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Living DESTEPHENS.3 Parents: Living DESTEPHENS and Living MCCLAIN.

John DESTJOHN7,507,508 was born in 1273.507 He died in 1329.507

Spouse: Isabell DECOURTENAY. John DESTJOHN and Isabell DECOURTENAY were married. Children were: Margaret STJOHN.

Maud DESWYNNERTON7,611 was born about 1365 in Barrow, Cheshire, England. She died in 1415. She was also known as Matilda. Parents: Robert OF SWYNNERTON and Elizabeth BEKE.

Spouse: Sir John SAVAGE. Sir John SAVAGE and Maud DESWYNNERTON were married. _STATMARRIED Children were: Ellen SAVAGE.

Gwenllian DETALBOT7,72 was born in 1262 in Eccleswall, Herefordshire, England. Parents: Governor Of Cardiff Richard IV DE TALBOT and Sarah DE BEAUCHAMP.

Spouse: Payne DE TUBERVILLE. Payne DE TUBERVILLE and Gwenllian DETALBOT were married. Children were: Agnes DE TUBERVILLE.

Sarah N. DETCHEMENDY3,87 was born on 11 Jan 1869.3,87 She died on 18 Nov 1958 in St Louis, St Louis Co, MO.3,87 She was buried Unknown in Odd Fellows Cemetery, Fredericktown, Madison Co., MO.3,87 She is reference number 46842.

Spouse: Doctor Aaron C. BOYD. Doctor Aaron C. BOYD and Sarah N. DETCHEMENDY were married on 25 Nov 1890 in River Aux Vases, Ste. Genevieve Co., MO.3,87 Reference Number:775888

Elizabeth DETEMER19,137 was born in 1789.19 She died in 1867.19 She was buried in Fox Graveyard.19

Spouse: Abraham FOX. Abraham FOX and Elizabeth DETEMER were married on 3 Jul 1808 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.19,137 Children were: Moses T. FOX, Heinrich FOX, Mary FOX, Rosina FOX, Elizabeth FOX, Sarah FOX, Johannes Jacob FOX, Isaac FOX, Abraham FOX, Aaron FOX.


Spouse: John STEWART.


Spouse: Nellie FINK.

Living DETRICK.3

Spouse: Walter Louis HELDENBRAND.

Sevine DETT.5,94,126,127

Spouse: Rhoda TRUESDELL.

Living DETTMAN. Parents: Living DETTMAN and Living BAKER.

Spouse: Living TOOKE. Children were: Living TOOKE, Living TOOKE.


Spouse: Living BAKER. Children were: Living DETTMAN.

Gladys J. DETTY7,188 was born on 17 Dec 1904 in Vinton Co, OH. She died on 25 Oct 1979 in Ross Co, OH. She was buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, Chillicothe, Ross, OH. Parents: Jacob H. DETTY and Eliza Jane BOOTS.

Spouse: Arthur William RITTENHOUSE. Arthur William RITTENHOUSE and Gladys J. DETTY were married. Children were: Living RITTENHOUSE.

Jacob H. DETTY7,188 was born on 15 Nov 1874 in Vinton Co, OH. He died on 24 Mar 1957 in Ross Co, OH. He was buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, Chillicothe, Ross, OH.

Spouse: Eliza Jane BOOTS. Jacob H. DETTY and Eliza Jane BOOTS were married. Children were: Gladys J. DETTY.

Ruth Louisa DETTY.

Spouse: William Abraham STOUT. Children were: James C. STOUT.

Jacob Smith DETWILER3,281 was born on 26 Nov 1865 in Of Connellsville, Fayette, Pennsylvania.3,281 He died Unknown in Y.3,281 He is reference number 53089. [boyd-trees.ged]



J.V. Thompson Journals vol. 12 p 427

Spouse: Olive Oatman FRETTS. Jacob Smith DETWILER and Olive Oatman FRETTS were married on 12 Jun 1913.3,281 Reference Number:922241

[NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3 She was born on 13 Jan 1852.3,281 She died Unknown in Y.3,281 She is reference number 32561.

Spouse: James Smith BOYD. James Smith BOYD and Susan Catharine DETWILER were married in May 1871.3,281 Reference Number:476972 Children were: Albert Mason BOYD, Henry Ellsworth BOYD, Frank Hanby BOYD, Bessie Maria BOYD, Samuel Detwiler BOYD, Ruth Van Gundy BOYD, John Clyde BOYD, Anne Josephine BOYD.

Living DEUCHER.5,128

Spouse: Living HALSTEAD. Children were: Living HALSTEAD, Living HALSTEAD, Living HALSTEAD.

Mina DEUSNER3,95 was born in 1885.3 She died in 1950.3 She is reference number 56753. She has Ancestral File Number HLCB-3R.

Spouse: Herbert H. BOYD. Herbert H. BOYD and Mina DEUSNER were married. Reference Number:974192


Spouse: Living BOYD. Children were: Living BOYD.


Spouse: KIM. Children were: Shannon DEUTOCH, Lauren DEUTOCH.

Lauren DEUTOCH.3 Parents: DEUTOCH and KIM.

Shannon DEUTOCH.3 Parents: DEUTOCH and KIM.

Living DEUTSCH.3 Parents: Living DEUTSCH and Living PRITCHARD.

Living DEUTSCH.3

Spouse: Living PRITCHARD. Children were: Living DEUTSCH, Living DEUTSCH.

Living DEUTSCH.3 Parents: Living DEUTSCH and Living PRITCHARD.

Kunigunde Von DEUTSCHLAND.370 Parents: Markgraf Von Kärnten LUITPOLD and Kunigunde Von SCHWABEN.

Rotrude Von DEUTSCHLAND7,370,501 was born about 836.501 She died about 882.501 Parents: .

Spouse: Lambert III De NANTES. Children were: Wipert NANTES.

Cecily DEVALOINES7,95,97,2214,2215,2505,2506 was born about 1279 in Thurston, Suffolk, England. She died Deceased. Ancestral File Number:<AFN> 9G94-1W Parents: Robert De VALOINES and Eve CRIKETOT.

Spouse: Robert D' UFFORD. Robert D' UFFORD and Cecily DEVALOINES were married. Children were: William UFFORD, Justiciar Ireland Ralph D' UFFORD, Edmund UFFORD, John UFFORD, Agnes Eva UFFORD, Robert D' UFFORD.

Living DEVANE.3

Spouse: Living BOYD. Children were: Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD.

Sarah DEVARRE3,206 was born before 1730.3 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 4990.

Spouse: John BOYD. John BOYD and Sarah DEVARRE were married in 1742 in Chester County, Pennsylvania.3,206 Reference Number:100954


Spouse: Debar Renauld I. Children were: Clemence DEBAR.

Annie Louise DEVAULT3,487 was also known as Annie Louise Devault.3,396 She was born in Bruceton Tennessee.3,487 She died Unknown in Oak Ridge TN.3,487 She is reference number 34575. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,396 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Death]3,396

Spouse: Joshua Rieff BOYD. Joshua Rieff BOYD and Annie Louise DEVAULT were married on 30 Jun 1930.3,396,487 Reference Number:649762 Children were: Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD.

Jacob DEVAULT3,333 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 102925.

Spouse: Mary HODGES. Jacob DEVAULT and Mary HODGES were married on 7 Oct 1815 in Washington Co, TN.3,333 Reference Number:1627765

Mary Elizabeth DEVAULT3,333 was born in 1771 in PA.3,333 She died in 1856.3,333 She is reference number 102975.

Spouse: Martin KATZMILLER. Martin KATZMILLER and Mary Elizabeth DEVAULT were married. Reference Number:1627697 Children were: Mary KITZMILLER.

Mary Jane DEVAULT3,333 was born about 1838 in TN.3,333 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 103361.

Spouse: Henry HODGES. Henry HODGES and Mary Jane DEVAULT were married on 25 Sep 1860 in Washington Co, TN.3,333 Reference Number:1629609 Children were: Manerva HODGES, Lola M. HODGES, Carrie HODGES.

Barbara DEVERAUX3 was born Unknown in France.3,2507 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 22201.

Spouse: James NABB. James NABB and Barbara DEVERAUX were married. Reference Number:444755 Children were: Hamilton NABB.

Alice DEVERE.508 Parents: Devere Aubrey II and Adeliza DECLARE.

Isabel DEVERE7,507,508 died in 1298.507 She was born.507 Parents: Devere Hugh IV and Hawise DE QUINCY.

Spouse: John DECOURTENAY. John DECOURTENAY and Isabel DEVERE were married. Children were: Hugh DECOURTENAY.

Spouse: Oliver DEDINHAM. Oliver DEDINHAM and Isabel DEVERE were married. Children were: Josce DEDINHAM.

Lord John DEVERE.1 Parents: Lord Robert DEVERE and Anne COURTNEY.

Spouse: Alice KIRLINGTON. Children were: Earl Of Oxford\ John 15Th.

Lord Robert DEVERE.1 Parents: Lord Richard and Alice SERJEAULX.

Spouse: Anne COURTNEY. Children were: Lord John DEVERE.

Robert DEVERE7,507,508 was born in 1164 in Hatfield, Essex, England.507 He died in 1221.507 Parents: Devere Aubrey III and Lucia ESSEX.

Spouse: Isabel BOLEBEC. Robert DEVERE and Isabel BOLEBEC were married. Children were: Devere Hugh IV.

Robert DEVERE7,507,508 was born in 1230 in Hedinham, Essex, England.507 He died in 1296 in England.507 Parents: Devere Hugh IV and Hawise DE QUINCY.

Sibil DEVERE7,507,508 was born in 1142 in Blanchland, Northamptonshire, England.507

Spouse: Walter Giffard Hugh II. Walter Giffard Hugh II and Sibil DEVERE were married. Children were: Isabel BOLEBEC.

Edward DEVEREAUX7,27,261 was born Between 1074-1075 in Salisbury, Wiltshire Co., England. He died WFT Est 1104-1166. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Unknown-Begin] Parents: Walter DEVEREAUX and Philippa Of EVEREAUX.

Spouse: Unknown MATILDA. Edward DEVEREAUX and Unknown MATILDA were married WFT Est 1089-1123.263 Children were: Walter Fitz Edward DEVEREAUX.

Gilbert Malmaines DEVEREAUX7,300,301 was born in 1186 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. Ancestral File Number:<AFN> 99T1-H7 Parents: 2nd Earl Of Salisbury William FITZ PATRICK and Eleanor DE VITRE.

Hawise DEVEREAUX.340,341 Parents: .

Spouse: Count Robert I DE DREUX. Children were: Alice DE DREUX.

Martha DEVEREAUX5,128 was born on 17 Jan 1888 in Doniphan, Neb.5,128 She died on 5 Oct 1956 in Fairview OK.5,128 She is reference number 5053.

Spouse: Willie James HALSTEAD. Willie James HALSTEAD and Martha DEVEREAUX were married on 27 Nov 1907.5 Reference Number:3389 Children were: Living HALSTEAD, Living HALSTEAD, Living HALSTEAD, Living HALSTEAD, Living HALSTEAD.

Pauline Mozelle DEVEREAUX.188

Spouse: James Reavis HOLLOMON. Children were: Living HOLLOMAN.

Walter DEVEREAUX7,27,261 was born about 1045 in Rosmar, Normandy, France. He died WFT Est 1078-1136. Parents: William DEVEREAUX.

Spouse: Philippa Of EVEREAUX. Walter DEVEREAUX and Philippa Of EVEREAUX were married WFT Est 1060-1094.263 Children were: Edward DEVEREAUX.

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