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Count Of Fezensac Liziard7,18,242 was born in 782. He died about 816. TYPE Book
AUTH Sander
PERI English Baronies
PUBL Oxford: Clarendon Press, 19 60
TEXT 264-40
DATE 3 APR 2000

Parents: Count Of Paris Begue and Abbess Of St. Peters Adaltrude. Parents: (Count Of Paris) Beggen Or Bego PARIS and Countess Of Paris Alpais Aupals Of FRANCE.

Children were: Count Of Paris Gerard ROUSSILLON.

Lora19 died in 1988 in Hawkinsville, Pulaski County, Georgia.19

Spouse: Matthew HOOD. Matthew HOOD and Lora were married.

Lora V.3,9 died in Oct 1873 in Texas.3,9 She is reference number 88773.

Spouse: Willaim C . GRISHAM. Willaim C . GRISHAM and Lora V. were married. Reference Number:1421106 Children were: Lucille GRISHAM, Norman D. GRISHAM.

Cts De Loretto Loretta7,20,82,157 died in 1301.20,157 1 _FA1
Interred: Worcester Cathedral.
so c.genealogy.medieval (John Cantwell [email protected]) quoting "Hubert de Burg h A Study in Constancy" by Clarence Ellis, pub. 1952

Spouse: \Baron Clifford Roger De CLIFFORD II. \Baron Clifford Roger De CLIFFORD II and Cts De Loretto Loretta were married in St.Georges-Du-Bois, Beaufort-En-Vallée.20,157 Children were: \Baron Clifford Roger De CLIFFORD III.

Loridi.252 Parents: VINGENER.

Children were: Einridi Or EIARIDI.

Louisa3,9 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 89040.

Spouse: Anderson Clark EDGE. Anderson Clark EDGE and Louisa were married. Reference Number:1424282

Swallow Louisa3,78 was born about 1799 in Of, Montgomery, Ohio.3,78 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 27670.

!BIRTH/MARRIAGE:dates unknown; data comes from FHC #0859778; Family
Records of
Miami Valley (Friends); p. 99-100.
!CENSUS: 1850 Montgomery Co., OH; butler Twp; p. 120; house/family

Spouse: Joshua SWALLOW. Joshua SWALLOW and Swallow Louisa were married before 1830 in Of, Montgomery, Ohio.3,78 Reference Number:522268 Children were: Milton SWALLOW, Angeline SWALLOW, David SWALLOW, Lafayette SWALLOW, Harrison SWALLOW, Fidelia SWALLOW.

Louisa3,38 was born about 1838 in <, , AR>.3 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 24668.

Spouse: William BOYD. William BOYD and Louisa were married. Reference Number:484000 Children were: John Redmond BOYD.

Louisa L.3,38 was born about 1810 in .3,38 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 21247.

Spouse: Moses BOYD. Moses BOYD and Louisa L. were married.3,38 Reference Number:427362

Louise Jane2,3 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 33524.

Spouse: Archibald COX. Archibald COX and Louise Jane were married on 21 May 1840.2,3 Reference Number:632067

Lovice3 was born about 1794 in .3 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 60552. She has Ancestral File Number 2MWM-LV.

Spouse: Martin ENGLE. Martin ENGLE and Lovice were married. Reference Number:414731 Children were: Jeremiah ENGLE, Sarah ENGLE, Samuel ENGLE, Belinda ENGLE.

Lucia De Clifford7,67,212,300,301 was born about 1141 in Of Clifford Castle, Clifford, Herefordshire, England. She died after 1195. Ancestral File Number:<AFN> M555-4V Parents: Baron/Clifford Walter Fitzponce De CLIFFORD and Margaret DE TONI. Parents: .Spouse: Hugh De SAY. Hugh De SAY and Lucia De Clifford were married about 1158 in Of Clifford Castle, Clifford, Herefordshire, England. Children were: Lucy De SAY, Richard De SAY, Hugh De SAY.

Spouse: Bartholomew De MORTIMER.

Lucia De Scales7,67 was born about 1205. Parents: Richard II De SCALES and ALICE.

Spouse: Baldwin De FREVILLE. Baldwin De FREVILLE and Lucia De Scales were married in , , England. Children were: Richard De FREVILLE.


Spouse: Charlie PITTMAN.

Lucinda19 was born on 11 Nov 1849.19,302 She died on 19 Nov 1927 in Orleans Township, Orange County, Indiana.19,302

Spouse: Edward Bedford ELROD. Edward Bedford ELROD and Lucinda were married.

Lucy3,303 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 57211.

Spouse: James BOYD. James BOYD and Lucy were married. Reference Number:983726 Children were: BOYD, BOYD, BOYD, BOYD, Highgate BOYD, BOYD.


Spouse: James KRECKMAN. Children were: John KRECKMAN, James KRECKMAN, Jeff KRECKMAN.

Lucy19 was born on 4 Jul 1764 in Virginia.19,180 She died on 11 Apr 1838 in Clarke County, Georgia.19,180

Spouse: David H. THURMAN. David H. THURMAN and Lucy were married on 15 Jun 1786 in Wilkes County, Georgia.19,180

Lucy Ann.5

Spouse: John SPENCE. Children were: Isabella SPENCE.

Lucy L.19 was born in Mar 1864 in Illinois.19 She appeared in the census on 22 Jun 1900 in Franklin County, Illinois.19,185

Spouse: Jacob T. BONER. Jacob T. BONER and Lucy L. were married about 1881.19 Children were: Mary L. BONER, Sherman BONER, Roy BONER, Arthur BONER, Arlie BONER.

Lucy Ola3,88 was born on 21 Nov 1907.3,88 She died on 16 Jul 1983 in Caruthersville, Pemiscot Co., Missouri.3,88 She is reference number 70197.

Spouse: Henry Clyde BOYD. Henry Clyde BOYD and Lucy Ola were married WFT Est 1923-1954.3,88 Reference Number:1142992

Mar De Saxony\ Ludolphe Von Brunswick7,20,21,32,304 was born in 999 in Of Brunswick, Germany.20,304 He died on 23 Apr 1038.20,50,304 He was also known as Ludolphe Von Brunswick Mar De Saxony.46,47,48 Also Known As:<_AKA> Ludolphe of Saxony /Ct de Brunswick/
Count of Brunswick.
Marquis of West Friesland.
Count in Berlingo.

Parents: Brunon II Von Brunswick MAR DE SAXONY and Gisele DSS OF SWABIA.

Children were: Agatha VON BRUNSWICK.

Spouse: Gertrude DE GAND. Mar De Saxony\ Ludolphe Von Brunswick and Gertrude DE GAND were married.

Spouse: Cts De Nordgau\ Gertrud. Mar De Saxony\ Ludolphe Von Brunswick and Cts De Nordgau\ Gertrud were married.

Spouse: Gertrude VON EGISHEIM. Mar De Saxony\ Ludolphe Von Brunswick and Gertrude VON EGISHEIM were married in 1020.20,50,304 Children were: Cts De Brunswick\ Ida, Agatha VON BRUNSWICK.

Duvall Lydia3,78 was born about 1786 in Of, Pennsylvania.3,78 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 27986.

!BIRTH: 1850 Belmont Co., OH census; Goshen Twp; p. 337; house/family

Children were: Boyd Rachel DUVALL, Elihu DUVALL.

Lydia4,5 was born about 1789.4,5 She is reference number GR030405s.

Spouse: Anthony GROESBECK. Anthony GROESBECK and Lydia were married.

M.3,95 was born about 1768 in <, Ireland>.3 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 57650. She has Ancestral File Number BDXF-5P.

Spouse: W. BOYD. W. BOYD and M. were married. Reference Number:989357 Children were: John BOYD.

Mae R.19 was born on 6 Aug 1914.19 She was buried in Old Union Cemetary, Hackett, Sebastian County, Arkansas.19,306

Spouse: Fred LOVELL. Fred LOVELL and Mae R. were married on 24 Mar 1932.19

Earl Of Atholl\ Maelmuir Of Athol7,46,47,48 was born in 1038 in Of Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland.50

Parents: King Of Scotland Duncan I MACCRINAN and Aelflaed OF NORTHUMBRIA.

Magdalena2,3 was born about Aug 1791.2,3 She died on 1 Oct 1855 in , Somerset Co., Pennsylvania.2,3 She was buried Unknown in St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery, Addison Twp., Somerset Co., Pennsylvania.2,3 She is reference number 44847.

Spouse: Isaac BOYD. Isaac BOYD and Magdalena were married after 1824.2,3 Reference Number:783881

Magdelena3 was born in <, Berks, PA>.3 She died Unknown.3 She was buried Unknown in Brothersvalley, Som. Co, PA.3 She is reference number 60313. She has Ancestral File Number B65C-24.

Spouse: Indian John MILLER. Indian John MILLER and Magdelena were married. Reference Number:1021274 Children were: Peter MILLER, Jacob MILLER, John (Annas) MILLER, Christian MILLER, Joseph MILLER, Christian MILLER, John Johannas Hannas MILLER, Joseph MILLER, Barbara MILLER, Mary MILLER, Jacob Yokkel MILLER, MILLER, Peter MILLER, MILLER, Catherine MILLER, Veronica Franey MILLER, Miss MILLER, Susanna MILLER, Elizabeth MILLER.


Gardner Mahala J.3,78 was born in Nov 1832 in Of, Jay, IN.3,78 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 27997.

!BIRTH: 1870 Jay Co., IN census; Penn Twp; p. 106; house/family #7/7.
!CENSUS: 1870 Jay Co., IN; Penn Twp; p. 106; house/family #7/7;
1900 Jay Co., IN; Penn Twp; p. 103; house/family #25/25.
!NOTE: her parents were born in NC & NJ.!BIRTH: 1870 Jay Co., IN
census; Penn Twp; p. 106; house/family #7/7.
!CENSUS: 1870 Jay Co., IN; Penn Twp; p. 106; house/family #7/7;
1900 Jay Co., IN; Penn Twp; p. 103; house/family #25/25.
!NOTE: her parents were born in NC & NJ.

Spouse: William GARDNER. William GARDNER and Gardner Mahala J. were married about 1850 in Of, Jay, IN.3,78 Reference Number:526949 Children were: Winfield S. GARDNER, Keturah GARDNER, Elenora GARDNER, Matilda GARDNER, Jesse GARDNER, Maria GARDNER, William GARDNER.

Mahild3,292 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 74871.

Spouse: J.P. GIBSON. J.P. GIBSON and Mahild were married. Reference Number:1232905 Children were: C .S. GIBSON.

[NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Unknown-Begin] He died in 796. He was born in (Of Sens, France).

Spouse: The Daughter Of HAUDRE. Children were: Count Of Sens) Gainfroi.

King Of Scots Malcolm I7,14,115 was born in 897 in Scotland. He died in 954 in Fetteresson, Kincardineshire, Scotland (Killed By Men Of Moray).115 He was also known as Mael-Coluim. Also Known As:<_AKA> Malcolm I King of /Scotland/
Slain by men of Moray at Fet teresso, Kincardineshire. He may have supported a Danish Kingdom in York in th e 940's. Parents: .

Children were: King Of Scots Duff, King Of Scots Kenneth II.

Mamie2,3 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 45825.

Spouse: David BOYD. David BOYD and Mamie were married. Reference Number:806477

Ct De Chalon Manasses I7,18,20,21 was born in 855. He died on 31 Oct 920.20 Parents: . Parents: Count Of Chaunois Thierry II.

Spouse: Ermengarde DE BURGUNDY. Ct De Chalon Manasses I and Ermengarde DE BURGUNDY were married. Children were: Giselbert De Chalon DUC DE BURGUNDY.

Spouse: \Princess Of Burgundy\ ERMENGARDE. Ct De Chalon Manasses I and \Princess Of Burgundy\ ERMENGARDE were married. Children were: Count Of Burgundy Gilbert.

Ct De Dammartin\ Manasses De Ramerupt7,20,32,44 was born in 1010 in Of Dammartine-En-Goele, Seine-Et-Marne, France.20 He died on 15 Nov 1057 in Seige Of Bar-Le-Duc, Lorraine, France.20 Cause of Death:<CAUS> Killed.
Dampmartin, Fran ce
Battle of Bar, France
Prob. granted Dammartin as a result of his marriage.

Parents: Ct De Roucy\ Hildouin II De Montdidier and Daughter DE DAMMARTIN.

King Of Naples Sicily\ Manfred De Siciliy7,20,82,157 was born in 1232.20 He died in 1266.20
Took possession of the Sicilian/Neapolitan domains of his father.
Did so against the wishes of his father's enemy the Pope.
Pope then lured Henry III of E ngland into a disastrous military campaign.

Spouse: Beatrix DE SAVOIE. King Of Naples Sicily\ Manfred De Siciliy and Beatrix DE SAVOIE were married before 1250.20 Children were: Constance Hohenstaufen DE SICILY.

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