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Ancestors of Lazurus Long & Lilieb555 - with connections to others peoples work

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She died after 1148. She was born in . Parents: Guillaume D' ARQUES and Beatrice MALET.

Spouse: Mansses De VER. Mansses De VER and Emma De D' ARQUES were married in . Children were: Countess Of Ghisnes\ Sibilla MANASSES.

Spouse: Nigel De MANDEVILLE. Nigel De MANDEVILLE and Emma De D' ARQUES were married in . Children were: Maude De MANDEVILLE.

Godfrey D' ARQUES.101 Parents: Osborne GIFFARD.

Children were: William D' ARQUES.

Godfrey D'arques Viscount ARQUES7,130 was born in 970. Parents: Lord Of Longueville Osbern DE BOLBEC and Wevia Dueceline DE CREPON.

Godfroi D' ARQUES.70,85,101,103,120,173 Parents: Seigneur Of Longueville Osbern I BOLBEC and Wevia De CREPON.

Spouse: Amelie De ROUEN. Children were: Guillaume D' ARQUES.

Guillaume D' ARQUES.97,173 Parents: Godfroi D' ARQUES and Amelie De ROUEN. Parents: .

Spouse: Beatrice MALET. Children were: Emma De D' ARQUES.

Maud D' ARQUES7,101 was born about 1065. Parents: William D' ARQUES and Beatrice De BOLBEC.

Spouse: William De TANKERVILLE. William De TANKERVILLE and Maud D' ARQUES were married. Children were: Renebault De TANKERVILLE, Lucy De TANKERVILLE.

William D' ARQUES7,101 was born about 1045. Parents: Godfrey D' ARQUES.

Spouse: Beatrice De BOLBEC. William D' ARQUES and Beatrice De BOLBEC were married. Children were: Maud D' ARQUES.

King Arphaxad Of ARR7,798,799 was born in 2342 B.C. In Jerusalem, Palestine. He died in 1404 B.C. In Jerusalem, Palestine. Parents: SHEM and SEDEQETELEBAB.

Mary ARREL3,281 was born about 1847.3,281 She died Unknown in Y.3,281 She is reference number 52923.

Spouse: Robert Dempsey BOYD. Robert Dempsey BOYD and Mary ARREL were married. Reference Number:918581

Seumas Of Bute ARREN3,800 died in 1210 in Scotland.3,800 He was born WFT Est 1100-1186 in Scotland.3,800 He is reference number 75188.

Mariamne ARRIA.213,430,801 Parents: ARISTOBULUS and BERENICE.

Spouse: Falvius II M. Titus SABINUS. Children were: Mariamne Caecina ARRIA, Mariamne Caecina ARRIA.

Mariamne Caecina ARRIA.430,801 Parents: Falvius II M. Titus SABINUS and Mariamne ARRIA.

Mariamne Caecina ARRIA.213 Parents: Falvius II M. Titus SABINUS and Mariamne ARRIA.

Spouse: Gaius Sillius Calpernius Domitius PISO. Children were: Arrisus Antoninus Calpernius PISO.

Absolom ARRINGTON3,399 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 12511.

Spouse: Jane COCKRAM. Absolom ARRINGTON and Jane COCKRAM were married after 1817 in Franklin Co. VA..3,399 Reference Number:309636 Children were: Charles ARRINGTON.

Charles ARRINGTON3,366,399 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 12513. Parents: Absolom ARRINGTON and Jane COCKRAM.

Spouse: Christiana BOYD. Charles ARRINGTON and Christiana BOYD were married. Reference Number:309657

Spouse: Christina BOYD. Charles ARRINGTON and Christina BOYD were married on 23 Dec 1853.3,399 Reference Number:309646

Clyde ARRINGTON.5,128

Spouse: Josephine HALSTEAD. Children were: Living ARRINGTON, Living ARRINGTON, Living ARRINGTON, Living ARRINGTON.

Hettie ARRINGTON3,399 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 13792.

Spouse: Rufus VIERS. Rufus VIERS and Hettie ARRINGTON were married. Reference Number:327473 Children were: Living VIERS.

Laura D. ARRINGTON3,183 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 71217.

Spouse: William M. LATTIMORE. William M. LATTIMORE and Laura D. ARRINGTON were married on 6 Jan 1842.3,183 Reference Number:1180790


Spouse: Ruben SYKES. Children were: Living SYKES.

James ARROWSMITH4,5 was born about 1854.4,5

Spouse: Anna Keziah ROGERS. James ARROWSMITH and Anna Keziah ROGERS were married on 28 Mar 1879.4,5

Of Comminges ARSENDA7,207 was born about 930. She died before 984. PED OF AUGUSTINE H. AYERS

Spouse: Count Of Provenc\ William I. Count Of Provenc\ William I and Of Comminges ARSENDA were married before 982. Children were: Count Of Provence WILLIAM II.

ARSENDIS7,61 died in 989. She was also known as Ersendis.

Spouse: CADELON IV. Children were: Amelia OF AULNAY.

ARSENDIS7,122 was born before 965 in Toulouse, France.

Spouse: Vicomte Cadelon IV D' AULNAY. Vicomte Cadelon IV D' AULNAY and ARSENDIS were married. Children were: Countess Amelie D' AULNAY.

Alma A. ARSENEAULT5,94 was born on 8 Feb 1891 in Amesbury, Essex, Mass, USA.5,94 She died on 10 Mar 1892.5,94 She is reference number 1751. Parents: .

Andrew Clement ARSENEAULT5,94 was born on 17 Sep 1899 in Amesbury, Massecheusetts, USA.5,94 He died on 10 Apr 1987 in Concord, New Hampshire, USA.5,94 He is reference number 1828. Parents: .

Spouse: Living BARRY.

Edward Calixte ARSENEAULT5,94 was born on 23 Aug 1895 in Newburyport, Massecheusetts, USA.5,94 He died Dead.5,94 He is reference number 1822. Parents: .

Spouse: Beatrice FITZGERALD.

George Dewey ARSENEAULT5,94 was born on 17 May 1898 in Amesbury, Essex, Massecheusetts, USA.5,94 He died on 15 Mar 1969.5,94 He is reference number 1824. Parents: .

Spouse: Living MCKENNA.

Germaine ARSENEAULT.5,94

Spouse: Domithilde GOGUEN.

Mary Edna ARSENEAULT5,94 was born on 26 Nov 1896 in Amesbury, Essex, Mass, USA.5,94 She died on 1 Dec 1896 in Amesbury, Essex, Mass, USA.5,94 She is reference number 1754. Parents: .

Ozilie ARSENEAULT.5,94 Parents: Mary BOURQUE.

William Albeny ARSENEAULT5,94 was born on 24 Jun 1894 in Amesbury, Essex, Massecheusetts, USA.5,94 He died on 15 Jun 1988 in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA.5,94 He is reference number 1820. Parents: .

Spouse: Emilienna BEAUDOIN.

Spouse: Harriet BOYD.

Joan De ARSIC7,97 was born about 1180 in Cogges, Oxfordshire, England. Parents: .

Spouse: Eustace De GREINVILLE. Eustace De GREINVILLE and Joan De ARSIC were married. Children were: Gilbert De GREINVILLE.

ARSINDE7,64 was born in 829.

Spouse: Ithier II De MERCOEUR. Ithier II De MERCOEUR and ARSINDE were married. Children were: Bernard De MERCOEUR.

Countess Of Comminges ARSINDE7,243,264 was born about 902 in Of Carcassonne, Aude, France. She died in 969.

SOUR Royalty for Commoners, Roderick W. Stu art says liv 945-969
PAGE 209
Parents: Count Of Carcassonne ALFRED and Countess Of Carcassonne ADELAIDE.

Spouse: Count I ARNAUD Of Comminges. Count I ARNAUD Of Comminges and Countess Of Comminges ARSINDE were married in 940.

Children were: Count Of Carcassonne ROGER I.

ARSINOE.430 Parents: Ptolemy XII EGYPT and EUPATRA.

Spouse: MENNEUS. Children were: Ptolemy Bar MENNEUS.

Samuel ARSWORTH.5,94,409

Spouse: Celia ATER. Children were: Rebecca ARMSWORTH, Noah ARMSWORTH, James ARMSWORTH, Catherine ARMSWORTH.

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