBOT and Emma DE LACY.

Spouse: Agnes De Lacy. Lord Meath Gilbert De Lacy and Agnes De Lacy were married. Children were: Lord Meath Hugh De Lacy.

Gilbert St. Valery Gautier De7,233 was born about 977 in Of St. Valery-En-Caux, Normandy, France. He died Deceased. Ancestral File Number:<AFN> MQSS-WL Parents: Bernard De SAINT VALERY I and Emma De SAINT VALERY.

Spouse: Miss UNKNOWN. Gilbert St. Valery Gautier De and Miss UNKNOWN were married about 1004 in Of St Valery, -En-Caux, Normandy, France. Children were: Bernard De SAINT VALERY II, Richard De SAINT VALERY.

Gina.19 Parents: Claudie Lee LOVELL and Phyllis BAILEY.

Spouse: Johnny SHADOWEINS.

Lord Escalfoy Montrevil Giroie De Escalfoy7,16,199 was born in 981.16

Spouse: Gisele DE MONTFORT. Lord Escalfoy Montrevil Giroie De Escalfoy and Gisele DE MONTFORT were married. 1 REFN 81970 Children were: Advise DE ESCALFOY.


Earl Of Trondheim\ Glumora Eystein7,79,107,108 was born in 750 in Trondheim, Norway. Parents: Hogne JARL OF TRONDHEIM.

Children were: Of Trondheim GLUMORASDOTTIR.

Grace2,3 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 30951.

Spouse: John CALVERT. John CALVERT and Grace were married. Reference Number:582672 Children were: Thomas CALVERT.


Spouse: Charles TOOKE. Children were: Living TOOKE, Daughter TOOKE, Charles TOOKE.

Spouse: Arthur PECKHAM.

Grace L.19 was born on 20 Jan 1882.19,235 She died on 2 Feb 1945.19,235 She was buried in Lebanon Advent Cemetery, Coates Bend, Etowah County, Alabama.19,236

Spouse: Sr. William Ayers TURNER. Sr. William Ayers TURNER and Grace L. were married. Children were: Grace Nell TURNER, Tom TURNER, Infant TURNER, Infant TURNER, Jr. William Ayers TURNER, Anne Frances TURNER, Robert Miller TURNER.

Grizel3,237 was born before 1630.3 She was also known as Grizel Boyd.3,38,237 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 15923.

Spouse: Robert BOYD. Robert BOYD and Grizel were married about 1644 in , Ayr, Scotland.3,38,237 Reference Number:116503 Children were: John BOYD.

[NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth] She was born about 830 in .28,238

Spouse: Earl Of More & Romsdal Rognvald EYSTEINSSON I. Earl Of More & Romsdal Rognvald EYSTEINSSON I and Princess Of Trondheim Groa Of Maer were married about 877 in Of, Maer, Nord Trondelag, Norway. Children were: Hrollager Of Iceland RAGNVALDSSON, Turf-Einar Ragnvaldsson JARL OF ORKNEY, Duke Of Normandy Rolloi Hrolf ROGNVALDSSON, Hallad ROGNVALDSSON.

Spouse: Jarl Of The Uplanders Of Ivar I OPLAENDINGE Halfdansson. Jarl Of The Uplanders Of Ivar I OPLAENDINGE Halfdansson and Princess Of Trondheim Groa Of Maer were married about 799 in Trondhiem, Norway.

Spouse: Earl Ragnvald EYSTEINSSON I. Earl Ragnvald EYSTEINSSON I and Princess Of Trondheim Groa Of Maer were married about 877 in Of, Maer, Nord Trondelag, Norway.

Ount Of Hornbach Gui7,18 was born in 753. He was also known as Guido. Parents: Count Of Hornbach Lambert HORNBACH.

Ct De Alençon\ Guillaume I Talvas7,15,16,17 was born in 963.16

Spouse: Mathilde DE GANELON. Ct De Alençon\ Guillaume I Talvas and Mathilde DE GANELON were married. 1 REFN 64302 Children were: Sn De Montagne\ Warin De Montagne, Lord Of Bellême & Alençon William TALVAS II.

Ct De Angoulême\ Guillaume II Taillefer7,15,16,17,20,21,32,44 was born in 978 in France.32 He died on 6 Apr 1028.16,20,50 He was also known as Guillaume II Taillefer Ct De Angoulãeme.46,47,48 Name Suffix:<NSFX> II

Spouse: Duchess Of Bretagne Ermengard-Gerberge DE ANJOU. Ct De Angoulême\ Guillaume II Taillefer and Duchess Of Bretagne Ermengard-Gerberge DE ANJOU were married after 992.16,20,50,227 1 REFN 60115 Children were: Ct De Angoulême\ Geoffrey I Taillefer.

Count Of Flanders\ Guillaume III7,27,239 was born in 1225. He died in 1305. Parents: Guillaume DE DAMPIERRE and Margaret II OF FLANDERS.

Spouse: Maud DE BETHUNE. Count Of Flanders\ Guillaume III and Maud DE BETHUNE were married in 1245 in Mainz. Children were: Guillaume OF FLANDERS, Robert III OF FLANDERS, Guillaume DE FLANDERS.

Spouse: ISABELLE. Count Of Flanders\ Guillaume III and ISABELLE were married in 1264. Children were: Guy DE RICHBOURG, Margaret DE FLANDERS, Isabel DE DAMPIERRE.

2Nd Count Of Eu And Hiem Guilluame7,54 was born about 955 in Normandie, France. He died in 1025 in Normandie, France. Married Alice Lesceline of Harcourt in 1021; Children: William II, 4th Count of Eu, Count of Soissons (1023); Robert, 5th Count of Eu; Hugh, Bishop of Lisieux Parents: Duke Of Normandy Richard LONGSWORD I.

King Of The Burgundy Gunther I7,240,241 died about 436 in Killed In Battle With Huns, Rhine Valley, Germany.240 He was born WFT Est 400 in Bourgogne, France. Parents: Ruler Of The Burgundy BEBICCA.

Children were: King Of Burgundy GUNDIOC.

Princess Of Italy\ Guntrada7,18 was born in 793. Parents: King Of Italy Pépin CARLOMAN I and Bertha DE TOULOUSE.

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