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Owain Fychan Ap MADOG7,10 was born about 1125 in Of, Mechoin, Montgomeryshire, Wales. He died after 1188. Parents: Madog Ap MAREDYDD and Susanna Verch GRUFFYDD.

Dionna MADOX3,41 was born in .3,41 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 83721.

Spouse: Samuel Jefferson JEWELL. Samuel Jefferson JEWELL and Dionna MADOX were married. Reference Number:1355229

Living MADRID.3

Spouse: Living FERNANDEZ.

Living MADRID.

Spouse: Living TOOKE.


Spouse: Living RECTOR.

Anna Christene MADSEN4,5 was born about 1833.4,5 She is reference number JO0501s1.

Spouse: Anders JOHANSEN. Anders JOHANSEN and Anna Christene MADSEN were married in , , Denmark.4,5

Caroline MADSEN4,5 was born about 1850.4,5 She is reference number AL161008s2.

Spouse: Joseph TAYLOR. Joseph TAYLOR and Caroline MADSEN were married about 1870.4,5

Elmer MADSEN.5

Spouse: Audrey Evelyn JORDAN.

Johanna MADSEN4,5 was born about 1840.4,5 She is reference number AL160605s.

Spouse: Martin ALDRICH. Martin ALDRICH and Johanna MADSEN were married on 16 Dec 1860.4,5

Living MADSEN.3

Spouse: Living WADE.

Living MADSEN.5,128

Spouse: Living BLANK. Children were: Living BLANK, Living BLANK, Living BLANK.


Spouse: John NOLEN. Children were: Living NOLEN.

MAE3,450 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 28337.

Spouse: Nelson C. BOYD. Nelson C. BOYD and MAE were married. Reference Number:10612 Children were: Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD.

MAE3,86 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 56269.

Spouse: Thomas BOYD. Thomas BOYD and MAE were married. Reference Number:969434 Children were: Myrtis BOYD.

Living MAE.3

Spouse: Elmer Erikson BOYD.

Living MAE.3

Spouse: Billy Lee SEAL. Children were: Living SEAL, Living SEAL.

Living MAE.5,128

Spouse: Living FANNINGTON. Children were: Living FANNINGTON.

Living MAE.5,128

Spouse: Living PRIEST.

Living MAE.5,128

Spouse: Living ROBERTS.

Living MAE.5,94

Spouse: Living BURNOR. Children were: Living BURNOR.

Living MAE.5,94

Spouse: Charles David BYRUM.

Willie MAE3,86 was born on 22 Aug 1898.3,86 She died on 22 Feb 1982 in Corsicana, Texas.3,86 She is reference number 56366.

Spouse: Richard Edgar BUSH. Richard Edgar BUSH and Willie MAE were married. Reference Number:970673 Children were: James R. BUSH, Living BUSH.

Living MAEHUER.3

Spouse: Living UNDERWOOD.


Spouse: Gormflaith OF NAAS.

Helen MAELLICK3,39,552 was born in ?.3,39,552 She died Unknown in ?.3,39,552 She is reference number 3531.

Gruffudd I MAELOR7,72 died in 1191. Parents: Madog AP MAREDUDD and Susanna Verch Gruffudd AP CYNAN.

Spouse: Angharad VERCH OWAIN.

MAEN.546 Parents: Conn CETCHATHACH.

Groa Of MAER.34

Spouse: Earl Of More & Romsdal Rognvald EYSTEINSSON I.

Jocunda Hunthiofsdatter (Princess Of MAER.377

Spouse: Jarl Of The Uplands Eystein Ivarsson GLUMRA.

Verch MAER.10

Spouse: Madog Ap MAREDYDD.

Foster MAFFETT3,178,218 died in 1995 in Flordia.3,178,218 He is reference number 107665.

Spouse: Living MAFFETT. Children were: Living MAFFETT, Living LAMKINS, Living TATE, Living THOMPSON.

[NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,483 She was born before 1760.3,840 She was also known as Jennet Muffet.3,840 She was also known as Jennett Muffett.3,483 She died Unknown in Newberry, South Carolina.3,840 She is reference number 1513. [boyd-trees.ged]



Spouse: Hugh BOYD. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Marriage]3,483 They were married before 1776.3,840 Reference Number:35772 Children were: Matthew BOYD, John BOYD, Robert BOYD, Jane BOYD, Rosanna BOYD, Hugh BOYD.

Living MAFFETT.3 Parents: Homer C. TINSLEY and Living TINSLEY.

Spouse: Foster MAFFETT. Children were: Living MAFFETT, Living LAMKINS, Living TATE, Living THOMPSON.

Living MAFFETT.3 Parents: Foster MAFFETT and Living MAFFETT.

Mary MAFFETT2,3 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 30547.

Spouse: Jonathan EDGINGTON. Jonathan EDGINGTON and Mary MAFFETT were married. Reference Number:574930

Ula Mabel MAFFETT3,206 was born in 1889.3,206 She died on 8 May 1984.3,206 She is reference number 66236.

Spouse: James Elliott NICKELL. James Elliott NICKELL and Ula Mabel MAFFETT were married on 31 Oct 1917.3,206 Reference Number:1108029

MAG3,551 died Unknown.3 She is reference number 63396.

Spouse: Jim BOYD. Jim BOYD and MAG were married. Reference Number:1069045 Children were: Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD, Living BOYD.

Anna MAGADALENA3,401 was born in 1672 in Germany.3,401 She died before 7 Jul 1750 in Weiserdorf, Schoharie, New York.3,401 She is reference number 74406.

Spouse: Johannes ZEH. Johannes ZEH and Anna MAGADALENA were married in 1692 in Oppenheim, Rudelsheim, Germany.3,401 Reference Number:1227337 Children were: Elinor ZEH.

Maria Rebecca MAGAN5,128 was born about 1822.5,128 She is reference number 10800.

Spouse: John M . Holliday. John M . Holliday and Maria Rebecca MAGAN were married. Reference Number:40198 Children were: Eliza Jane HOLLIDAY.

MAGARRY3,716,717 was born in Of West Meath.3,716,717 She died Unknown.3 She is reference number 40005.

Spouse: George BENNET. George BENNET and MAGARRY were married. Reference Number:722752

MAGDALANE7,188 was born about 1698 in VA.

Spouse: Richard CLAUGHTON. Richard CLAUGHTON and MAGDALANE were married. Children were: Elizabeth CLAUGHTON.

MAGDALEN7,838 died Deceased.

Spouse: John FITZ NIGELL. John FITZ NIGELL and MAGDALEN were married. _STATMARRIED Children were: Lord Of Alnwick Eustace Fitzjohn CLAVERING.

MAGDALENA7,102 was born about 1070.

Spouse: John De BURGH. John De BURGH and MAGDALENA were married in . Children were: Eustace FITZ JOHN.

MAGDALENA7 was born in 1758.

Spouse: Jacob CONNER. Jacob CONNER and MAGDALENA were married. _STATMARRIED Children were: Isaac CONNER.

Mary MAGDALENA3,371 was born on 1 Aug 1771 in , Adams, Pennsylvania.3 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Birth]3,371 She died on 7 Jun 1824 in Harbaugh Valley, Adams, Pennsylvania.3 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Death]3,371 She was also known as Mary Magdaline.3,95 She was buried Unknown in Jacob's Church, Sabillasville, Frederick, Maryland.3 She is reference number 51420. She has Ancestral File Number MRTF-SQ. [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Comment 1]3,371 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Unknown-Begin]3,371 [boyd-trees.ged]


REFN: 473

Spouse: Jacob HARBAUGH Jr. Jacob HARBAUGH Jr and Mary MAGDALENA were married about 1788.3,371 [NEED TO DEFINE SENTENCE: Alt. Marriage]3,371 Reference Number:896075


CHAN27 Jan 1998[272887x.FTW]

REFN3024 Children were: Joseph HARBAUGH, Jonathan HARBAUGH, Benjamin HARBAUGH, Solomon HARBAUGH, David HARBAUGH, Nancy HARBAUGH, Jonathan HARBAUGH, Matilda HARBAUGH, Mary HARBAUGH, Elizabeth HARBAUGH, Catherine HARBAUGH.

MAGDDALENE3,610 was born about 1545.3,610 She died WFT Est 1579-1640.3,610 She is reference number 64335.

Spouse: Jacques REMY. Jacques REMY and MAGDDALENE were married WFT Est 1561-1581.3,610 Reference Number:1081292 Children were: Pierre Rene REMY, Jacques REMY, Jean REMY, Nicolas REMY.

Maria MAGDELENA3,413 was born in 1770 in Germany.3,413 She died on 1 Jan 1803 in Marinthal, Germany.3,413 She is reference number 92420. [boyd-trees.ged]


She may have been the daughter of Johann Peter Lanzer and Maria Magdalena of Seelen.

Spouse: Johann Christian PORTZ. Johann Christian PORTZ and Maria MAGDELENA were married before 1792.3,413 Reference Number:1466486 Children were: Johanna Charlotta PORTZ, Johann Peter PORTS.

MAGDELINA3,413 was born about 1801.3,413 She died on 13 Jul 1872 in Buried First Tiverton Moved To Warsaw, OH.3,413 She is reference number 93634.

Spouse: William KING. William KING and MAGDELINA were married WFT Est 1829-1860.3,413 Reference Number:1474718 Children were: Mariah KING, Daniel KING, Rebecca KING.

Abram MAGEE7,234 was born before 1839.

Spouse: Eunice GRAVES. Abram MAGEE and Eunice GRAVES were married. Children were: Edmund Rawson MAGEE.

Archibald Scott MAGEE404 was born on 7 Oct 1844.404 He died in 1902.404 Parents: John MAGEE and Mary Eliza NICHOLS.

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