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Ancestors of Lazurus Long & Lilieb555 - with connections to others peoples work
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DOBIOGERA7,562,1109,1110 was born about 680.562,1109 Parents: King Of The Wenden BILLUNG.

Spouse: King Of The Saxons DIETERICK. King Of The Saxons DIETERICK and DOBIOGERA were married. Children were: King Of The Saxons WERNICHE.

DOBIOGERA7,156 was born about 790. She died before 880.

Spouse: King Of The Saxons\ Dieterick. King Of The Saxons\ Dieterick and DOBIOGERA were married. Children were: King Of The Saxons\ Werniche.

Elenore DOBKINS395 was born in 1781 in Cocke, TN.395 She appeared in the census on 16 Dec 1850 in Age 71 17Th Dist Blount Co TN Image 258 Of 272.395 She died in 1860 in Tuckaleechee Cove, Blount, Tennessee.395 She was also known as Ellen. She was buried in Myers Cem, Tuckaleechee Cove, Blount Co, TN.395 [2333582.ged]

PLACE: (1830 & 1850 Census)

PLACE: Listed on 1850 Census as "Ellen" age 71 b : NC

Spouse: William BRICKEY. William BRICKEY and Elenore DOBKINS were married in 1800 in Cocke, TN.395 Children were: John BRICKEY, Margot BRICKEY, Winifred BRICKEY, Leah BRICKEY, Nancy BRICKEY, Rachel BRICKEY, Sarah BRICKEY, Elizabeth BRICKEY, Mary BRICKEY.

John DOBKINS395 was born on 20 Jan 1811 in TN.395 [2333582.ged]

Thomas, John and Evan DOBKINS received E. TN Land Grants on Dunn's Creek in Sev ier Co. in 1810. Evan possibly was Thomas' father; if not, then it very likely was Reuben.

I have been researching my mothers DOBKINS line since about 1989 , trying to verify the parents of my ggg-grandfather, Thomas D. DOBKINS. So far , I have not been able to positively identify his parents, even though I have g athered a great deal of information from various sources and references.

Acc ording to family tradition, he was was born 1781 in East Tennessee. He married Mary (BRICKEY) MCADAMS ca. 1810 (?). They moved to Crawford Co., MO in 1817 wit h Girrard BRICKEY (Mary's father) and several other BRICKEYS.Thomas died 1822 i n Washington Co., MO; Mary died 17 January 1858 in Crawford Co., MO.

The des cendants of Thomas D. DOBKINS and Mary are well defined beginning about 1810 in TN, with the birth of their first child, John. This would indicate that John and Mary were married ca. 1810, although this is suspect as she apparently was married to John McAdams, her first husband, until he died ca. 1814. Mary's bro ther, John C. BRICKEY says that she and Thomas were married in 1817 in MO; howe ver, I have found no marriage in neither TN nor MO -- another mystery! On top o f that, one reference (source unidentifed) shows that Thomas was previously mar ried, with three children -- Israel, Sammie and Mary. I have found no trace of them in other records or sources; still another, more complicating mystery!

I also want to say a little about Elenor DOBKINS, b. 1779 in Cocke Co., TN, who married William BRICKEY ca .1800, Mary's uncle. So far, her parentage has not been determined either. I believe that she was probably Thomas's sister, or if not, surely a cousin. Remains to be seen!

Since 1989, I have compiled DOBKIN S Occurences from various sources into an Early Dobkins List for England, New York, Virginia, Tennessee and Misouri. My intent here is to share the occurenc es and sources for the benefit of DOBKINS researchers; not to make any interpre tations or inferences about possible or probably family relationships. I have o mitted most occurences after Thomas moved to MO 1817 as I am principally intere sted in tracking down his ancestors in TN and VA and, also, in England where I think the family line originated.

Many early VA and TN records and reference s show DOBBINS and variations rather that DOBKINS, seemingly depending on the p articular recorder at the time. It is clear in most cases that DOBBINS was a cl erical substitute for DOBKINS or DOBIKIN. I have included DOBBINS or DOBINS in some VA and TN locales where it is not clear whether they may be clerical varia tions for DOBKINS. In some cases, I have omitted DOBBINS where it is reasonably clear there is no connection to DOBKINS/DOBIKIN.

The first definitive occur ence of the true surname is John A. DOBIKIN, who was listed for a Northern Neck Land Grant in Augusta Co., VA in 1735/36. He died in 1743 and named his son Jo hn and wife, Mary, as co-executors of his estate. Son, John DOBKINS (Capt.) rec eived the 400-acres grant on Holeman's Creek in now Shenandoah Co. in 1950. Joh n and wife, Elizabeth, sold the land to Thomas Moore in 1753.

The Great Brit ian occurences linked in the table below were extracted from the 1993 Internati onal Genealgocial Index (IGI) [' The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint s] and the January, 1997 Addendum thereto. The IGI Extraction is presented only as an aid to researching the DOBKINS surname and variations.

I believe the the DOBKINS surname has its origins in Great Britian, based on the occurences o f the surname and presumed variations. I think that John A. DOBIKIN probably ca me from England prior to 1735, possibly bringing wife, Mary and son, John, with him and perhaps other unidentifed children. I have not done any definitive res earch to prove this because I am still trying to make the link back to him from Thomas D. DOBKINS.

I would appreciate hearing Parents: Thomas D DOBKINS and Mary BRICKEY.

Thomas D DOBKINS395 was born in 1781 in East TN.395 He died in 1822 in Washington, Co., MO.395 [2333582.ged]

Thomas D. DOBKINS was born 1781 in E. TN. According to family tradition He marr ied Mary BRICKEY after her first husband, John McADAMS died (date unknown.). Th eir first child, John, was born 20 Jan 1811. They moved to MO in 1817 with Mary 's father, Girrard, and several other BRICKEYS. Thomas died 1822 in Washington, Co, MO and Mary died in Crawford Co,MO in 1858. Thomas, John and Evan DOBKINS received E.TN Land Grants on Dunn's Creek in Sevier Co. in 1810. Evan possibly was Thomas' father; if not, then it very likely was Reuben DOBKINS in Jefferson Co. I would like to hear from anyone with information about this family.
Dono van Yingst, 12014 Ginger Creek Dr., Boise, ID 83713-3659.

Spouse: Mary BRICKEY. Thomas D DOBKINS and Mary BRICKEY were married in Moved From Cocke Co TN To MO.395 Children were: John DOBKINS.

Princess Of DOBREDEYA7,45 was born about 1102 in Of, Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine.463 She died in 1136.463 She was also known as 'irina' Evpraksia Kiev. Name Suffix:<NSFX> Princess Of

From the Maybee Society files. The data is no t verified and is possibly incorrect. Parents: Grand Duke Of Kiev MSTISLAV I and Princess Of Sweden\ Christina INGESDOTTER.

DOBRONEVA7,37 was born after 1011. She died in 1087. Parents: Prince Of Kiev\ Vladimir I OF KIEV and Ragneda Of OHNINGEN.

Living DOBSON.3

Spouse: Living SPENCER.

Saran Salemma DOBSON3,425 was born in 1875.3,425 She died in 1962.3,425 She is reference number 67968.

Spouse: William Clayton MERSHIMER. William Clayton MERSHIMER and Saran Salemma DOBSON were married WFT Est 1888-1918.3,425 Reference Number:1124668 Children were: Living MERSHIMER, Samuel Decosta MERSHIMER.

Thomas DOBSON4,5 was born about 1818.4,5 He is reference number AL161007s.

Spouse: Sarah Kendrick Best TAYLOR. Thomas DOBSON and Sarah Kendrick Best TAYLOR were married on 29 Oct 1843.4,5

Benjamin S. DOBYNS.19

Spouse: Ella M. DUFPHEY.

John DOBYNS377 was born about 1793 in < VA >.377

Spouse: Eunice KELSEY. John DOBYNS and Eunice KELSEY were married.

Dobiogera DOBZOGERA7,242 was born in 680. She was also known as Dobiogera Dobzogera Unknown.10,62,64,101,130,131 Parents: . Parents: Billung WENDEN.

Spouse: Dieterick SAXONS. Dieterick SAXONS and Dobiogera DOBZOGERA were married. Children were: Werniche SAXONS.

Elizabeth DOCHERTY3,95 was born about 1848 in .3 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 54866. She has Ancestral File Number C3MM-Z5.

Spouse: Charles BOYD. Charles BOYD and Elizabeth DOCHERTY were married on 30 Oct 1885.3 Reference Number:948259

Martha DOCKINGS3,405 was born about 1832.3,405 She was also known as "Patsey". She died WFT Est 1848-1926.3,405 She is reference number 98696. Parents: Willie DOCKINGS and Frances Fanny GOODALL.

Spouse: Francis William BURGE. Francis William BURGE and Martha DOCKINGS were married WFT Est 1844-1875.3,405 Reference Number:1578721 Children were: Martha Ann BURGE.

Willie DOCKINGS3,405 died after 1860.3,405 He was born WFT Est 1783-1810.3,405 He is reference number 98695.

Spouse: Frances Fanny GOODALL. Willie DOCKINGS and Frances Fanny GOODALL were married WFT Est 1817-1846.3,405 Reference Number:1575010 Children were: Martha DOCKINGS.

Martha DOCKINS3,405 was born WFT Est 1785-1824.3,405 She died WFT Est 1794-1904.3,405 She is reference number 96499. Parents: Wiley DOCKINS and Frances GOODALL.

Wiley DOCKINS3,405 was born WFT Est 1753-1790.3,405 He died WFT Est 1785-1868.3,405 He is reference number 96498.

Spouse: Frances GOODALL. Wiley DOCKINS and Frances GOODALL were married WFT Est 1779-1825.3,405 Reference Number:1543193 Children were: Martha DOCKINS.

Henry DOCTOR3,387,2529 died Unknown.3,387 He is reference number 61807.

Spouse: Mary C. FERGUSON. Henry DOCTOR and Mary C. FERGUSON were married. Reference Number:1046016 Children were: Permelia Ann DOCTOR.

Permelia Ann DOCTOR3,387,2004 was born on 18 Aug 1834 in Warren Co., Ohio.3,387,2004 She died on 24 Nov 1905 in Boone Co, IN.3,387,2004 She was also known as Permelia Ann Doctors.3,387,427 She was buried Unknown in Elizaville, IN.3,387,2004 She is reference number 61724. Parents: Henry DOCTOR and Mary C. FERGUSON.

Spouse: John Edgar WILLS. John Edgar WILLS and Permelia Ann DOCTOR were married on 5 Feb 1856 in Boone Co., IN.3,387,427,2529 Reference Number:1045983 Children were: Charlie E. WILLS, Mary E. WILLS, William Theodore WILLS, Louella Josephine WILLS, Henry Alvin WILLS, Winifred E. WILLS, Andrew M. WILLS, Jacob Leandor WILLS, Permelia Jane WILLS, Martha Isabella WILLS.

DODA.520 Parents: Guerin OF POITIERS and GUNZIE.

Spouse: CHRODOBERTUS. Children were: N N, LANTBERTUS.

DODA7,18,27,101,131,261,298,340,341,514,554 died after 678. She was born WFT Est 961-984 in . 2 SOUR S0085816
4 TEXT Date of Import: Apr 16, 2002 Parents: Count Of Franks Burgundy Warinus DE POITIERS and Countess Treves Gunza DE TREVES.

Spouse: RODOBERTUS II. RODOBERTUS II and DODA were married in . Children were: Daughter OF RODOBERTUS, LANBERTUS II.

Spouse: The Tanner' Fulbert DE FALAISE. The Tanner' Fulbert DE FALAISE and DODA were married WFT Est 978-1021.263 Children were: Walter DE FALAISE, Officer Of The Household Harlette DE FALAISE.

DODD2,3 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 29882.

Spouse: Mary. DODD and Mary were married. Reference Number:560849

Spouse: Mary. DODD and Mary were married. Reference Number:560856

DODD3,426 was born WFT Est 1772-1821.3,426 He died WFT Est 1798-1897.3,426 He is reference number 80309.

Spouse: Eliza Jane BOONE. DODD and Eliza Jane BOONE were married WFT Est 1798-1853.3,426 Reference Number:1306677

Arthur J. DODD5,128 was born about 1857.5,128

Spouse: Laura Eolia PATTERSON. Arthur J. DODD and Laura Eolia PATTERSON were married.

Bartholomew DODD4,5 was born about 1774.4,5 He is reference number GR030403s.

Spouse: Maria GROESBECK. Bartholomew DODD and Maria GROESBECK were married.

Clarence DODD3,39,552 was born on 19 Aug 1901 in Collins, Iowa.3,39,552 He died Unknown in ?.3,39,552 He is reference number 3366. Parents: John Wesley DODD and Emma HALTERMAN.

Spouse: Eva Mae SKINNER. Clarence DODD and Eva Mae SKINNER were married on 4 Jun 1923 in ?.3,39,552 Reference Number:71938 Children were: Living DODD, Living DODD, Living DODD, Living DODD, Living DODD, Living DODD.

Henrietta DODD3,688 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 1063.

Spouse: Joseph Edward BOYD. Joseph Edward BOYD and Henrietta DODD were married on 14 Jan 1834.3,688 Reference Number:27436 Children were: Bedford B. BOYD, Samuel C. BOYD, Henry BOYD, John Dodd BOYD, Henrietta Dodd BOYD, Joseph Edward BOYD.

Henriette Miranda DODD3,413 was born on 12 Mar 1843 in Wadsworth (?) Ohio.3,413 She died WFT Est 1871-1937 in Independence Defiance County, Ohio.3,413 She is reference number 93413. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Locations]3,413

Spouse: John Blaine ELLIOTT. John Blaine ELLIOTT and Henriette Miranda DODD were married WFT Est 1871-1889.3,413 Reference Number:342906

Ida DODD.19

Spouse: Eugene Augusta MOONEY.

John DODD3,9 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 91452.

Spouse: Martha. John DODD and Martha were married. Reference Number:1427234 Children were: Phoebe DODD.

John Wesley DODD3,39,552 was born in ?.3,39,552 He died Unknown in ?.3,39,552 He is reference number 3372.

Spouse: Emma HALTERMAN. John Wesley DODD and Emma HALTERMAN were married in ?.3,39,552 Reference Number:72156 Children were: Clarence DODD.

Living DODD.3 Parents: Clarence DODD and Eva Mae SKINNER.

Living DODD.3 Parents: Clarence DODD and Eva Mae SKINNER.

Living DODD.3 Parents: Clarence DODD and Eva Mae SKINNER.

Living DODD.3 Parents: Clarence DODD and Eva Mae SKINNER.

Living DODD.3 Parents: Clarence DODD and Eva Mae SKINNER.

Living DODD.3

Spouse: Living DITTO.

Living DODD.3

Spouse: Beltran G. BRADFORD. Children were: Living BRADFORD.

Living DODD.3

Spouse: Jessie O'neal ELLIS. Children were: Living ELLIS.

Living DODD.3 Parents: Clarence DODD and Eva Mae SKINNER.

Living DODD.3

Spouse: Living HUFFMAN.

Living DODD.3

Spouse: Jessie O'neal ELLIS. Children were: Living ELLIS.

Living DODD.3

Spouse: Jessie O'neal ELLIS. Children were: Living ELLIS.

Pearl DODD3,218,396,487,643 was born WFT Est 1867-1887.3,396 She died WFT Est 1892-1971.3,396 She is reference number 36480.

Spouse: Albert J. SANDERS. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Marriage]3,218,643 They were married WFT Est 1888-1921.3,396 Reference Number:680857 Children were: Leonard SANDERS.

Phoebe DODD3,9 was born in 1758 in Albemarle, VA.3,9 She died on 25 Apr 1855 in Estill County, Kentucky.3,9 She is reference number 89344. Parents: John DODD and Martha.

Spouse: Sr. Elisha WITT. Sr. Elisha WITT and Phoebe DODD were married on 17 Jul 1781 in Albermarle County, Virginia.3,9 Reference Number:1414615 Children were: William WITT, Anna Nancy WITT, Charles WITT, Abner WITT, Jr. Elisha WITT, Nathan WITT, Samuel WITT, Rachel WITT, David WITT, John WITT, Silas WITT.

Sarah Ethel DODD3,487 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 35153.

Spouse: Benjamin L. BRADFORD. Benjamin L. BRADFORD and Sarah Ethel DODD were married. Reference Number:657896 Children were: Living BRADFORD, Living BRADFORD, Living BRADFORD, Mary Lenora BRADFORD, Lawrence L. BRADFORD.

Stephen DODD.377

Spouse: Mary STEVENS.

Harry DODDS3,206 was born in 1896.3,206 He died on 30 Jul 1958.3,206 He is reference number 64736. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth] He was in Post Office Clerk For 42 Years..3,206 Parents: Wilburn Neal DODDS and Emma Frances PHILP.

Spouse: Living RAINEY. Children were: Living DODDS, Living DODDS.

John DODDS3,206 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 64740.

Spouse: Emeline KELLY. John DODDS and Emeline KELLY were married on 20 Oct 1842 in Jefferson Co., Illinois.3,206 Reference Number:1085252 Children were: William S. DODDS, John David DODDS, Wilburn Neal DODDS.

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