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Boyd Elma Maru JOHNSON3,78 was born on 14 Mar 1847 in Of, Jackson Twp, Jay, IN.3,78 She died on 23 Jan 1934 in Muncie, Delaware, IN.3,78 She is reference number 27311. [boyd-trees.ged]


!BIRTH: 1850 Jay Co., IN census; Jackson Twp; house/family # 49/49.
!MARRIAGE: Jay Co., IN marriage records; copy of certificate in
of Judy Millman; Sacramento; CA.
!DEATH: data supplied by Judy Millman; Sacramento; CA.
!CENSUS: 1850 Jay Co., IN; Jackson Twp; house/family # 49/49;
1860 Jay Co., IN; Jackson Twp; p. 253; house/family # 789/801;
1870 Jay Co., IN; Mills Corner; p. 43; house/family # 195/191;
1880 Blackford Co., IN; E.D. 163;p. 37; house/ family # 316/324;
1900 Blackford Co., IN; p. 190; house/family #224/247;
1910 Blackford Co., IN; Harrison Twp; p. 52; house/family #214/214. Parents: Levi JOHNSON and Johnson Harriet RIGBY.

Spouse: Amor BOYD. Amor BOYD and Boyd Elma Maru JOHNSON were married on 25 Aug 1867 in , Jay, IN.3,78 Reference Number:520655 Children were: John Price BOYD, Ethel Ivalene BOYD, Victor Levi BOYD, Jesse R. BOYD.

Emelia Elizabeth JOHNSON19 was born on 7 Nov 1827 in Stokes County, North Carolina.19 Parents: John JOHNSON and Sarah ELROD.

Emeline JOHNSON19,137 was born on 20 Jun 1864.19 She died on 15 Feb 1898.19 Parents: William JOHNSON and Tempie C. MOSER.

Emily JOHNSON3,294 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 37993.

Spouse: David RICE. David RICE and Emily JOHNSON were married on 20 Mar 1840.3,294 Reference Number:696266

Emily JOHNSON3,713 was born WFT Est 1814-1840.3,713 She died WFT Est 1863-1928.3,713 She is reference number 67427.

Spouse: William C. HARLAN. William C. HARLAN and Emily JOHNSON were married WFT Est 1845-1862.3,713 Reference Number:1121261 Children were: Nancy Anna HARLAN, Alice Tamar HARLAN, Merab E. HARLAN, John Kirk HARLAN.

Emily JOHNSON3,333 was born on 1 Mar 1853.3,333 She died on 4 Oct 1921 in Okmulgee, OK.3,333 She is reference number 104831. Parents: Martin JOHNSON and Mary Elizabeth FLANIGAN.

Spouse: Zachary Taylor CARR. Zachary Taylor CARR and Emily JOHNSON were married. Reference Number:1648669 Children were: Bette CARR, Jachary Taylor "T" CARR, Martin CARR, Maud CARR, Iva Malissa CARR.

Emma JOHNSON3,206,578 died in 1871.3,206,578 She is reference number 82236.

Spouse: John Franklin LANDES. John Franklin LANDES and Emma JOHNSON were married on 14 Dec 1865 in Hopeville, Clark Co, Iowa.3,206,578 Reference Number:1327850 Children were: Lucius Johnson LANDES.

Emma JOHNSON3,405 was born in Nov 1863 in MN.3,405 She died in 1915.3,405 She is reference number 95254.

Spouse: Iver LEEDAHL. Iver LEEDAHL and Emma JOHNSON were married WFT Est 1878-1903.3,405 Reference Number:1515611 Children were: Mamie LEEDAHL, Minnie LEEDAHL, John Martin LEEDAHL, Gilbert George LEEDAHL, Sadie LEEDAHL, Jonas LEEDAHL.

Emma L JOHNSON5,94,126,127 was born about 1847.5,94,126,127 She died after 1892.5,94,126,127 She is reference number 16166.

Spouse: Ahirah Zachariah TRUESDELL. Ahirah Zachariah TRUESDELL and Emma L JOHNSON were married on 25 Mar 1873 in Lexington, NY.5,94,127 Reference Number:124578 Children were: Edna TRUESDELL.

Emma L. JOHNSON19 was born in 1881.19 She died in 1969.19 Parents: William Gaston JOHNSON and Emma C. MILLER.

Spouse: Jesse Marvin SMITH. Jesse Marvin SMITH and Emma L. JOHNSON were married.

Emma May JOHNSON19 was born on 1 Dec 1868 in Forsyth County, North Carolina.19 She died in 1948 in Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, North Carolina.19 She was buried in Moravian Graveyard, Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, North Carolina.19 Parents: Wiley Ellis JOHNSON and Mary Ann ELLIS.

Spouse: Thomas MORGAN.

Erica Lee JOHNSON.3 Parents: James Edward "Butch" Johnson JR..

Ernest JOHNSON7,188 was born on 17 Feb 1903. He died on 3 Dec 1904. Parents: James A. JOHNSON and Della ELLENDER.

Esther V. JOHNSON3,473 died on 20 Jun 1979 in Rockford.3,473 She is reference number 49328.

Spouse: George Sylvester BOYD. George Sylvester BOYD and Esther V. JOHNSON were married on 7 Mar 1942 in Rockford, Illinois.3,473 Reference Number:868314 Children were: Living BOYD.

Ethel JOHNSON4,5 was born on 28 May 1891 in Elsinore, Sevier, Utah.4,5 She died on 11 May 1993 in Provo, Utah, Utah.4,5 She was buried in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah.4,5 She is reference number SM011001. Parents: Hans Carl Christian JOHANSEN and Rebecca Olena SYLVESTER.

Eugene JOHNSON19 was born about 1853.19 Parents: James Millys JOHNSON and Sarah.

Eugene JOHNSON404 was born about 1870.404 Parents: Ansley JOHNSON and Maria NICHOLS.

Fannie JOHNSON3,38 was born on 16 Feb 1900 in <, Rutherford Co., North Carolina>.3,38 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 16388. Parents: John Hartwell JOHNSON and Alice COBB.

Spouse: Robert BOYD. Robert BOYD and Fannie JOHNSON were married. Reference Number:353117

Florine JOHNSON.19

Spouse: Edgar Mullins DUNSON. Children were: Dorothy DUNSON.

Floyd JOHNSON.5,93,94,409

Spouse: Mamie Susan ADER.

Frances JOHNSON3,405 was born in Nov 1750 in VA.3,405 She died WFT Est 1751-1844.3,405 She is reference number 96259. Parents: John JOHNSON and Elinor DAVIS.

Francis M. JOHNSON19 was born in 1837 in Farmington, Davie County, North Carolina.19 He died in 1918 in Farmington, Davie County, North Carolina.19 [jshinn2.ged]

Second Spouse could be Elizabeth Spencer. Reference: FCGSJ,
Vol XIII,No. 3, Spring 1995, Page 8 Parents: George Wesley JOHNSON and Martha Williams TAYLOR.

Spouse: Lizzie G. STONE. Francis M. JOHNSON and Lizzie G. STONE were married.

Spouse: Amanda L. DOUTHIT. Francis M. JOHNSON and Amanda L. DOUTHIT were married.

Francis Marion JOHNSON.19 Parents: William Gaston JOHNSON and Emma C. MILLER.

Spouse: Estelle VESTAL.

Frank JOHNSON3,807 was born on 7 Apr 1913.3,807 He died on 25 May 1980 in Dripping Springs, Crawford Co., Arkansas.3,807 He is reference number 82777.

Spouse: Beulah Dean DAVIS. Frank JOHNSON and Beulah Dean DAVIS were married WFT Est 1932-1960.3,807 Reference Number:1341760

Fred Alvin JOHNSON4,5 was born on 29 May 1905 in Murray, Salt Lake, Utah.4,5 He died on 8 Mar 1983 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah.4,5 He was buried in Murray City Cem., Salt Lake, Utah.4,5 He is reference number BR011409s.

Spouse: Hazel WILLIAMS. Fred Alvin JOHNSON and Hazel WILLIAMS were married on 12 Oct 1927.4,5

George JOHNSON.19 Parents: Archibald Carrol JOHNSON and Lela MARTIN.

George Albert JOHNSON3,405 was born WFT Est 1865-1885.3,405 He died WFT Est 1899-1971.3,405 He is reference number 98736.

Spouse: Florence Rosalie STEELE. George Albert JOHNSON and Florence Rosalie STEELE were married WFT Est 1896-1928.3,405 Reference Number:1570361

George Anna JOHNSON3,487 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 35931.

Spouse: William CARY. William CARY and George Anna JOHNSON were married. Reference Number:673689 Children were: Oliver C CARY, Samuel H. CARY.

George M. JOHNSON.19 Parents: James Millys JOHNSON and Rachel Ann SMITH.

George Wesley JOHNSON19 was born on 31 Dec 1810 in Stokes County, North Carolina.19 He died on 20 Oct 1889 in Farmington, Davie County, North Carolina.19 He was buried in Farmington, Davie County, North Carolina.19 He was in Merchant.19 [jshinn2.ged]

Buried in Family graveyard west of Farmington Methodist Church. Parents: John JOHNSON and Lydia ELROD.

Spouse: Martha Williams TAYLOR. George Wesley JOHNSON and Martha Williams TAYLOR were married on 18 Sep 1834 in Rowan County, North Carolina.19 Children were: John Madison JOHNSON, Francis M. JOHNSON, James Lafayette JOHNSON, Jane Amanda JOHNSON, William Gaston JOHNSON, Valeria Martine JOHNSON.

George Wesley JOHNSON19 was born in 1883.19 He died in 1949.19 Parents: William Gaston JOHNSON and Emma C. MILLER.

Spouse: Marian G. HAUSER. George Wesley JOHNSON and Marian G. HAUSER were married.

Gerald Neal JOHNSON3,206,578 was born on 5 Mar 1905.3,206 He died on 2 Sep 1972 in Clarke Co, Iowa.3,206 He was buried Unknown in Hopeville Cemetery, Clarke Co, Iowa.3,206 He is reference number 82676. Parents: Roscoe Harlan JOHNSON and Erma Ashsah WILSON.

Spouse: Velma Naomi KANE. Gerald Neal JOHNSON and Velma Naomi KANE were married on 15 Oct 1924 in Thayer, Union Co, Iowa.3,206 Reference Number:1340374

Gerome JOHNSON5,128 was born about 1820.5,128

Spouse: Angeline HALSTEAD. Gerome JOHNSON and Angeline HALSTEAD were married.

Gordon Nathan JOHNSON.19

Spouse: Cindy Rae FOX. Children were: Nathaniel Ryan JOHNSON.

Grace JOHNSON4,5,322,2560 was born about 1729 in Of Warboys, Hunts, England.4,5,2560

Spouse: William DRING. William DRING and Grace JOHNSON were married on 16 Apr 1762 in St Mary Magdalene, Warboys, Huntingdonshire.4,5,322,644,2560

Granville JOHNSON.138

Spouse: Mary KNOTTS. Children were: Matilda E. JOHNSON.

Guy JOHNSON5,128 was born about 1819.5,128

Spouse: Maria HALSTEAD. Guy JOHNSON and Maria HALSTEAD were married.

Hannah JOHNSON2,3 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 33329.

Spouse: Christopher COX. Christopher COX and Hannah JOHNSON were married. Reference Number:629063

Hannah JOHNSON3,41 was born in .3,41 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 84544. Parents: Esq. Monroe W. JOHNSON and Hettie BOOK.

Hannah JOHNSON3,405 was born WFT Est 1769-1789.3,405 She died WFT Est 1790-1873.3,405 She is reference number 97541.

Spouse: Moses PARKER. Moses PARKER and Hannah JOHNSON were married WFT Est 1790-1823.3,405 Reference Number:1560784

Hannah JOHNSON3,1226 died in Feb 1942 in Of Bocabec, New Brunswick, Canada.3,1226 She was buried Unknown in Bocabec Cemetery, Bocabec, Charlotte, New Brunswick.3,1226 She is reference number 70838.

Spouse: Albert BOYD. Albert BOYD and Hannah JOHNSON were married. Reference Number:1175977

Hans Christian JOHNSON5,128 was born on 21 Aug 1877 in Fairfield Twp., Bureau Co., Ill.5,128 He died on 11 May 1956 in Sterling, Whiteside Co., Ill.5,128 He is reference number 5750.

Spouse: Hettie Frances MCCRACKEN. Hans Christian JOHNSON and Hettie Frances MCCRACKEN were married on 24 Jun 1908 in Tampico, Whiteside Co., Ill.5 Reference Number:3620 Children were: Living JOHNSON, Brace Edward JOHNSON.

Harlan JOHNSON3,713 was born about 1867.3,713 He died WFT Est 1868-1957.3,713 He is reference number 67432. Parents: Addison JOHNSON and Venturia HARLAN.

Harris Poe JOHNSON3,41 was born on 26 Sep 1869 in .3,41 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 84541. Parents: McMiland A. JOHNSON and Martha S. HOUSTON.

Harry JOHNSON5,128 was born about 1873.5,128 He is reference number 10533. Parents: William H. Md JOHNSON and Elizabeth BENNETT.

Spouse: Vivia A. LAWRENCE. Harry JOHNSON and Vivia A. LAWRENCE were married in 1915.5 Reference Number:38817 Children were: Richard W. JOHNSON.

Harry Adelbert JOHNSON3,1672 was born on 13 Jul 1900 in Livingston, NJ.3,1672 He died on 19 Jul 1992 in Lakewood, NJ.3,1672 He is reference number 2179. Parents: James Meeker JOHNSON and Ruth Ann ENGLAND.

Spouse: Blanche Eliz. BURGESS. Harry Adelbert JOHNSON and Blanche Eliz. BURGESS were married on 8 Jan 1922 in Maplewood, NJ.3,1672 Reference Number:47504 Children were: Living JOHNSON.

Helen JOHNSON.5,94,126,127 Parents: Samuel JOHNSON and Mary R TRUSDELL.

Helen JOHNSON3,167 was born on 12 Jun 1918 in Chattanooga, TN.3,167 She died in Apr 1995 in Mayfield KY.3,167 She is reference number 59638.

Spouse: Leon Ellis DICK. Leon Ellis DICK and Helen JOHNSON were married. Reference Number:1013284 Children were: Living DICK, Living DICK, Living DICK.

Henley Etta JOHNSON was born in Feb 1864. Parents: Darby JOHNSON and Polly DOUTHITT.

Henrietta JOHNSON5,94,126,127 was born on 3 Sep 1814 in Elizabeth, NJ.5,94,126,127 She died on 17 Apr 1865 in Sing Sing, NY.5,94,126,127 She is reference number 16885.

Spouse: Edward Delaven TRUESDELL. Edward Delaven TRUESDELL and Henrietta JOHNSON were married in Elizabeth, NJ.5,94,127 Reference Number:112165 Children were: Sarah Hubbard TRUESDELL, John Phillips TRUESDELL, Ann Ryckman TRUESDELL, Henrietta TRUESDELL, Margaret Knapp TRUESDELL, Aaron Woodruff TRUESDELL, William Earl TRUESDELL, Edward TRUESDELL.

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