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Loretta De BARTON7,978,979 was born about 1333 in Eccles, Lancashire, England. Parents: .

Spouse: John BOOTH. John BOOTH and Loretta De BARTON were married in . Children were: Robert BOOTH, Mary BOOTH, Thomas BOOTH.

Louie BARTON3,88 was born on 6 Oct 1909.3,88 She died on 22 Dec 1970.3,88 She is reference number 69728.

Spouse: John Burrys PAYLOR. John Burrys PAYLOR and Louie BARTON were married on 26 Jun 1937.3,88 Reference Number:1147031

Mary Alice BARTON3,399 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 14162.

Spouse: Perry JOHNSON. Perry JOHNSON and Mary Alice BARTON were married. Reference Number:331039 Children were: Angie JOHNSON.

May BARTON3,399 was born on 6 Jan 1916.3,399 She died on 6 Jan 1916.3,399 She is reference number 14106. Parents: Abraham BARTON and Nora Asenet BOYD.

Nancy BARTON3,399 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 15337.

Spouse: Samuel RASNAKE. Samuel RASNAKE and Nancy BARTON were married. Reference Number:340195 Children were: Abraham Vincent RASNAKE.

Rufus E. BARTON3,399 was born in 1858.3,399,400 He died Unknown.3,399,400 He is reference number 11763. Parents: Thomas BARTON.

Spouse: Luquilla "Quille" RAKES. Rufus E. BARTON and Luquilla "Quille" RAKES were married in 1888 in Franklin Co., VA.3,399,400 Reference Number:276040

Sarah BARTON3,399 was born on 30 Nov 1918 in Davenport, Buchanan Co., VA.3,399 She died on 16 Dec 1996 in Vansant, Buchanan Co., VA.3,399 She is reference number 14151. Parents: James A. BARTON and Leah Victoria BOYD.

Thomas BARTON3,399 was born.3,399,400 He died Unknown.3,399,400 He is reference number 11764.

Children were: Rufus E. BARTON.

Tivis Colley BARTON3,399 was born on 11 Oct 1916 in Buchanan Co., VA.3,399 He died on 10 Aug 1986 in Clintwood, VA.3,399 He is reference number 14107. Parents: Abraham BARTON and Nora Asenet BOYD.

Spouse: Living DEEL. Children were: Living BARTON, Living BARTON, Living BARTON, Living BARTON, Living BARTON, Living BARTON, Living BARTON, Living BARTON, Living BARTON, Living BARTON.

Victoria BARTON3,399 was born on 19 Aug 1892.3,399 She died on 30 Mar 1968.3,399 She is reference number 14122. Parents: James BARTON and Polly Ann THOMAS.

Spouse: Romans BOYD. Romans BOYD and Victoria BARTON were married on 14 Dec 1905 in Buchanan Co., VA.3,399 Reference Number:326618 Children were: Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Jimmie M. BOYD, Elijah BOYD.

Walter Basil BARTON3,399 was born on 28 Nov 1906.3,399 He died on 19 Oct 1907.3,399 He is reference number 14101. Parents: Abraham BARTON and Nora Asenet BOYD.

Magdalena BARTUSKA.5,93,94

Spouse: Jano BOUSIHO. Children were: Maria BOUSIHO.

Maria BARTUSKA.5,93,94 Parents: Mates VOTRUBA and Maria KOSATKA.

Spouse: Frank VOTRUBA. Children were: Frank VOTRUBA, Lojska VOTRUBA, Living VOTRUBA, Anna VOTRUBA, Jaroslav VOTRUBA, Oty? VOTRUBA, Ruzena VOTRUBA, Mary VOTRUBA, Elizabeth VOTRUBA, Cecille VOTRUBA.

Rosali BARTUSKA5,93,94 died in 1868.5,93,94 She is reference number 3328.

Spouse: Mates VOTRUBA. Mates VOTRUBA and Rosali BARTUSKA were married in 1864.5,93,94 Reference Number:2497 Children were: Frank VOTRUBA.

Unknown BARWICKE.5,94,126,127

Spouse: Dorothy EGLESTON.

Mary BARY.395

Spouse: Alex C WELCH.

King Of Troy BASABELIAN II.586 Parents: King Of Troy PLESRON II.

Children were: King Of Troy ALEXANDRE.

King Of Troy BASAVELIAN.380 Parents: King Of Troy Zelius.

Children were: King Of Troy PLASERIUS.

Hawise De BASCHELVILLA.121 Parents: .

Spouse: Alured De LINCOLN. Children were: Robert De LINCOLN.

Spouse: Hugh FITZ GRIB.

Nicholas De BASCHEVILLA.434,887,888 Parents: BALDRICUS and Miss De BENEFACTA.

Joseph BASCOM5,94,126,127 was born on 20 Jan 1709.5,94,126,127 He died in Sep 1764.5,94,126,127 He is reference number 12606. Parents: Thomas BASCOM and Hannah CATLIN.

Spouse: Hannah RIDER.

Thomas BASCOM5,94,126,127 was born on 20 Aug 1668.5,94,126,127 He died on 3 Feb 1714.5,94,126,127 He is reference number 10589.

Spouse: Hannah CATLIN. Thomas BASCOM and Hannah CATLIN were married about 1691.5,94,127 Reference Number:67016 Children were: Joseph BASCOM.


Spouse: Rebecca GREENHILL.

Rebecca BASEDEN7,62,234 was born before 1637. She died in 1678 in Hartford, CT. Marriage 1: Jeremy ADAMS b: ABT. 1611 in England
Married: 1639


Spouse: Jeremy ADAMS. Jeremy ADAMS and Rebecca BASEDEN were married in 1639. Children were: Hannah ADAMS, Ann ADAMS, John ADAMS.

Rebecca Taylor BASEDEN7,98 was born in 1608 in Of, Hartford, Hartford, Conn.. She died on 22 Dec 1689 in Wethersfield, Hartford County, Connecticut. !NOTE: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Ancestral File (TM); ;
June 1998 (c), data as of 5 JAN 1998; ; , Family History Library, 35 N West
T emple Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84150 USA

Spouse: BASEDON.

Spouse: Samuel GREENHILL. Samuel GREENHILL and Rebecca Taylor BASEDEN were married on 24 Jun 1628 in Cranbrook, Kent, Eng. Children were: Rebecca GREENHILL, Thomas GREENHILL.

Spouse: Jeremy ADAMS. Jeremy ADAMS and Rebecca Taylor BASEDEN were married in 1639 in Hartford, Hartford, CT.


Spouse: Rebecca Taylor BASEDEN.

Von BASEL.213

Spouse: Ulrich Von NEUENBURG. Children were: Von NEUENBURG.

Stephen BASELEE\BEASLEY3,405 was born WFT Est 1656-1691.3,405 He died WFT Est 1682-1770.3,405 He is reference number 95989.

Spouse: Sarah MORGAN. Stephen BASELEE\BEASLEY and Sarah MORGAN were married WFT Est 1682-1727.3,405 Reference Number:1533712

Mary Elizabeth BASHAM3,401 was born in 1835.3,401 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 73140.

Spouse: William S. KEENEY. William S. KEENEY and Mary Elizabeth BASHAM were married on 25 Oct 1853 in Kanawha Co..3,401,980 Reference Number:1207703

Sarah Ann BASHAM3,9 was born in 1854 in Kentucky.3,9 She died in 1925.3,9 She was buried Unknown in Rice Cemetery, Dadeville, Missouri.3,9 She is reference number 87200.

Spouse: George W. JONES. George W. JONES and Sarah Ann BASHAM were married. Reference Number:1401846 Children were: Harriet JONES, Burkett A. JONES, Baby JONES.

Unknown BASHAM3,401 was born in 1765 in Virginia.3,401 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 73424.

Spouse: Elizabeth HOLLAND. Unknown BASHAM and Elizabeth HOLLAND were married in 1786 in Wythe County, VA.3,401 Reference Number:1211938

Edwina BASHAW She was born WFT Est 1841-1864.3,387,619 She died WFT Est 1886-1952.3,387,619 She was buried Unknown in Sanger Cemetery, Sanger CA.3,387,981 She is reference number 61285.

Spouse: Milton POWELL. Milton POWELL and Edwina BASHAW were married on 2 Feb 1881 in Batesville, MO.3,387,619 Reference Number:1036934 Children were: James William POWELL, Jospeh Milton POWELL, Clyde POWELL, Eva Ethel POWELL, Clara Valeria POWELL, Milroy POWELL, Everd POWELL, Cleo Cecil POWELL, Elton Sisley POWELL.

BASILIA.72 Parents: 1st Earl Of Pembroke Gilbert Fitzgilbert DE CLARE and Isabel DE BEAUMONT.


Spouse: Gualtier De La GUERCHE. Children were: Emma De La GUERCHE.


Spouse: Sheriff Of Staff Robert De STAFFORD. Children were: Millcent De STAFFORD.

King Of Thuringe BASIN7,220,467 was born about 465.
Parents: King Of Cologne CHILDEBERT and Amalaberge FRANKS.

Spouse: Menia Of THURINGEN. King Of Thuringe BASIN and Menia Of THURINGEN were married. Children were: King Of Thuringe BADERIC.

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