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Ancestors of Lazurus Long & Lilieb555 - with connections to others peoples work
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Joan Wife Of John GARNER.395

Spouse: John GARNER. Children were: Richard GARNER.

John GARNER.395

Spouse: Joan Wife Of John GARNER. Children were: Richard GARNER.

John GARNER3,468 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 50170.

Spouse: Eliza Ellen BOYD. John GARNER and Eliza Ellen BOYD were married in Apr 1856.3,468 Reference Number:879328

John GARNER395 was born on 2 Sep 1633 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England Or Northern Wales.395 He emigrated in 1650 from Arrived Northumberland Co., VA At The Age Of 17.395 He lived in Settled West Of Garner's Creek, Near Lewisetta, Northumberland Co., VA in 1660.395 He lived in Moved Near Kinsale, Westmoreland Co., VA in 1672.395 He died on 26 May 1702 in (Near) Kinsdale, Westmoreland Co, VA.395 [2333582.ged]

FA1: Arrived Northumberland Co., VA (1650) at the age of 17. 19 24 23
_FA2: Se ttled west of Garner's Creek, near Lewisetta, Northumberland Co., VA (1660). 19
_FA3: Location was at mouth of Coan River at Cowart's Point. 19
_FA4: Moved near Kinsale, Westmoreland Co., VA (abt 1672). 19
_FA5: BEF. 5 MAY 1665 Guardi an to Thomas Keene, Jr. (his brother in law). 19
_FA6: Builder in Westmoreland & Stafford cos, VA. 19
_FA7: Acquired much land (3000+ acres) in the northern Neck area, VA. 19
_FA8: Bequeathed son Henry Garner 400 acres in Westmoreland Co, VA. 19
REF: "Garners of Texas A Personal History" by Bascom N. Tim mons, Harper & Bros. Publishers, New York, avail. at San Augustine (TX?) Public Library & Houston, Harris Co, TX library: Said John Nance Garner was "Scotch i n the male line & Welsh in the other." Mentions the Garners were a well-off fam ily that had "found the way to education & business success" & had fought for b oth the King vs. the French & for Geo. Washington vs. the King. Also mentions t he Garners "had moved west on the outer rim of advancing civilization" but were "not without roots".

From: James Garner (b. 1955) [email protected]: Th e information I have on John Garner (b1633) parents comes from the Internationa l Genealogical Index (IGI). Both Richard Garner and Thomas Garner had a son Joh n Garner in about 1633 in England. I believe the evidenc is slightly higher for Thomas and Mary being his parents because our John Garner had a son he named T homas and a daughter he named Mary. This is the only reason I have for favoring Thomas and Mary Parents: Richard GARNER and Katharn Wife Of Richard GARNER.

Spouse: Susanna KEENE. John GARNER and Susanna KEENE were married in 1659 in Northumberland Co., VA.395 Children were: Thomas GARNER, Jr. Garner JOHN, Henry GARNER, Vincent GARNER, Parish GARNER, Benjamin GARNER, James GARNER, Mary GARNER, Susan GARNER, Martha GARNER.

Katharn Wife Of Richard GARNER.395

Spouse: Richard GARNER. Children were: Martha GARNER, John GARNER.

Lawrence GARNER.377

Spouse: Living JONES. Children were: Living GARNER, Living GARNER, Living GARNER, Living GARNER.

Lecy GARNER.19

Spouse: Morris Leon BRUNSON. Children were: Mike BRUNSON, Suzanna BRUNSON.

Living GARNER.377 Parents: Lawrence GARNER and Living JONES.

Living GARNER.377 Parents: Lawrence GARNER and Living JONES.

Living GARNER.377 Parents: Lawrence GARNER and Living JONES.

Living GARNER.377 Parents: Lawrence GARNER and Living JONES.

Living GARNER.3

Spouse: Living LINDERMAN.

Living GARNER.3

Spouse: Derwin Lawson FULLER. Children were: Living FULLER, Living FULLER.

Living GARNER.3

Spouse: Living COX. Children were: Living COX.

Lynette GARNER3,450 was born on 30 Sep 1963 in Arizona.3,450 She died on 16 Sep 1994 in Texas.3,450 She is reference number 28673.

Spouse: Living SHOCK.

Martha GARNER.395 Parents: Richard GARNER and Katharn Wife Of Richard GARNER.

Martha GARNER395 was born in 1681.395 Parents: John GARNER and Susanna KEENE.

Martha Wife Of Vincent GARNER.395

Spouse: Vincent GARNER.

Mary GARNER5 was born Unknown.5 She died Unknown.5 She was buried in Sharon, Weakly Co., TN.5

Spouse: James Madison REYNOLDS. James Madison REYNOLDS and Mary GARNER were married. Children were: John Luther REYNOLDS.

Mary GARNER395 was born in 1677.395 She died on 20 Apr 1726 in Northumberland Co. VA.395 Parents: John GARNER and Susanna KEENE.

Mary Elizabeth GARNER395 was born in 1740 in Westmoreland County, Virginia.395 She lived in Moved To Botetourt Co, VA in 1774.395 She died on 18 Feb 1780 in Botetourt Co, VA.395 She was buried in Big Rock Spring, Catawba, Botetourt, VA.395 Parents: Thomas GARNER and Rosemond COURTNEY.

Spouse: John BRICKEY. John BRICKEY and Mary Elizabeth GARNER were married in 1759 in Westmoreland Co., VA.395 Children were: Garrard BRICKEY, Elizabeth BRICKEY, Peter BRICKEY, Winifred Lucas BRICKEY, Mary BRICKEY, John C BRICKEY, William BRICKEY.

Mary Ellen (Moll) GARNER3,38 was born about 1856 in <, Cedar Falls, , Iowa>.3 She died in 1941 in , Cedar Falls, , Iowa.3 She is reference number 50468. She has Ancestral File Number SNZF-L3. Parents: Samuel GARNER and Charity MOON.

Spouse: Enoch Edward BOYD. Enoch Edward BOYD and Mary Ellen (Moll) GARNER were married on 12 Aug 1871 in , Finchford, Black Hawk, Iowa.3 Reference Number:883456 Children were: Samuel A BOYD, Isaac J (Ike) BOYD, Maud BOYD, Sadie BOYD, Benjamin H BOYD, Edward G (Gee) BOYD, Lee RARICK.

Mary Wife James GARNER.395

Spouse: James GARNER.

Miranda GARNER4,5 was born about 1833.4,5 She is reference number RO050202s1.

Spouse: William Warren ROSE. William Warren ROSE and Miranda GARNER were married on 4 Dec 1853.4,5

Parish GARNER395 was born in 1671.395 Parents: John GARNER and Susanna KEENE.

Spouse: Elizabeth PARKER.

Richard GARNER395 was born about 1604 in Staton Lacy, Shropshire, England.395 He died about 1643 in VA.395 [2333582.ged]

Fact 1: Wilbur Garner, 3800 Elmcroft Rd., Randallstown, MD 21133-4616
Fact 2: Researched in England
Note: Wilbur Garner says John's father is Richard and Ka tharn, but other sources say his parents were Thomas and Mary Lacye. Parents: John GARNER and Joan Wife Of John GARNER.

Spouse: Katharn Wife Of Richard GARNER. Children were: Martha GARNER, John GARNER.

Samuel GARNER3,38 was born about 1830 in <, Cedar Falls, , Iowa>.3 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 50466. He has Ancestral File Number SNZF-JQ.

Spouse: Charity MOON. Samuel GARNER and Charity MOON were married. Reference Number:883476 Children were: Mary Ellen (Moll) GARNER.

Sarah GARNER7,188 died after 1792.

Spouse: Henry ARLEDGE. Henry ARLEDGE and Sarah GARNER were married.

Susan GARNER395 was born in 1679.395 Parents: John GARNER and Susanna KEENE.

Spouse: William LEWIS.

Susan GARNER5,128 was born about 1765.5,128

Spouse: Jacob BAKER. Jacob BAKER and Susan GARNER were married. Children were: Mary BARKER.

Susan GARNER3,488 was born on 8 Nov 1765 in South Carolina.3,488 She died on 13 May 1851 in Laurens South Carolina.3,488 She is reference number 66897.

Spouse: Esq Charles ALLEN III. Esq Charles ALLEN III and Susan GARNER were married on 12 Dec 1782.3,488 Reference Number:1114543 Children were: Joel ALLEN.

Thomas GARNER3,468 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 49762.

Spouse: Mary E. ROSS. Thomas GARNER and Mary E. ROSS were married. Reference Number:874342

Thomas GARNER395 died in 1726.395 [2333582.ged]

Note: In 1714 Thomas Garner patented 1,000 acres and later 1,400 acres on Tinpo t Run and Licking Run Creeks, branches of the Occoquon River. Parents: John GARNER and Susanna KEENE.

Spouse: Mary BUSHNELL. Thomas GARNER and Mary BUSHNELL were married.

Thomas GARNER395 was born in 1693 in Westmoreland Co, VA.395 He died in 1757 in Westmoreland Co Or Henry Co, VA.395 Parents: Henry GARNER and Catherine BRADLEY.

Spouse: Rosemond COURTNEY. Thomas GARNER and Rosemond COURTNEY were married in 1714 in Westmoreland, Virginia.395 Children were: Mary Elizabeth GARNER.

Vincent GARNER395 was born in 1667.395 He died in 1710.395 Parents: John GARNER and Susanna KEENE.

Spouse: Martha Wife Of Vincent GARNER.

Winny Lucas GARNER.395 Parents: James GARNER and Dorcas BRICKEY.

Alicia GARNET7,97 was born about 1200. Parents: William GARNET.

Spouse: Almeric Le BOTELER. Almeric Le BOTELER and Alicia GARNET were married. Children were: William Le BOTELER.

Spouse: Almeric Le BOTELER. Almeric Le BOTELER and Alicia GARNET were married. Children were: Richard BOTELER.

William GARNET7,97 was born about 1190.

Children were: Alicia GARNET.

Joan GARNETT7,37 was born about 1237 in , , Lancashire, England. Parents: Benet Or Benedict GERNET.

Spouse: William DACRE. William DACRE and Joan GARNETT were married in . Children were: Mary DACRE, Thomas DACRE, Robert DACRE, Elizabeth DACRE, Hugh DACRE, Randolph DACRE, Ralph DACRE.

Joan GARNETT377 was born about 1270 in < Of, , Lancashire, Eng>.377 Parents: Benet (Benedict) GERNET.

Spouse: William DARCE. William DARCE and Joan GARNETT were married. Children were: Mary DARCE.

Julia GARNETT3,1402 was born on 4 Nov 1856.3 She died on 25 Feb 1910.3 She is reference number 43044.

Spouse: William Leggo BOYD. William Leggo BOYD and Julia GARNETT were married. Reference Number:769113 Children were: Whitmell C. BOYD, Clinton C. BOYD.

Living GARNETT.3

Spouse: Living BOYD. Children were: Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Jerry BOYD.


Children were: N. N..

Comte De Troyes GARNIER7,461 was born about 868 in France. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth] He died on 6 Dec 925.462 He was also known as Vicomte Of Troyes Sens Garnier.207 PED OF AUGUSTINE H. AYERS Parents: . Parents: .

Spouse: Of Arles TEUTBERGA. Comte De Troyes GARNIER and Of Arles TEUTBERGA were married. Children were: TEUTBERGE, Count Of Vienne HUGH, Of Troyes BERTA.

Spouse: Thietberge D' ARLES. Comte De Troyes GARNIER and Thietberge D' ARLES were married about 900.462 Children were: Berthe De TROYES, Thietberge De SENS, Comte De Sens I FROMOND, Comte De Vienne HUGUES.

Mary GARNSEY5,128 was born about 1710.5,128 She is reference number 8419.

Spouse: John BARSTOW. John BARSTOW and Mary GARNSEY were married on 7 Jan 1731.5 Reference Number:31827 Children were: Samuel BARSTOW, John BARSTOW, Bettey BARSTOW, Lydia BARSTOW, Kezia BARSTOW, Asa BARSTOW, Mary BARSTOW, Job BARSTOW.


Spouse: Living LUDEMANN.

Living GARRATT.404 Parents: Living JODY and Living PRITCHARD.

Martha GARRELL3,333 was born on 22 May 1853 in GA..3,333 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 105349.

Spouse: Thomas Franklin LEACH. Thomas Franklin LEACH and Martha GARRELL were married on 24 Aug 1880.3,333 Reference Number:1635445

Living GARREN.3

Spouse: Living SALMON.

Margaret GARRET5,94,126,127,128 was born about 1800.5,128 She is reference number 14194.

Spouse: Jeremiah TRUESDELL. Jeremiah TRUESDELL and Margaret GARRET were married on 11 Apr 1828 in Campbell Co., KY.5,128 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Marriage]5,94,127 Reference Number:101836

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