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Iumetel AP RITIGERN7,723 was born in 220. DATE 6 MAY 2000 Parents: Ritigern AP OUDICANT.

Children were: Gratus AP IUMETEL.

Elidyr AP SANDDE7,722 was born about 708. GIVN Elidyr ap
Parents: Sannde AP ALCWN and Celeinion VERCH TUDWAL.

Spouse: Celeinion Ferch TUDWAL. Elidyr AP SANDDE and Celeinion Ferch TUDWAL were married. Children were: King Of Gwynedd Gwriad Of Man Ap ELIDIR.

Arthen AP SEISSILL7,725 was born about 720. He died in 807. PED OF AUGUSTINE H. AYERS Parents: Arthlwys AP CLYDOG.

Children were: Dyfnwallon AP ARTHEN.

Duke Of Cornwall Antonius AP SEISYLL.48,139 Parents: King Of Britain SISILLIUS.

Children were: Duke Of Cornwall Aedd Mawr AP ANTONIUS.

King Of Deheubarth & Seis Llewellyn AP SEISYLL7,10,14,20,33,37,44,46,47,48,70,79,120,173,233,336,337,338 was born in 980 in Of Rhuddlan, Flintshire, Wales.20,50,336,337,339 He died in 1023.20,50,81,249,336,337,339 He was buried in Acceded: 1018 As King Of Deheubarth & Gwynedd..336,337,339,737 Also Known As:<_AKA> Llywelyn ap Seisyll /Prince of North Wales/
AncestralFil e Number:<AFN> 9NR3-X9
1018: In this year Llywelyn ap Seisyll slew Aeddan ap B legywryd and his four sons. (The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, 1953, 1960)

1023: I n this year died king Llywelyn.(The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, 1953, 1960)

W eis' "Ancestral Roots" (176:1).

John Davies "A History of Wales" states that he seized the throne of Gwynedd
in 1018 and ruled until 1023. Nothing is kno wn of his ancestory. Upon his
death the kingdom of Gwynedd apparently was ret urned to Iago ap Idwal of the
line descended fro Ararawd ap Rhodri.
Parents: Seisyll AP EDNYWAIN and Prawst VERCH ELISE. Parents:Seisyll Ap EDNOWAIN and Prawst Verch ELISE.

Spouse: Queen Of Powys Angharad Verch MAREDUDD. King Of Deheubarth & Seis Llewellyn AP SEISYLL and Queen Of Powys Angharad Verch MAREDUDD were married in 994.20,50,81,249,336,337,339

REFN46983 Children were: Llowarch Holbwrc Ap LLEWELYN, King Of Gwynedd & Powys Gruffydd Ap LLYWELYN.

Boddw AP SERWYL7,725 was born about 570. WELSH KINGLY LINES;AUGUSTINE H. AYERS Parents: Serwyl AP USAI.

Children were: Arthfoddw AP BODDW.

Teithrin AP TATHAL7,724 was born about 272. Parents: Tathal AP ANNUN.

Children were: Teithfall AP TEITHRIN.

Guotepauc AP TEGFAN7,146 was born in 340. DATE 6 MAY 2000 Parents: Tegfan Gloff AP TEUHVANT.

Children were: King Of Britain Coel HEN.

Alcun Alcwn AP TEGID7,722 was born about 635. Parents: Tegid AP CAID.

Children were: Sannde AP ALCWN.

King Of Garthmadrun Tewdrig AP TEITHFALL7,724 was born about 340. Name Suffix:<NSFX> King of Garthmadrun
Parents: Teithfall AP TEITHRIN.

Children were: Marchell VERCH TEWDRIG.

Teithfall AP TEITHRIN7,724 was born about 300. Parents: Teithrin AP TATHAL.

Children were: King Of Garthmadrun Tewdrig AP TEITHFALL.

Teuhvant AP TELPUIL7,146 was born in 300. Parents: Telpuil AP URBANUS.

Children were: Tegfan Gloff AP TEUHVANT.

Tegfan Gloff AP TEUHVANT7,146 was born in 320. Parents: Teuhvant AP TELPUIL.

Children were: Guotepauc AP TEGFAN.

William AP THOMAS.177,221 Parents: Thomas AP WILLIAM.

Children were: Sybil DE CHABBEMOR.

Lord Of Pembroke Llywarch AP TRAHAEARN7,16,20,37,44,46,47,48,336,337,338,729,730,734 was born about 1070 in Of Arwystli, Montgomeryshire, Wales.16,20,50,336,337 He died in 1129 in North Wales.16,20,50,249,336,337,729

REFN: 4666 Parents: Prince Of North Wales Trahaern Ap CARADOC. Parents: Trahaern AP CARADOG and NESTA. Parents: Prince Of North Wales Trahaern Ap CARADOC and Nesta Verch GRUFFYDD.

Spouse: Dyddgu VERCH IORWERTH. Lord Of Pembroke Llywarch AP TRAHAEARN and Dyddgu VERCH IORWERTH were married. 1 REFN 42023

REFN50849 Children were: Gwladys VERCH LLYWARCH.

Goronwy AP TUDUR7,342 was born in 926 in Denbighshire, Wales. Parents: Tudur 'Trefor' AP YNYR and Angharad VERCH HYWEL.
Dingad AP TUDUR TREFOR.119,342 Parents: Tudur 'Trefor' AP YNYR and Angharad VERCH HYWEL.
Anllech AP TUDWAL7,722 was born about 562 in Wales. Parents: Tudwal AP RHUN.

Children were: Cynin AP ANLLECH.

Telpuil AP URBANUS7,146,723 was born in 280. DATE 6 MAY 2000 Parents: Urbanas Erb AP GRATUS.

Children were: Teuhvant AP TELPUIL.

Serwyl AP USAI7,725 was born about 540. WELSH KINGLY LINES;AUGUSTINE H. AYERS Parents: Usai AP CEREDIG.

Children were: Boddw AP SERWYL.

Thomas AP WILLIAM.177 Parents: William OF CHABNOR.

Children were: William AP THOMAS.

Tudur 'Trefor' AP YNYR7,342 was born in 878 in Denbigh, Wales. He died in 948.119 Also Known As:<_AKA> Tudur /Trefor/ ap Ynyr
Parents: Ynyr AP CADFARCH.

Spouse: Angharad VERCH HYWEL. Tudur 'Trefor' AP YNYR and Angharad VERCH HYWEL were married. Children were: Dingad AP TUDUR TREFOR, Goronwy AP TUDUR, Lluddica Ap TUDUR.

Samuel APGAR.19,137

Spouse: Mary Ann PLUM.

Grant APLEY3,183 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 72361.

Spouse: Amanda Flohr SHARP. Grant APLEY and Amanda Flohr SHARP were married on 18 Apr 1887.3,183 Reference Number:1193943

Ellen APOKE.404

Spouse: Richard BALDWIN. Children were: Henry BALDWIN.

Nn. APOLLINARIS.542 Parents: .

Spouse: Bishop Of Piacenza Eparchius AVITUS. Children were: PAPINILLA.


Spouse: Martin BECKHER. Children were: Peter BECKHER.

APP3,42 was born in 1904.3,42 He died in 1969.3,42 He is reference number 23611. Parents: Mary A. HALL.
Reuben Baldwin APPEL5,128 was born on 12 Jan 1869.5,128 He died in Nov 1940.5,128 Parents: Samuel APPEL and Calista BALDWIN.

Spouse: Lillian Susan HALSTEAD. Reuben Baldwin APPEL and Lillian Susan HALSTEAD were married on 23 Oct 1910.5 Children were: Living APPEL.

Samuel APPEL5,128 was born about 1850.5,128

Spouse: Calista BALDWIN. Samuel APPEL and Calista BALDWIN were married. Children were: Reuben Baldwin APPEL.

APPHIA3,405 was born WFT Est 1626-1649.3,405 She died WFT Est 1671-1737.3,405 She is reference number 98136.

Spouse: Maj. Henry WHITING. Maj. Henry WHITING and APPHIA were married WFT Est 1643-1686.3,405 Reference Number:1538155 Children were: Col. Henry WHITING.

She was born about 1805 in , , North Carolina.3,38 She died on 6 Nov 1880 in Milton, Van Buren Co., Iowa.3,739,741 She was buried Unknown in Old Milton Cemetary, V An Buren Co., IA.3,739 She is reference number 5739.
Gravemarker reads: Sarah Boyd; wife I. Boyd; died Nov 6, 1880; age 75 yr 6m 9d. This is beside a marker for Iram Boyd. There are no dates readable on his.

Spouse: Iram BOYD. Iram BOYD and Sarah APPLE obtained a marriage license on 8 Nov 1831 in Liscense Issued In Wayne Co., IN.3,739 They were married on 10 Nov 1831 in Wayne Co., IN.3,739 Reference Number:112424

License Reads as Follows: (page) 88
State of Indiana; Wayne County
To Wit "Be it remembered that on the 8th day of November 1831 The Clerk of the Wayne Circuit Court issued a license authorizing any person legally authorized to solemnize matrimony to join in marriage Iram Boyd and Sarah Apple and afterwards to wit on the 14th day of November one thousand eight hundred and thirty one the following return was made in the Clerks office of said Court To wit. I Rice Whartton a justice of the peace in and for said County of Wayne do certify that Iram Boyd of Wayne County and Sarah Boyd of Wayne County were legally joined in marriage by me on the 10th day of November in the year 1831. Given under my hand and seal this November 14th 1831. Rice Whartton J.P." Children were: Hiram BOYD, Christopher BOYD, Enos Franklin BOYD, Julia Ann BOYD, Elizabeth Jane BOYD, Eliz I. BOYD, William Harrison BOYD.

Ada APPLEGATE.5,93,94 Parents: Edward APPLEGATE and Ida Belle PRESTON.

Spouse: Otto TILTON. Children were: Living TILTON, Living TILTON, Living TILTON, Living TILTON, Living TILTON.

Bonnie APPLEGATE.5,93,94 Parents: Edward APPLEGATE and Ida Belle PRESTON.

Cora APPLEGATE5,93,94 was born on 23 Nov 1901 in South Dakota.5,93,94 She died in Aug 1975 in Oregon.5,93,94 She is reference number 1089. Parents: Edward APPLEGATE and Ida Belle PRESTON.

Spouse: Fred REICHELT. Fred REICHELT and Cora APPLEGATE were married. Reference Number:2696 Children were: Living REICHELT, Living REICHELT, Living REICHELT, Living REICHELT, Living REICHELT.

Earnst Teddy APPLEGATE3 was born in 1905.3 He died in 1958.3 He is reference number 29564. Parents: Jr. Ernest Clifford APPLEGATE and Anna ADAMS.

Edward APPLEGATE.5,93,94


Jr. Ernest Clifford APPLEGATE3,469 was born in 1864 in Lewis Co, Kentucky.3,469 He died in 1922 in Lewis Co, Kentucky.3,469 He was buried Unknown in East Fork Cem; Lewis Co, Kentucky.3,469 He is reference number 53321.

Spouse: Anna ADAMS. Jr. Ernest Clifford APPLEGATE and Anna ADAMS were married about 1891.3 Reference Number:553835 Children were: Joseph Boyd APPLEGATE, Earnst Teddy APPLEGATE.

Herschel APPLEGATE5,93,94 was born on 16 May 1916.5,93,94 He died in 1984 in Citrus Heights, California.5,93,94 He is reference number 1239. Parents: Edward APPLEGATE and Ida Belle PRESTON.

Children were: Living APPLEGATE.

Spouse: Living JOHNSON. Children were: Living APPLEGATE.

Joseph Boyd APPLEGATE3,742 was born in 1898.3 He died in 1938.3 He was also known as Ernest Clifford Applegate.3,469 He is reference number 53316. Parents: Jr. Ernest Clifford APPLEGATE and Anna ADAMS.

Spouse: Edna Katherine ADAMS. Joseph Boyd APPLEGATE and Edna Katherine ADAMS were married. Reference Number:926244

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