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Margaret ARMOUR3,615 was born on 11 Jul 1911 in 14 North Park Ave., Ayr, Ayrshire..3,615 She died on 18 Apr 2000 in Beauly.3,615 She is reference number 53560. She was in Teacher..3,615

Spouse: Robert Boyd HAY. Robert Boyd HAY and Margaret ARMOUR were married on 30 Jun 1938 in Ayr, Ayrshire..3,615 Reference Number:929206 Children were: Living HAY, Living HAY, Living HAY.

Aaron ARMS5,94,126,127 was born on 6 Nov 1725.5,94,126,127 He is reference number 12616. Parents: Daniel ARMS and Esther SMEAD.

Abner ARMS5,94,126,127 was born on 3 Apr 1731.5,94,126,127 He died on 16 Jan 1793.5,94,126,127 He is reference number 12618. Parents: Daniel ARMS and Esther SMEAD.

Spouse: Tabitha ALLEN.

Spouse: Mary MILLER.

Consider ARMS5,94,126,127 was born on 14 Oct 1736.5,94,126,127 He died on 19 Jun 1792.5,94,126,127 He is reference number 12621. Parents: Daniel ARMS and Esther SMEAD.

Spouse: Mercy CATLIN.

Daniel ARMS.5,94,126,127

Spouse: Mary HITCHCOCK.

Daniel ARMS5,94,126,127 was born on 11 Sep 1687 in Hatfield, MA.5,94,126,127 He died on 28 Sep 1753 in Deerfield, MA.5,94,126,127 He is reference number 10569. Parents: William ARMS and Joanna HAWKS.

Spouse: Esther SMEAD. Daniel ARMS and Esther SMEAD were married on 4 Oct 1716.5,94,127 Reference Number:66781 Children were: Submit ARMS, Daniel ARMS, Ebenezer ARMS, Moses ARMS, Esther ARMS, Aaron ARMS, Martha ARMS, Abner ARMS, Moses ARMS, Seth ARMS, Consider ARMS.

Daniel ARMS5,94,126,127 was born on 10 Oct 1719 in Deerfield, MA.5,94,126,127 He died on 7 May 1784.5,94,126,127 He is reference number 12612. Parents: Daniel ARMS and Esther SMEAD.

Spouse: Mary STEBBINS.

Ebenezer ARMS5,94,126,127 was born on 8 Jan 1721.5,94,126,127 He died on 13 Jun 1788.5,94,126,127 He is reference number 12613. Parents: Daniel ARMS and Esther SMEAD.

Spouse: Eliaabeth ALLEN.

Esther ARMS5,94,126,127 was born on 12 Nov 1723.5,94,126,127 She is reference number 12615. Parents: Daniel ARMS and Esther SMEAD.

Spouse: John SEVERANCE.

Fannie Clarissa ARMS5,94,126,127 was born on 12 Aug 1849.5,94,126,127 She is reference number 17872.

Spouse: Jay Emmett TRUESDELL. Jay Emmett TRUESDELL and Fannie Clarissa ARMS were married on 25 May 1876 in Rockdale, My.5,94,127 Reference Number:120048 Children were: Ada Fannie TRUESDELL.

Irena ARMS.5,94,126,127

Spouse: John SMEAD.

Louisa ARMS7,234 was born before 1806.

Spouse: Job RISLEY. Job RISLEY and Louisa ARMS were married on 12 Dec 1806 in Conway, MA.

Martha ARMS5,94,126,127 was born on 3 Feb 1729.5,94,126,127 She is reference number 12617. Parents: Daniel ARMS and Esther SMEAD.

Spouse: Othniel TAYLOR.

Moses ARMS5,94,126,127 was born on 12 Jun 1722.5,94,126,127 He is reference number 12614. Parents: Daniel ARMS and Esther SMEAD.

Moses ARMS5,94,126,127 was born on 2 Jul 1733.5,94,126,127 He is reference number 12619. Parents: Daniel ARMS and Esther SMEAD.

Seth ARMS5,94,126,127 was born on 10 Mar 1734.5,94,126,127 He is reference number 12620. Parents: Daniel ARMS and Esther SMEAD.

Submit ARMS5,94,126,127 was born on 19 Jul 1718.5,94,126,127 She is reference number 12611. Parents: Daniel ARMS and Esther SMEAD.

Thomas ARMS3,405 was born WFT Est 1843-1863.3,405 He died WFT Est 1877-1949.3,405 He is reference number 98331.

Spouse: Nancy Jane GOODALL. Thomas ARMS and Nancy Jane GOODALL were married WFT Est 1874-1906.3,405 Reference Number:1573460

Tom ARMS3,399 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 14217.

Spouse: Bessie BOYD. Tom ARMS and Bessie BOYD were married. Reference Number:326936 Children were: Living ARMS.

William ARMS.5,94,126,127

Spouse: Joanna HAWKS. Children were: Daniel ARMS.


Spouse: Glenda CASH.

ARMSTRONG3,203,206 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 40454.

Spouse: Anna Ethel LEE. ARMSTRONG and Anna Ethel LEE were married. Reference Number:729040 Children were: Living ARMSTRONG.

Alberta ARMSTRONG3,486 was born in 1880.3,486 She died in 1959.3,486 She was buried in 1959.3,486 She is reference number 55291.

Spouse: Arthur W. A. CORSCADDEN. Arthur W. A. CORSCADDEN and Alberta ARMSTRONG were married. Reference Number:954231 Children were: Living CARSCADDEN, Living CARSCADDEN, Living CARSCADDEN, Lloyd Armstrong CARSCADDEN, Thomas Arthur CARSCADDEN, Arnold CARSCADDEN, George CARSCADDEN.

Anna M. ARMSTRONG3,413 was born about 1856.3,413 She died WFT Est 1885-1950.3,413 She is reference number 93188.

Spouse: David E. FINLEY. David E. FINLEY and Anna M. ARMSTRONG were married on 8 Apr 1879.3,413 Reference Number:1483038

Barbara Elizabeth ARMSTRONG3,667,784,785,786 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 2368.

Spouse: John Russel Luxter BOYD. John Russel Luxter BOYD and Barbara Elizabeth ARMSTRONG were married. Reference Number:46965 Children were: Living BOYD, Walter Alvin BOYD.

Becki Rene ARMSTRONG3,333 was born on 23 Mar 1961.3,333 She died in 1981.3,333 She is reference number 101802. Parents: Living ARMSTRONG and Living HARELSON.

Spouse: Living BUNNELL. Children were: Living BUNNELL, Living BUNNELL, Living BUNNELL, Living BUNNELL.

Benjamin Philip ARMSTRONG3,513 was born on 20 Mar 1866.3,513 He died on 17 Oct 1911.3,513 He is reference number 68570.

Spouse: Leona Wilson GRESHAM. Benjamin Philip ARMSTRONG and Leona Wilson GRESHAM were married WFT Est 1881-1904.3,513 Reference Number:1137383 Children were: Golden May ARMSTRONG.

Bennett ARMSTRONG.5,94,409

Spouse: Martha ATER.

Billy Joe ARMSTRONG.19

Spouse: Shirley Mae CHUMLEY.

Charles ARMSTRONG.19

Spouse: Margie Joyce GRAY. Children were: Gary Ray ARMSTRONG.

Charles W. ARMSTRONG3,405 was born WFT Est 1853-1888.3,405 He died WFT Est 1879-1967.3,405 He is reference number 95553.

Spouse: Anna Elizabeth WINSLOW. Charles W. ARMSTRONG and Anna Elizabeth WINSLOW were married WFT Est 1879-1923.3,405 Reference Number:1525597

Cynthia ARMSTRONG5,128 was born about 1807.5,128 She is reference number 4860.

Spouse: Robert Wiley Halstead MILLS. Robert Wiley Halstead MILLS and Cynthia ARMSTRONG were married. Reference Number:3315

Dama Adaline ARMSTRONG3,333 was born on 19 Mar 1859 in Randolph Co. Alabama.3,333 She died on 25 Jan 1942 in Ft. Worth, Tarrant Co. TX.3,333 She was also known as Dama Adeline Armstrong.3,333 She is reference number 103618.

[DATA BASE 6-04-02.FTW]

Source for Dama Adelines parents are from researcher descendent Don Hayworth. It is interesting to note that Dama Adeline was married to Joseph Colbert, Dama's aunt Nancy Porter Mugg (sister of Dama's mother) was married to James E.D. McAdoo(his last marriage) Parents: James Barr ARMSTRONG and Elizabeth Jane PORTER.

Spouse: Joseph Colbert MCADOO. Joseph Colbert MCADOO and Dama Adaline ARMSTRONG were married on 3 Jan 1878 in Hood Co., TX.3,333 Reference Number:1635734 Children were: Ada Jane MCADOO, Algie Virgil MCADOO, William Emsley MCADOO, Eula Pearl MCADOO, Mary Adaline "Mollie" MCADOO, Laura Davis MCADOO, Infant MCADOO, Myrtle Adelia "Mertie" MCADOO, Walter Harrison MCADOO, Infant MCADOO.

Daniel Bishop ARMSTRONG404 was born on 28 Apr 1847 in Bloomington, NS.404 He died on 13 Jun 1950 in Torbrook, NS.404

Spouse: Matilda Jane MAGEE. Daniel Bishop ARMSTRONG and Matilda Jane MAGEE were married on 29 Jun 1878.404

David ARMSTRONG3,413 was born on 13 Dec 1818.3,413 He died on 14 Apr 1853 in Wayne Township Wayne County, Ohio.3,413,787 He is reference number 92951. Parents: Thomas ARMSTRONG and Jane COOK.

David Boyd ARMSTRONG3,415 was born on 13 Jan 1818 in , Charles, MO.3,415 He died on 20 Jul 1857 in , Jo Daviess, IL.3,415 He is reference number 83162. Parents: John ARMSTRONG and Elizabeth BOYD.

Spouse: Mary Jane HULL. David Boyd ARMSTRONG and Mary Jane HULL were married on 17 Jan 1839.3,415 Reference Number:1347256 Children were: Odelia ARMSTRONG.

Deborah ARMSTRONG5,128 was born in 1836.5,128 She is reference number 5768. Parents: William ARMSTRONG and Patience HALSTEAD.

Eliza Anna ARMSTRONG3,95 was born about 1848 in <, Jack, Texas>.3 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 57541. She has Ancestral File Number 1892-2QN.

Spouse: James W. BOYD. James W. BOYD and Eliza Anna ARMSTRONG were married about 1877 in , Jack, Texas.3 Reference Number:988216 Children were: Arthur BOYD, Abe BOYD, Della BOYD, Walter Armstrong BOYD.

Elizabeth ARMSTRONG3,413 was born in 1761 in Ireland.3,413,788 She died on 20 Mar 1847 in Ohio.3,413,788 She is reference number 93078.

Spouse: Arthur GRAHAM. Arthur GRAHAM and Elizabeth ARMSTRONG were married WFT Est 1791-1825.3,413 Reference Number:1479641 Children were: John GRAHAM.

Elizabeth ARMSTRONG3,634 was born about 1830.3 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 28911.

Spouse: Thomas BOYD Jr. Thomas BOYD Jr and Elizabeth ARMSTRONG were married before 1851 in Ireland.3 Reference Number:543072


Spouse: Frank CROSIER. Children were: Hattie CROSIER.

Eunice ARMSTRONG5,128 was born on 24 Oct 1794.5,128 She died in 1846.5,128 Parents: James ARMSTRONG and Martha HALSTEAD.

Spouse: Eli HALLOCK. Eli HALLOCK and Eunice ARMSTRONG were married.

Fanny ARMSTRONG5,128 was born on 28 Jun 1801.5,128 Parents: James ARMSTRONG and Martha HALSTEAD.

Gary Ray ARMSTRONG.19 Parents: Charles ARMSTRONG and Margie Joyce GRAY.

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