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Ancestors of Lazurus Long & Lilieb555 - with connections to others peoples work
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Mary DODGE404 was born in 1817.404 Parents: Samuel DODGE and Lydia WOODBURY.

Spouse: Zachariah BANKS.

Mary DODGE7,234 was born before 1841.

Spouse: Sidney A. RISLEY. Sidney A. RISLEY and Mary DODGE were married on 28 Apr 1841 in Norwich, CT..

Mary Etta DODGE3,387,878 was born WFT Est 1858-1882.3,387,878 She died WFT Est 1901-1970.3,387,878 She is reference number 60831.

Spouse: Thomas Green POWELL. Thomas Green POWELL and Mary Etta DODGE were married on 22 Jan 1896 in Langdon, Reno, KS, USA.3,387,878 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Marriage]3,387 Reference Number:1028542

Mary Harding DODGE3,1242 was born about 1820 in Eden, Vermont.3 She died Unknown in Londonderry, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.3 She is reference number 63629.

Spouse: Mason BOYD. Mason BOYD and Mary Harding DODGE were married on 2 Jan 1851 in Londonderry, Rockingham County, New Hampshire.3 Reference Number:812941 Children were: Martha J. BOYD, Abby E. BOYD, Emma D. BOYD, Daniel Mason BOYD.

Mary Helen DODGE404 was born in 1810.404 Parents: Charles DODGE and Margaret RULOFFSON.

Spouse: Walter WELTON. Walter WELTON and Mary Helen DODGE were married.

Mary Priscilla DODGE404 was born in 1824.404 Parents: John DODGE and Mehitable RULOFFSON.

Spouse: William MOREHOUSE.

Mehitable DODGE404 was born in 1813 in Aylesford, Kings Co., NS.404 She died on 24 Oct 1896 in Inbrook, NS.404 Parents: Charles DODGE and Margaret RULOFFSON.

Spouse: Lemuel NICHOLS. Lemuel NICHOLS and Mehitable DODGE were married on 17 May 1835.404 Children were: Abigail NICHOLS, David Manning NICHOLS, Melton NICHOLS, Louisa Henrietta NICHOLS, Amy Syretha NICHOLS, Mehitable NICHOLS, Charles L. NICHOLS.

Michael DODGE.394 Parents: Michael DODGE.

Michael DODGE394 was born about 1606 in East Coker, Somersetshire, England.394 He died in East Cocker, Somerset, England.394 Parents: John DODGE and MARGERY.

Children were: John DODGE, Margery DODGE, Michael DODGE, Richard DODGE, William DODGE.

Minetta Ann DODGE404 was born in 1808 in Wilmot, Annapolis Co., NS.404 She died on 7 Sep 1899 in Kentville, Kings Co., NS Age 82 Yrs..404 Parents: Charles DODGE and Margaret RULOFFSON.

Spouse: George Provost NICHOLS. George Provost NICHOLS and Minetta Ann DODGE were married on 2 Feb 1831.404 Children were: Margaret Ann NICHOLS, Sarah NICHOLS, George Ingram NICHOLS, Love Minetta NICHOLS, Ada Amanda Ann NICHOLS, Isaiah NICHOLS, Evander V. NICHOLS.

Obadiah DODGE.404

Spouse: Harriet DODGE.

Orin DODGE3,1149 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 63755.

Spouse: Mary A. BOYD. Orin DODGE and Mary A. BOYD were married. Reference Number:1073381

Parker DODGE.404

Spouse: Charles DODGE.

Peter DODGE.394 Parents: Jonathan DODGE and Jerusa WOODBERRY.

Richard DODGE.394 Parents: Michael DODGE.

Richard DODGE394 was born in 1602 in Somerset, England.394 He died on 11 Oct 1711 in Salem, Massachusetts.394 He was also known as Sr. [2170941singletary.FTW]

Richard Dodge

A Novelette by Barb Dodge

Years of rule by Charles I. No parliament! More taxes! Less religious liberty! War looming on the horizon. There were all kinds of signs that showed that things were not as they ought to be. Increasing anger against King Charles I. Unrest of the citizenry.
Brother William was doing very well in the colonies. He had his own farm, and he had a good standing in the community. He could worship as he chose. He didn't need to worry about displeasing a King. He could do as he wished. He was FREE!

Richard was married and had several children. He would need to give up his land tenancy. It would be no easy undertaking for him to transport his family to the colonies. He was leaving at least one little child in an English graveyard. Would his wife be willing to pull up roots, leave her family and travel to this strange foreign land? He would be leaving his father and brother, Michael, behind. How would he be able to leave England when King Charles was obstructing immigration. If he left, it would probably have to be without royal permission. There were many problems to work out before he could undertake such a voyage. I am sure that he gave much thought of all of these things. In the end, he decided it was worth it to try to leave his homeland.

Richard and his family arrived in Salem in 1638. Immigrants were only admitted to the colony, by applying to the town and obtaining leave.He and his family moved on to the land of his brother, William until he could get established. After awhile he was able to settle with his family on "Dodge Row" in North Beverly, not far from Wenham Lake. He built a home and gave his attention to farming but he held in high esteem the value of education. In 1653, he was the biggest contributor to Harvard College. He gave a piece of his land for a burying ground which is now known as "the Cemetery on Dodges Row".He had 5 sons, and so he has more descendants than William who had 2 sons. Parents: John DODGE and MARGERY.

Spouse: EDITH. Children were: Richard DODGE.

Spouse: Edith WOODBERRY. Richard DODGE and Edith WOODBERRY were married in 1628 in East Coker, Somersetshire, England.394 Children were: Lt. John DODGE, Edward DODGE, Richard DODGE, Margery DODGE, Mary DODGE, Sarah DODGE, Richard DODGE Jr., Samuel DODGE, Joesph DODGE.

Richard DODGE394 was born in 1628.394 Parents: Richard DODGE and EDITH. Parents: Richard DODGE and Edith WOODBERRY.

Spouse: Mary EATON. Richard DODGE and Mary EATON were married on 23 Feb 1667 in Wenham, Essex, Massachusettes.394 Children were: Martha DODGE.

Richard DODGE Jr.394 was born in 1644 in Beverely, Massachusettes.394 Parents: Richard DODGE and Edith WOODBERRY.

Spouse: Mary EATON. Richard DODGE Jr. and Mary EATON were married.

Samuel DODGE394 was born in 1645.394 Parents: Richard DODGE and Edith WOODBERRY.

Samuel DODGE404 was born on 6 Oct 1775 in New York. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]404 He died on 6 Jun 1852.404 Parents: Stephen DODGE and Blanche SHADWIN.

Spouse: Lydia WOODBURY. Children were: Arthur DODGE, Elizabeth DODGE, Emily DODGE, John DODGE, George DODGE, Mary DODGE, Edwin DODGE, Charles DODGE, Harriet DODGE, Lavinia DODGE.

Samuel Fowler DODGE404 was born in 1829.404 Parents: Charles DODGE and Margaret RULOFFSON.

Spouse: Lydia MCGILL.

Sarah DODGE.394 Parents: Andrew DODGE and Sarah ANDREWS.

Sarah DODGE.394 Parents: Thomas DODGE and Elizabeth DODGE.

Sarah DODGE.404 Parents: Isaac DODGE and Grace YOUNG.

Spouse: Henry MONROE.

Sarah DODGE394 was born in 1644.394 Parents: Richard DODGE and Edith WOODBERRY.

Sarah DODGE394 was born in 1667 in Beverely, Massachusettes.394 Parents: Lt. John DODGE and Sarah PORTER. Parents: Captain John DODGE and Sarah PROCTOR.

Spouse: Daniel DAVISSON Jr.. Daniel DAVISSON Jr. and Sarah DODGE were married on 28 Jun 1685 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusettes.394 Children were: Sarah DAVISSON, Mercy DAVISSON, Daniel Brinson DAVISSON, Josiah DAVISSON, Andrew DAVISSON, Hepsibah DAVISSON, Mary DAVISSON.

Sarah DODGE was born on 24 Nov 1771 in New York. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]404 She died on 20 Dec 1864.404 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Death] She was also known as Sarah Dodge.404 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth] Parents: Stephen DODGE and Blanche SHADWIN.

Spouse: David NICHOLS. David NICHOLS and Sarah DODGE were married on 19 May 1789. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Marriage]404 Children were: Sarah NICHOLS, Sarah NICHOLS, Mary Polly NICHOLS, William NICHOLS, Amy Charolett NICHOLS, Stephen NICHOLS, Freelove NICHOLS, Lois Ruggles NICHOLS.

Stephen DODGE404 was born in 1748 in Oyster Bay, Long Island NY. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]404 He died on 6 Jun 1808 in Wilmot NS<. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Death]404 He lived in Wilmot.404 Parents: Tristran DODGE and Sarah HAWKSHURST.

Spouse: Blanche SHADWIN. Children were: Sarah DODGE, Charles DODGE, Samuel DODGE, Mary DODGE, Freelove DODGE, Stephen DODGE, Jacob DODGE, John DODGE, Isaac DODGE.

Stephen DODGE404 was born on 21 Mar 1784 in Granville NS.. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]404 He died on 27 Oct 1870.404 Parents: Stephen DODGE and Blanche SHADWIN.

Susannah DODGE404 was born in 1797.404 Parents: Charles DODGE and Mehitable GATES.

Spouse: Christopher MARGESON.

Thomas DODGE.394 Parents: Luke DODGE and Hannah WHITTREDGE.

Thomas DODGE394 was born on 12 Feb 1707 in Beverely, Essex County, Massachusetts.394 He died on 29 Aug 1754 in Hamlet Parish, Essex County, Massachusetts.394 Parents: Andrew DODGE and Sarah ANDREWS.

Spouse: Elizabeth DODGE. Children were: Andrew DODGE, Betty DODGE, Lucy DODGE, Ammi DODGE, Sarah DODGE, Elenor DODGE, Deliverence DODGE, Jerusha DODGE, Luke DODGE.

Tristram DODGE404 was born in 1607 in England.404 He died in 1683.404 Parents: John DODGE.

Spouse: Anne MANSFIELD. Children were: William DODGE.

Tristran DODGE404 died in 1763. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Death]404 He was born in Oysterbay Long Island N.Y.. Parents: Jermiah DODGE. Parents: Jeremiah DODGE.

Spouse: Sarah HAWKSHURST. Children were: Stephen DODGE.

William DODGE.394 Parents: Jonathan DODGE and Jerusa WOODBERRY.

William DODGE.394 Parents: Captain John DODGE and Sarah PROCTOR.

Captain William DODGE.394 Parents: William DODGE.

William DODGE.394 Parents: Michael DODGE.

William DODGE394 was born in 1604.394 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]394 He died about 1692 in Beverely, Essex County, Massachusettes.394 [2170941singletary.FTW]

1629 - 1692
Donald R. Dodge *

In the approximate year of our Lord 1604, John and Margery Dodge of Middle Chinnock, County of Somerset, England, had born to them William, the second of three sons. John Dodge and his sons William, Richard, and Michael were linearly descended from that Saxon race of warriors who served as steel clad barons in wars waged for the Norman kings of England.
On April 25, 1629, Mr. William Dodge joined a company of Puritan planters and craftsmen and journeyed to America on the Lion's Whelp, a small ship of 120 tons displacement. The Lion's Whelp and her sister ships the Talbot and the George carried their goods and passengers to Naumkaeg, the Indian name for the North American territory settled by England's Massachusetts Bay Company at Salem.

William Dodge, aged 25 years, or thereabouts, was described as well over usual stature, with a well formed athletic physique, with the dark hair, eyes, and complexion typical of the ancient Britons. Reverend John White of the Massachusetts Bay Company called Mr. William Dodge a " skillful and painful husbandman" in reference to his skills as a farmer. He recommended that Governor Endicott give William the charge of a team of horses to facilitate his work efforts in the expanding Puritan settlements in the Salem area The records indicate that William returned to England on October 15, 1635 to be present at his father's deathbed. William was one of three witnesses to John Dodge's will which gave him a sum of 40 pounds and a team of oxen. This inheritance was described as supplemental to whatever gifts his father had given him before he first emigrated to the New World in 1629.

William returned to Salem, presumably with his inherited money and farm animals to resume his life as an English Planter. As a freeman of the Salem settlement, William was given two lots of land comprised of 80 acres and 20 acres each, on September 3, 1637. In May, 1641, William purchased 200 more acres of good, farmable land from John Palfrey. The land was located in an area of Salem near the headwaters of the Bass River. This land area later became part of the new town of Beverly where William made his permanent residence in 1645.

William Dodge's 280+ acres of land made his land holdings the largest of the early 17th century Planters according to the recorded land deeds of the Salem/ Beverly area. Records show that on December 3, 1641 he gave 40 acres of his land to his brother Richard Dodge who had emigrated to Salem in 1638, nine years after his younger brother William.

William Dodge was a well respected farmer and citizen of the Salem/Beverly community. The area's historical texts and records show over 35 instances where Farmer William was appointed or elected to public services for his community. He held such offices as selectman, grand juryman, and surveyor of roads and properties. He is noted as one of the founders of the First Church in Beverly in 1667. He was a neighbor and close friend of the Reverend John Hale.

William Dodge was a family man. According to historical records, he married Mary Conant, the widow of John Balch of Beverly, in his later life. However, the maiden name of the wife and mother of his four children is not recorded. His children, in order of birth were;

* John Dodge Baptized December 25, 1636

* William Dodge Baptized September 19, 1640

* Hannah Dodge Baptized July 24, 1642

* Josiah Dodge ( Baptismal date not recorded)

Farmer William Dodge Sr. died in his 80's at some time between the years 1685 and 1692. He deeded most of his property to his second son Captain William Dodge. No mention is made in Farmer William's will , or in other records, of his bequests to his eldest son Captain John Dodge, who outlived his father by more than 30 years. It is recorded that Captain John Dodge and his two brothers fought in the Puritan community's wars with the Naragansett indians. Farmer Dodge's youngest son Josiah was killed in battle at Bloody Brook, South Deerfield, along with the sons of Benjamin Balch and Humphrey Woodberry.

Farmer William Dodge's surviving sons John and William lived long and prospered in their Puritan community of Beverly. Captain John owned and operated a successful grist mill at the head waters of the Bass River while Captain William continued as a prosperous farmer on his father's original family homestead in Beverly. Both Farmer William's sons served, at different times, as Beverly's representative to the General Court. Today, the descendants of Farmer William and his two sons still reside in the New England area and, indeed, the whole breadth of the United States. Farmer William and his brother Richard have a posterity of which they would be proud: a posterity in keeping with the traditions of their race. Parents: John DODGE and MARGERY.

Spouse: Mary CONANT.

Children were: Captain William DODGE, Hannah DODGE, Josiah DODGE, Captain John DODGE.

William DODGE404 was born in 1649 in New Shoreham, Newport, RI.404 Parents: Tristram DODGE and Anne MANSFIELD.

Spouse: Sarah GEORGE. William DODGE and Sarah GEORGE were married on 24 Apr 1674.404 Children were: Jeremiah DODGE.

William Allen DODGE404 was born in 1822.404 Parents: Charles DODGE and Margaret RULOFFSON.

Spouse: Lois RUGGLES. William Allen DODGE and Lois RUGGLES were married in 1849.404

DODGEN3,403 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 106614. [boyd-trees.ged]




James R. Pitts book gives husband of Elizabeth as William (James?) Dudgeon.

Spouse: Elizabeth PITTS. DODGEN and Elizabeth PITTS were married. Reference Number:1671714

DODGEN3,403 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 106717.

Spouse: Sara PITTS. DODGEN and Sara PITTS were married. Reference Number:1672867

James DODLEY3,294 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 38034.

Spouse: Eliza SHUMATE. James DODLEY and Eliza SHUMATE were married on 29 Jul 1824 in Nicholas Co KY.3,294 Reference Number:698424

Felice DODO.377

Spouse: Gervace DE BEAUMONT.

Addie Boyd DODSON3 was born on 18 Sep 1893.3 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 1203. Parents: Benjamin F. DODSON and Della BOYD.

Benjamin F. DODSON3 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 5810.

Spouse: Della BOYD. Benjamin F. DODSON and Della BOYD were married on 19 Nov 1851.3 Reference Number:30133 Children were: Addie Boyd DODSON.

Crory DODSON3,95 was born about 1853 in <, Ohio, Kentucky>.3 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 63250. She has Ancestral File Number 19H1-GMN. Parents: George DODSON and Seignor Ann SHARP.

Deborah DODSON3,95 was born on 18 Nov 1850 in , Ohio, Kentucky.3 She died on 4 Dec 1889 in , Ohio, Kentucky.3 She was buried Unknown in Dodson Cem., Ohio, Kentucky.3 She is reference number 63249. She has Ancestral File Number 19H1-GK8. Parents: George DODSON and Seignor Ann SHARP.

Ella DODSON3,483 died in 1936.3,483 She is reference number 59505.

Spouse: Lee MATTHEWS. Lee MATTHEWS and Ella DODSON were married. Reference Number:1010634 Children were: Pervy MATTHEWS.

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