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Henry Mapes BATES5,94,126,127 was born on 7 Oct 1826 in Broome Co, NY.5,94,126,127 He died about 1903.5,94,126,127 He is reference number 16094.

Spouse: Abigail TRUESDELL. Henry Mapes BATES and Abigail TRUESDELL were married on 2 Apr 1849 in Harpursville, NY.5,94,127 Reference Number:106875 Children were: Bradley BATES, Alma Ann BATES, Elizabeth M BATES.

James Merrill BATES7,234 was born before 1868.

Spouse: Lucy Amilra WHITTEMORE. James Merrill BATES and Lucy Amilra WHITTEMORE were married. Children were: Mary Lunette BATES.

James William BATES7,234 was born before 1856.

Spouse: Lucy HUNTLEY. James William BATES and Lucy HUNTLEY were married. Children were: Mary Georgiana BATES.

Jeremiah BATES7,234 was born before 1804.

Spouse: Margaret RISLEY. Jeremiah BATES and Margaret RISLEY were married in 1804.

John W. BATES3,610 was born WFT Est 1860-1883.3,610 He died WFT Est 1865-1964.3,610 He is reference number 64187. Parents: Zack BATES and Nancy Reed RANKIN.

John Williard BATES.19

Spouse: Cora Stella MCCLUSKEY.

Jotham Alexander BATES7,234 was born before 1851.

Spouse: Alice Bathsheba CHAPMAN. Jotham Alexander BATES and Alice Bathsheba CHAPMAN were married. Children were: Daniel Webster BATES.

Lester Elroy BATES3,39,552 was born on 1 Nov 1911 in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.3,39,552 He died on 22 Apr 1980 in Upland, Claifornia.3,39,552 He is reference number 3474.

Lester's cause of death- Liver and kidney failure and open heart
surgery. He died at the age of 68 years. Lester's funeral was held at Green Acres Mortuary Chapel. He was buried in the Green Acres Cemetery, Bloomington, California.

Parents: Marion BATES and Delia RIVERS.

Spouse: Living AKINS. Children were: Living BATES.

Louisa E. BATES3,206 was born on 6 May 1822.3 She died on 18 Jul 1854.3 She is reference number 107252.

Spouse: Hugh King BOYD. Hugh King BOYD and Louisa E. BATES were married on 3 Aug 1837 in Newberry County, South Carolina.3 Reference Number:994101 Children were: Minor Pitts BOYD, Calhoun Fair BOYD, Comelia Dalles BOYD, Rosalie Worth BOYD, Pressley Mcmorris BOYD, Ellen King BOYD, Josephine BOYD.

Maria Scottie BATES3,397 was born on 6 Nov 1859.3,397 She died on 6 Nov 1947.3,397 She was buried Unknown in Houston Cemetery, Chickasaw Co. MS.3,397 She is reference number 62893.

Spouse: Winfield F. TABB. Winfield F. TABB and Maria Scottie BATES were married on 25 Oct 1882 in Chickasaw Co., MS.3,397 Reference Number:1062610 Children were: Winfield Bates TABB.

Marion BATES3,39,552 was born before 1900 in ?.3,39,552 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 76566.

Spouse: Delia RIVERS. Marion BATES and Delia RIVERS were married in ?.3,39,552 Reference Number:74840 Children were: Lester Elroy BATES.

Mary Georgiana BATES7,234 was born on 7 Mar 1856 in Staddard, N.H.. Parents: James William BATES and Lucy HUNTLEY.

Spouse: Luther Martin DAVIS. Luther Martin DAVIS and Mary Georgiana BATES were married. Children were: Emily Rosepha DAVIS.

Mary Lunette BATES7,234 was born on 10 Oct 1868 in Swanzey, N.H.. She died on 4 Aug 1884 in Keene, N.H.. Parents: James Merrill BATES and Lucy Amilra WHITTEMORE.

Spouse: Daniel ORSAMUS Sr. Nash. Daniel ORSAMUS Sr. Nash and Mary Lunette BATES were married on 9 Mar 1883.

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