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Mary Ann.5,93,94

Spouse: Allen P. BARROW.

Mary Ann19 was born about 1708 in Dublin, Ireland.19,308 She died before 7 Apr 1735 in Middlesex, Middlesex County, New Jersey.19,308

Spouse: Richard KING. Richard KING and Mary Ann were married in Ireland.19,308

Mary Ann4,5 was born about 1734 in Of Tyrrell, And, Martin, North Carolina.4,5 She is reference number AL4303.

Spouse: Thomas BEST. Thomas BEST and Mary Ann were married. Children were: Thomas BEST, Henry BEST, Sarah BEST, Amy BEST, Mary BEST, William BEST.

Spouse: Lewelling GRIMES. Lewelling GRIMES and Mary Ann were married.

Mary Ann4,5 was born about 1828 in Of, Luddington, Northants, England.4,5

Spouse: Edmund BRIGHT. Edmund BRIGHT and Mary Ann were married in 1849 in Of, Luddington, Northants, England.4,5

Mary Ann3,38 was born about 1842 in <, Franklin, PA>.3 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 24375.

Spouse: John BOYD. John BOYD and Mary Ann were married. Reference Number:480876

Mary B.3,9 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 91575.

Spouse: James HELM. James HELM and Mary B. were married. Reference Number:1409319 Children were: James Walter HELM.

Mary B.5 was born about 1833.5 She is reference number 5173.

Spouse: James Harvey Jr. Col. BIRCH. James Harvey Jr. Col. BIRCH and Mary B. were married about 1856.5 Reference Number:3433 Children were: Sarah Catherine Halstead BIRCH, Mary Frank BIRCH, Ruth BIRCH, Charles C. BIRCH, James Harvey BIRCH, Olivia C. BIRCH, Thomas W. BIRCH.

Mary D.5 was born about 1856.5

Spouse: Charles Birch RUSH. Charles Birch RUSH and Mary D. were married.

Mary E.3,87 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 46976.

Spouse: Fleetwood H. BOYD. Fleetwood H. BOYD and Mary E. were married. Reference Number:828089

Mary E.5 was born about 1819.5

Spouse: John CLOSE. John CLOSE and Mary E. were married.

Mary E.4,5 was born in Oct 1845 in , , Ohio.4,5 She is reference number HA0804042s.

Spouse: Isaac ALLEN. Isaac ALLEN and Mary E. were married.

Mary E.5 was born about 1852.5 She died on 12 Jun 1923 in Walton, Delaware Co., NY.5

Spouse: George HALSTEAD. George HALSTEAD and Mary E. were married about 1872.5 Children were: Marian A. HALSTEAD, William D. HALSTEAD.

Mary E. "Mae"3,87 was born on 12 Nov 1892.3,87 She died on 14 Feb 1989 in Veal's Station, Parker Co, TX.3,87 She is reference number 46507.

Spouse: Lawrence A. WILLIAMS. Lawrence A. WILLIAMS and Mary E. "Mae" were married. Reference Number:816479

Mary Elizabeth3,9 was born before 1695.3,9 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 88631.

Spouse: Edward WITT\WHITT. Edward WITT\WHITT and Mary Elizabeth were married about 1710 in Charles City County, Virginia.3,9 Reference Number:1419426 Children were: John WITT\WHITT, Urcilla WITT\WHITT, Peter WITT\WHITT, William WITT\WHITT, Martha WITT\WHITT, Amey WITT\WHITT, Mary WITT\WHITT, Elizabeth WITT\WHITT.

Mary Elizabeth4,5 was born about 1799.4,5 She is reference number SA151002s.

Spouse: David FAUSETT. David FAUSETT and Mary Elizabeth were married in 1819 in , Maury, Tennessee.4,5

Mary F.3,9 was born in 1886 in Missouri.3,9 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 87372.

Spouse: Cornelius BROWN. Cornelius BROWN and Mary F. were married. Reference Number:1404383

Mary G.3,9 was born on 1 Jan 1918.3,9 She died on 27 Jan 1978 in Dupage, County, Illinois.3,9 She was buried on 30 Jan 1978 in River Grove, Cook, Illinois.3,9 She is reference number 88338.

Spouse: Edward Francis FOSTER. Edward Francis FOSTER and Mary G. were married. Reference Number:1416087

Mary I3,95 was born in Apr 1873 in , , CA.3 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 57504. She has Ancestral File Number XTBF-CD.

Spouse: Benjamin F BOYD. Benjamin F BOYD and Mary I were married in 1896.3 Reference Number:987676 Children were: Edna BOYD, Eugene BOYD, Edward L. BOYD, BOYD.

Mary J3,95 was born in Apr 1834 in , , AK.3 She died Unknown in , Madison, AR.3 She is reference number 57698. She has Ancestral File Number HKZ2-QQ. Parents: George TUCKER and Violet CALICO.

Swallow Mary J.3,78 was born about 1826 in Of, Montgomery, Ohio.3,78 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 27680.

OH census; Butler Twp; p. 130; house/family #1809/1809.

Spouse: Simpson B. SWALLOW. Simpson B. SWALLOW and Swallow Mary J. were married about 1842 in Of, Montgomery, Ohio.3,78 Reference Number:522287 Children were: Mary A. SWALLOW, James D. SWALLOW, Fremont SWALLOW.

Mary J.5 was born in 1839 in New York.5 She is reference number 6198.

Spouse: William NEILL. William NEILL and Mary J. were married about 1854.5 Reference Number:3780 Children were: Mary E. NEILL, Thomas L. NEILL, Geiorger R. NEILL.

Mary J.5 was born in Aug 1872 in Alabama.5

Spouse: Dempsey L. HALSTEAD. Dempsey L. HALSTEAD and Mary J. were married. Children were: William A. HALSTEAD, Minnie M. HALSTEAD, Luanole HALSTEAD.

Mary K.5 was born on 10 Jun 1911.5 She died on 19 Apr 1996.5 She was buried in 1996 in Memorial Gardens, Brownsvill, Tenn..5

Spouse: Cecil CARTER. Cecil CARTER and Mary K. were married.

Mary M.5 was born about 1836.5 She is reference number 5228.

Spouse: James BUMGARDNER. James BUMGARDNER and Mary M. were married on 27 Dec 1853 in Virginia.5 Reference Number:3448 Children were: James T. BUMGARDNER, James Lewis BUMGARDNER, Rudolph BUMGARDNER, Minnie BUMGARDNER, Gussie BUMGARDNER, Nellie BUMGARDNER, Malinda Halstead BUMGARDNER, Francis Mcfarland BUMGARDNER, Augusta BUMGARDNER, Bessie W. BUMGARDNER, Eugenia BUMGARDNER, Ellen Case BUMGARDNER, Hugh Sheffey BUMGARDNER, Daniel Halstead BUMGARDNER, Mary Moss BUMGARDNER.

Mary Patty4,5 was born about 1854.4,5 She is reference number AD120606s.

Spouse: Samuel Buchanan FROST. Samuel Buchanan FROST and Mary Patty were married.

Mary S. ?3,167 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 59703.

Spouse: Isaac LAWRENCE. Isaac LAWRENCE and Mary S. ? were married. Reference Number:1014041 Children were: John William LAWRENCE.

Mary Sellers3,9 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 88758.

Spouse: Joseph Edgar GRISHAM. Joseph Edgar GRISHAM and Mary Sellers were married. Reference Number:1420875

Mary Steward3,9 was born on 13 Feb 1813 in Tennessee.3,9 She died in 1872.3,9 She was buried Unknown in Stockton, Missouri.3,9 She is reference number 91835.

Spouse: Isham P. EDGE. Isham P. EDGE and Mary Steward were married on 20 Nov 1833 in Tennessee.3,9 Reference Number:1394632 Children were: Elizabeth EDGE, William D. EDGE, Newton Tribel EDGE, Andrew Jefferson EDGE, James P. EDGE, Henry M. (Possibly HANNAH A Female) Edge, Susanah G. EDGE, Luiza Sarah EDGE, Lamar EDGE, Samuel Demby EDGE, Franklin Hogan EDGE, Harriet Hufford EDGE.

Mary W.2,3 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 46014.

!(1) "History of Wayne Co., IN," by Andrew W. Young (1872) p.341. FHL

!Marriage to __ Doyle: (1)
Marriage to Jeremiah Cox: (1)

Spouse: Jeremiah COX. Jeremiah COX and Mary W. were married in , IN.2,3 Reference Number:629365

Marytje3,39 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 2859.

Spouse: Hendrick SCHEVER. Hendrick SCHEVER and Marytje were married. Reference Number:59032 Children were: Christine SCHEVER.

Mathew De Hyde7,327 was born about 1167 in Of, Hyde, Cheshire, England. Ancestral File Number:<AFN> 96VX-NP

Children were: Robert De HYDE, Richard De HYDE.

Mathilda7,69 died in 1167 in Rouen, France. She was buried in 1167 in Convent Of Bonnes Nouvelles. She was also known as Maud.
Reinterred at the Abbey of Bec before the high altar.

Matilda was the only legitimate daughter of Henry I and his 1 st wife Matilda of Scotland. Originally named Alice or Aethelic, her name was later changed to that of her mother. She was still a child when her father arranged a very grand marriage for her to the Emperor Heinrich V. The ceremony took place at Mainz on 7 January 1114 and Matilda was crowned Empress the same day by the Archbishop of Cologne.

Spouse: Emperor Of Germany HENRY V. Emperor Of Germany HENRY V and Mathilda were married before 1125.

Spouse: \King Of England Geoffrey V "The PLANTAGENET Count Of Anjou Plantagenet. King Of England Geoffrey V "The PLANTAGENET Count Of Anjou Plantagenet and Mathilda were married on 22 May 1127 in Le Mans, France. Children were: II HENRY.

Princess Of England\ Mathilda7,35,36 was born in 1065.35 She died in 1112.35
Parents: The Conqueror/Duke Of Nor Guillaume DE NORMANDIE and Countess Of Flanders Mathilda MATILDA.

Matilda.328 Parents: King Of England Henry I "Beauclere" ENGLAND I and Isabella Sybella CORBERT.

Matilda3,87 was born about 1798 in , , VA.3,87 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 47130.

!CENSUS: 1850 Federal Census; Printed book page 74; family 1122; NOTE:
GIBSON Joseph age 73 m VA
Matilda age 52 f VA
Waller age 19 m MO
Martha age 16 f MO
Emma age 14 f MO
Richard age 8 m MO
COFFER Elizabeth age 30 f b MO.

Spouse: Joseph GIBSON. Joseph GIBSON and Matilda were married. Reference Number:831296

Matilda4,5 was born in Dec 1880 in Russia.4,5,329 She died in 1970.4,5 She was buried in Hillside Cem., Fessenden, Wells, North Dakota.4,5,330

!1900 Census spells name Matlda, married 7/12 marked out.

Spouse: Adolf BURGSTAHLER. Adolf BURGSTAHLER and Matilda were married.

Matilda De Chateau Du Loire7,177 was born about 1055 in Chateau Du Loire, France.

Spouse: Elias. Elias and Matilda De Chateau Du Loire were married. _UID2FC0751668D845479254D56585500C73BA6F Children were: Countess Of Anjo Ermengarde DU MAINE.

Maud De Beauchamp7,67,97,121,331 was born about 1311 in Of, Warwick Castle, Warwickshire, England. [ Alt. Birth] She died in 1368. She was also known as Maud De Beauchamp.129 Ancestral File Number:<AFN> FZQ8-ZS Parents: 10th Earl Of Warwick Guy DE BEAUCHAMP and Countess Alice DE TOENI.

Spouse: Geoffrey IV De Saye. Geoffrey IV De Saye and Maud De Beauchamp were married. Children were: William VII De Say.

Maud De Braose7,10,70,173,233 was born about 1116 in Of, Bramber, Sussexshire, England. Ancestral File Number:<AFN> 8PTW-HL

Parents: Aenor Fitzjudhel DE TOTENAIS. Parents: Philip De BRAOSE and Aenor Fitzjudhel DE TOTENAIS.

May Burner3,8 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 56777.

Spouse: Thomas Boyd PATTON. Thomas Boyd PATTON and May Burner were married on 24 Oct 1900 in Licking County, Ohio.3,8 Reference Number:974479

McCormick3,332 was born about 1730.3,332 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 25729.

"The McCormick family had been ardent Presbyterians for many generations. Two of the name had assisted in the defense of London Derry, in that historic siege which helped to determine that Ulster would remain Protestant." Presb Ch

Children were: Andrew Sr. MCCORMICK.

McDowell3,9 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 90508.

Spouse: Louise LILLY. McDowell and Louise LILLY were married. Reference Number:1441053

Melissa Ann3,333 was born in 1978.3,333 She died in Apr 1993 in Seattle, WA.3,333 She is reference number 102480. Parents: Living HODGE.

Melsena3,9 was born in 1833 in Tennessee.3,9 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 87423.

Spouse: James Randolph WITT. James Randolph WITT and Melsena were married. Reference Number:1405199


Spouse: Paul Jr. SCHILLING. Children were: Christopher SCHILLING.


Children were: Ievan.

Michael Moser.19,137

Spouse: Maria Magdalena FOX.


Spouse: Scott Davis SHOEMAKER.

Spouse: Daniel Davis SHOEMAKER. Children were: Amanda Jane SHOEMAKER.


Mildred3,9 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 87209.

Spouse: William WITT. William WITT and Mildred were married. Reference Number:1402075

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