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Ancestors of Lazurus Long & Lilieb555 - with connections to others peoples work

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Artavasdes ARMENIA I.778 Parents: Tigranes ARMENIA I.


Artaxias ARMENIA I.778 Parents: Zariadres SOPHENE I.

Children were: Tigranes ARMENIA I.

Ghadana ARMENIA.777 Parents: Vologaeses ARMENIA I.

Spouse: Phaasmenes IBERIA II. Children were: Rhadamiste IBERIA II.

Khusraw ARMENIA I7,777 was born about 175 in . He died about 216. Parents: King Vologaeses IV Of PARTHIA and IBERIA.

Krusraw I Of ARMENIA7,779,780 was born about 170. He was also known as The Brave. Parents: King Vologaeses IV Of PARTHIA and Princess Of IBERIA.

King Mithridates I Of ARMENIA.440,441,442 Parents: King Aroandes II Of ARMENIA.

Children were: King Aroandes III Of ARMENIA.

Morfia Of ARMENIA7,248 was born in 1090. Parents: Gabriel Of MELITENE.

Spouse: King Of Jerusalem Baldwin II DE RETHEL. King Of Jerusalem Baldwin II DE RETHEL and Morfia Of ARMENIA were married. Children were: * Melisende DE RETHEL, Alice Princess Of JERUSALEM.

King Nerseh Of ARMENIA7,418,779,780,781 was born about 235 in Persia (Iran). He died in 302 in Armenia. Name Suffix:<NSFX> King
Name Suffix:<NSFX> King
He was King of Armenia c273-2 93 and Great King of Persia,


1. Stuart, R.W. "Royalty for Commoners" line 408.

Parents: King Shapur PERSIA I and GURDZAD.

Children were: King Hormisdes II Of PERSIA, King Yazdegrid I Of ARMENIA.

Orontes ARMENIA I.176 Parents: Hydarnes PERSIA II.

Children were: Artasyras ARMENIA.

King Samos I Of ARMENIA.440,441,442,778 Parents: King Aroandes III Of ARMENIA.

Children were: Arsames ARMENIA I, King Arsemes I Of ARMENIA.

Sanatruces ARMENIA I7,777 died about 116. Parents: Meherdates PARTHIA.

Children were: Vologaeses ARMENIA I.

Tigranes ARMENIA I.778 Parents: Artaxias ARMENIA I.

Children were: Artavasdes ARMENIA I, Tigranes ARMENIA II, Artavasdes IBERIA I.

Tigranes ARMENIA II.778 Parents: Tigranes ARMENIA I.

Spouse: Cleopatra PONTIUS. Children were: Princess ARMENIA.

Spouse: ZOSIME.

King Valarch Of ARMENIA.780,782 Parents: King Vologaeses I Of PARTHIA.

Children were: King Vologaeses II Of ARMENIA.

Vologaeses ARMENIA I7,777 died about 140. Parents: Sanatruces ARMENIA I.

Children were: Ghadana ARMENIA.

King Vologaeses II Of ARMENIA7,779,780,782 died about 157. He was born in Armenia. Name Suffix:<NSFX> King
Parents: King Valarch Of ARMENIA.

Children were: ARTABANUS, King Vologaeses IV Of PARTHIA.

Xerses ARMENIA.765,778 Parents: Arsames ARMENIA I.

Spouse: Antiochis Of SYRIA. Children were: Zariadres SOPHENE I, Ptolemy COMMAGENE I.

King Yazdegrid I Of ARMENIA7,418,780,781 was born about 272 in Armenia. Name Suffix:<NSFX> King
Parents: King Nerseh Of ARMENIA.

Charles Lee ARMENTROUT.138

Children were: Living ARMENTROUT.

George ARMENTROUT3,426 was born on 28 Nov 1838 in Old Virginia.3,426 He died on 7 Mar 1901 in San Saba, San Saba County, Texas.3,426 He is reference number 81592.

Spouse: Mary Ann HARKEY. George ARMENTROUT and Mary Ann HARKEY were married on 31 May 1857.3,426 Reference Number:1298830

Mr. ARMER.395,783

Spouse: Vadna REED. Children were: Living ARMER.


Spouse: Lizzie MCCAMANT.

ARMINDIA3,333 was born in 1902.3,333 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 105502.

Spouse: Marvin M. PREWETT. Marvin M. PREWETT and ARMINDIA were married. Reference Number:1616401

William Arminge Or ARMINE.377

Spouse: Martha EURE.

John ARMISTAD3,405 was born WFT Est 1632-1650.3,405 He died WFT Est 1637-1734 in Of Gloucester Co., VA.3,405 He is reference number 96208. Parents: William ARMISTEAD and Ann E. ELLIS.

Catherine Hone ARMISTEAD3,405 was born in 1643 in Middlesex Co., VA.3,405 She died on 23 Apr 1692 in Spotsylvania Co., VA.3,405 She is reference number 95271. Parents: William ARMISTEAD and Ann E. ELLIS.

Spouse: Major Robert BEVERLEY. Major Robert BEVERLEY and Catherine Hone ARMISTEAD were married on 28 Mar 1679 in Christ Church, Middlesex, VA.3,405 Reference Number:512144 Children were: William BEVERLEY, Christopher BEVERLEY, Thomas BEVERLEY, Catherine BEVERLEY, John BEVERLEY.

Spouse: Honorable Christopher ROBINSON. Honorable Christopher ROBINSON and Catherine Hone ARMISTEAD were married on 17 Sep 1687.3,405 Reference Number:1521160 Children were: Ann ROBINSON, Elizabeth ROBINSON, Agatha ROBINSON II, Benjamin ROBINSON, Christopher ROBINSON II, John ROBINSON II, Clara ROBINSON.

Elizabeth ARMISTEAD.19

Spouse: III Lewis BURWELL. Children were: Armistead BURWELL.

John ARMISTEAD.19,293

Spouse: Judith. Children were: Judith ARMISTEAD.

Judith ARMISTEAD19,293 died on 23 Feb 1699 in Lancaster County, Virginia.19,293 She was buried in Christ Church, Lancaster County, Virginia.19,293 Parents: John ARMISTEAD and Judith.

Spouse: Robert CARTER. Robert CARTER and Judith ARMISTEAD were married. Children were: Elizabeth CARTER, John CARTER, Judith CARTER, Sarah CARTER.

Mary A.P. ARMISTEAD7,188 was born in 1814 in VA. She died in Nov 1850 in MO.

Spouse: William C. ELGIN. William C. ELGIN and Mary A.P. ARMISTEAD were married. Children were: Margaret H. ELGIN, Susan ELGIN.

William ARMISTEAD3,405 was born in 1610 in Of, Kirk, Deighton, Yorks, England.3,405 He died on 13 Jun 1671 in All Saints, York, England.3,405 He was also known as Major. He is reference number 96163.

Spouse: Ann E. ELLIS. William ARMISTEAD and Ann E. ELLIS were married in 1640 in Giggleswick, Kirkdeighton, Yorkshire, England.3,405 Reference Number:1521191 Children were: John ARMISTAD, Catherine Hone ARMISTEAD.

Mercedes ARMODON394 died in 1960 in Madrid, Spain.394 She was in Catholic.394

Spouse: Angel YAGUEZ. Angel YAGUEZ and Mercedes ARMODON were married. Children were: Living ARMODON, Living ARMODON, Living ARMODON.

[Sir Knight] Richard De ARMOUNDVILLE.538

Spouse: Maude (Mabel) (Hempall) HEMENHALE.

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