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Ancestors of Lazurus Long & Lilieb555 - with connections to others peoples work
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Spouse: Violet Rose HARRIS.

Living LEVOIE.3

Spouse: Living LOGUE. Children were: Living LOGUE, Living LOGUE.

Benjamin E. LEVY.4,5

Spouse: Emma F. CLEMENTS.

Henrietta LEVY5,128 was born about 1752.5,128 She is reference number 2725.

Spouse: Matthias Jr. WILLIAMSON. Matthias Jr. WILLIAMSON and Henrietta LEVY were married. Reference Number:12689 Children were: Maria WILLIAMSON.

Living LEW.3

Spouse: Angela MUNOZ.

Garlow LEWALLEN3,9 was born about 1887.3,9 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 91313. Parents: W. H. LEWALLEN and Amanda WITT.

W. H. LEWALLEN3,9 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 91312.

Spouse: Amanda WITT. W. H. LEWALLEN and Amanda WITT were married. Reference Number:1185592 Children were: Garlow LEWALLEN.


Spouse: Roy HENDRIX.

Living LEWANDOWSKI.5,128 Parents: Living LEWANDOWSKI and Living HALSTEAD.

Living LEWANDOWSKI.5,128

Spouse: Living HALSTEAD. Children were: Living LEWANDOWSKI, Living LEWANDOWSKI, Living LEWANDOWSKI.

Living LEWANDOWSKI.5,128 Parents: Living LEWANDOWSKI and Living HALSTEAD.

Living LEWANDOWSKI.5,128 Parents: Living LEWANDOWSKI and Living HALSTEAD.

Bruce LEWELLAN7,188 was born about 1837.

Spouse: Sarah A. LENNINGTON. Bruce LEWELLAN and Sarah A. LENNINGTON were married.

Bydie Virginia LEWELLEN.19,137

Spouse: William Gaston FOX.


Spouse: Living BOYD. Children were: Living BOYD, Living BOYD.

Mary J. LEWELLYN394 was born in 1874 in Sullivan County, Indiana.394 Parents: Richard LEWLLYN and Elizabeth BREWER.

Spouse: Elijah GRAHAM. Elijah GRAHAM and Mary J. LEWELLYN were married on 16 Jul 1894 in Sullivan County, Indiana.394 Children were: Neville GRAHAM.

Mrs. Mary LEWIN4,5,322 was born about 1735 in Of Warboys, Hunts, England.4,5,3236 She died in Dec 1825 in Age 90 Years.4,5,322 She was buried on 30 Dec 1825 in St Mary Magdalene, Warboys, Huntingdonshire.4,5,322

Spouse: Robert DRING. Robert DRING and Mrs. Mary LEWIN were married on 29 Jun 1763 in St Mary Magdalene, Warboys, Huntingdonshire.4,5,319,320,322,644


Spouse: WORDEN.

LEWIS3,487 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 34480.

Spouse: Minny C. SPELLINGS. LEWIS and Minny C. SPELLINGS were married. Reference Number:647816

LEWIS3,206 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 66080.

Spouse: John NICKELL. John NICKELL and LEWIS were married. Reference Number:1104896 Children were: Thomas NICKELL.

LEWIS3,426 was born WFT Est 1754-1786.3,426 He died WFT Est 1780-1866.3,426 He is reference number 79984.

Spouse: Elizabeth STEWART. LEWIS and Elizabeth STEWART were married WFT Est 1780-1823.3,426 Reference Number:1302051

LEWIS3,426 was born WFT Est 1766-1803.3,426 He died WFT Est 1792-1881.3,426 He is reference number 80362.

Spouse: Josephine WILCOXSON. LEWIS and Josephine WILCOXSON were married WFT Est 1792-1838.3,426 Reference Number:1307478

LEWIS3,405 was also known as \\ Lewis.3,426 He was also known as Unknown Lewis.3,577 He was born WFT Est 1807-1844.3,405,426 He died WFT Est 1839-1922.3,405,426 He is reference number 96712. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: _MFA1]3,426 [boyd-trees.ged]



Facts about this person:

Fact 1
last name

Fact 2
first husband of Martha[xx.FTW]


LEWIS was #1 spouse of MARTHA LUCAS BOYD.

Spouse: Martha Lucas BOYD. Children were: Peter Allison LEWIS.

LEWIS5,128 was born about 1694.5,128 He is reference number 2168.

Spouse: Abigail HALSTEAD. LEWIS and Abigail HALSTEAD were married after 1728.5,128 Reference Number:2267

111 John Boley LEWIS5 was born on 18 Mar 1856 in Marion Co., AL..5 He died on 12 Oct 1936 in Marion Co., AL..5 Parents: Isaiah I. LEWIS and Martha Rivers BISHOP.

Spouse: Samantha Jane JEFFERYS. 111 John Boley LEWIS and Samantha Jane JEFFERYS were married on 1 Dec 1887 in Marion Co., AL..5

Aaron LEWIS3,206,578 was born on 30 Nov 1829.3,206,578 He died on 25 Feb 1916 in Glenwood, Mills Co, Iowa.3,206,578 He is reference number 81751.

Spouse: Sarah Rachel LANDES. Aaron LEWIS and Sarah Rachel LANDES were married on 22 Nov 1855.3,206,578 Reference Number:1328236 Children were: Laura Louise LEWIS, Abraham Alexander LEWIS, Mary Adaline LEWIS, Ida Edith LEWIS, John Franklin LEWIS, Sarah Almeda LEWIS, Lena Leota LEWIS, Aaron Zimri LEWIS, Ira Earl LEWIS.

Aaron Zimri LEWIS3,206,578 was born on 6 Mar 1874.3,206,578 He died Unknown.3 He is reference number 81759. Parents: Aaron LEWIS and Sarah Rachel LANDES.

Spouse: Effie RYCKMAN. Aaron Zimri LEWIS and Effie RYCKMAN were married. Reference Number:1329198 Children were: Living LEWIS, Living LEWIS.

Abel LEWIS5 was born about 1755.5 Parents: Peter LEWIS.

Spouse: Sarah BAKER.

Spouse: Catherine TUCKER.

Abijah LEWIS5 was born about 1786 in Spartanburg Co., S.C..5 He died after 1850 in Coosa Co., Alabama.5 [master ged.FTW]


Spouse: Elizabeth W. BELCHER. Abijah LEWIS and Elizabeth W. BELCHER were married about 1806 in So.Carolina.5

Abraham Alexander LEWIS3,206,578 was born on 27 May 1859.3,206,578 He died on 7 Nov 1862.3,206,578 He is reference number 81753. Parents: Aaron LEWIS and Sarah Rachel LANDES.

Abriella LEWIS3,38,237 was born before 1860.3,38 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 21152.

Spouse: James BOYD. James BOYD and Abriella LEWIS were married on 26 Aug 1880 in Leflore, Mississippi.3,38 Reference Number:425186

Adaline LEWIS3,1662 was born in 1823.3,1662,1734 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 76476. Parents: Joseph LEWIS and Martha BOYD.

Adaline M. LEWIS3,38 was born about 1826 in <, , North Carolina>.3,38 She died Unknown.3,38 She is reference number 23828. Parents: Joseph LEWIS and Martha BOYD.

Alice LEWIS3 was born before 1780.3 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 24320.

Spouse: John CUMMINS. John CUMMINS and Alice LEWIS were married in Feb 1794 in Bourbon County, Kentucky.3 Reference Number:480223

Allen West LEWIS3,38 was born on 14 Jun 1809 in Of Union Dist, , SC.3,38 He died on 13 Feb 1895 in , , Indiana.3,38 He is reference number 23766. Parents: Jacob LEWIS and Sarah RUCKMAN.

Alva P. LEWIS395,783 was born on 10 Oct 1900.395,783 He died on 8 Oct 1988.395,783 He was buried in Rector Cemetery, Shannon Co., MO.395,783

Spouse: Alta Mae STEWART. Alva P. LEWIS and Alta Mae STEWART were married in 1920 in Akers, Dent Co., MO.395 Children were: Therman LEWIS, William LEWIS, Harvey J. LEWIS.

Amanda Minerva Lucinda Caroline LEWIS5 was born on 13 Jun 1860 in Marion Co., AL.5 Parents: Isaiah I. LEWIS and Martha Rivers BISHOP.

Spouse: Meredith Benjamin LEWIS. Meredith Benjamin LEWIS and Amanda Minerva Lucinda Caroline LEWIS were married on 8 Aug 1880 in Marion Co., AL.5

Amy LEWIS7,234 was born on 28 Jun 1829 in Underhill, VT.. She died on 2 Dec 1861 in Underhill, VT.. Parents: David LEWIS and Lydia LEWIS.

Spouse: Lewis DAVIS. Lewis DAVIS and Amy LEWIS were married on 4 Mar 1856.

Ann LEWIS3,405 was born WFT Est 1673-1696.3,405 She died WFT Est 1718-1784.3,405 She is reference number 98567.

Spouse: Rev. John SKAIFE. Rev. John SKAIFE and Ann LEWIS were married WFT Est 1690-1733.3,405 Reference Number:1569462 Children were: Mary SKAIFE.

Ann Mae LEWIS3,311 was born on 22 Jun 1895.3,311 She died in Apr 1956 in Seattle, King, WA.3,311 She is reference number 6371. She was in Restaurant Manager.3,311 [boyd-trees.ged]


daughter of John Lewis and Margaret ?
married to George Warren Mack(Plumber) before marrying Herm

Spouse: Herman Dwight MORRIS. Herman Dwight MORRIS and Ann Mae LEWIS were married on 29 Sep 1929.3,311 Reference Number:121605

Audrey Nettie LEWIS3,449 was born on 9 Aug 1899.3,449,450 She died on 11 Oct 1955 in Defiance City Hospital, Defiance County, Ohio.3,449 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Death]3,450 She was also known as Audrey Lewis.3,450 She is reference number 19881. [boyd-trees.ged]


Audred lies in a cemetery of Evansport, Defiance County, Ohio.

Audrey and Marion also raised Audrey's niece, Jacqueline (Mrs. Comnick)


Audrey N. Shock, 56, Rte. 2, Defiance, died of throat cancer today at 6:00 a.m. October 11, 1955 in Defiance City Hospital after a long illness. She had been in the hospital the last time since September 21. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morris and Hattie (Sponsler) Lewis. Mrs. Shock was born August 9, 1899, and was married to Orlando Shock February 14, 1918. She had lived in Defiance until the last 12 years when she and her husband moved to their present address. In addition to her husband and father, Mrs. Shock is survived by one son John, Defiance; one daughter, Mrs. Don (Betty) Kroeckel, Rte. 2, Defiance; three brothers, John, Almeda, Calif., Jack, Defiance, and Columbus, Ayersville; four sisters, Mrs. William (Katherine) Spink, Defiance, Mrs. Alva (Dora) Waxler, Maumee, Mrs. George (Carrie) Goodwin, Fremont, and Mrs. Roger (mary) Worthington, New Haven, Indiana; and four grandchildren. Mrs. Shock was preceded in death by two brothers, Karl and Howard, and two grandchildren. Rev. W. James Gibson, Defiance Baptist Churtch, will officaite at the services Thursday at 2:00 p.m. at the Mansfield and Mast Funeral Home. Burial will be in Evansport Cemetery. Pallbearers were Pat Goodwin, Paul, Kenneth and Lawrence Shock, and Paul and Robert Waxler.

Spouse: Marion Orlando SHOCK. Marion Orlando SHOCK and Audrey Nettie LEWIS were married on 14 Feb 1918.3,449,450 Reference Number:399618 Children were: Living SHOCK, Living JACQUELING, John Harold SHOCK.

Austin Jordan LEWIS.188 Parents: .

Benjamin C. LEWIS5 was born in 1846 in Marion Co., AL..5 Parents: John Boley Sr. LEWIS and Lucinda BUSH.

Bertha Ellen LEWIS3,41 died on 25 Nov 1869 in Morrow Co., OH..3,41 She was born in .3,41 She is reference number 85392.

Spouse: William Hamilton POOL. William Hamilton POOL and Bertha Ellen LEWIS were married on 14 Jan 1847.3,41 Reference Number:1377703 Children were: Celestia Ann POOL.

Bertha Maria LEWIS4,5 was born about 1871.4,5 She is reference number MC100209s.

Spouse: Samuel Edwin MC CLELLAN. Samuel Edwin MC CLELLAN and Bertha Maria LEWIS were married on 27 Sep 1891 in Colonia Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.4,5

Betty LEWIS.188

Spouse: William Price WOOD. Children were: Henry Jackson WOOD, William Preston WOOD, Alvin WOOD, Lewis Price WOOD.

Carl LEWIS3,86 died Unknown.3 He is reference number 56515.

Spouse: Thelma BOYD. Carl LEWIS and Thelma BOYD were married. Reference Number:971764 Children were: Living LEWIS, Living LEWIS, Living LEWIS, Living LEWIS, Living LEWIS.

Caroline LEWIS3,38 was born about 1830 in <, , North Carolina>.3,38 She died Unknown.3,38 She is reference number 23830. Parents: Joseph LEWIS and Martha BOYD.

Carrie M. LEWIS3,38,237 died before 27 Nov 1913.3 She is reference number 21170.

Spouse: Arthur Columbus BOYD. Arthur Columbus BOYD and Carrie M. LEWIS were married on 15 Apr 1901 in Hill City, Graham, Kansas.3,38 Reference Number:425479

Catherine LEWIS3,426 was born on 27 Nov 1753.3,426 She died WFT Est 1754-1847.3,426 She is reference number 78989. Parents: James LEWIS Sr. and Elizabeth TAYLOR.

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